When It’s Time to Ditch Your Phone vs. Repair It

We’re all about trying to salvage the salvageable phones, but there comes at time when it’s best to ditch your old model and go for a new device. Here are some of the signs it’s time to get a new phone rather than repair your old one.

The Operating System Can’t Update

When your phone is having trouble updating, it’s a good sign that the latest technology has passed you by. Most of the time, you can update your OS even on a phone that you’ve had for a couple of years, but once it starts telling you it can’t perform the update because your phone is not able, it’s probably time to get a newer model.

Your Apps Aren’t Working

When your OS won’t update, pretty soon your apps will follow. And in many cases, they will actually stop working on your phone if the model is too old. Especially when you’re trying to play games that require a large amount of memory and power to play, buying a new phone is a necessity every couple of years or so.

Your Processor Is Too Slow

It can be difficult to know how fast your processor should be if you don’t know much about phones. However, if everything seems to be running too slow, you may want to ask about your processor. We can tell you if it’s not up to its full speed and if getting a new phone might be the best choice.

Your Battery Won’t Hold a Charge

Now, in many cases, your battery can be replaced, and sometimes, this is a cheaper and easier option than getting an entirely new phone. But if yo29u can get a new device easily or your contract allows you to do so, it can sometimes be a better choice to just buy a new phone as opposed to having your battery replaced. This can depend, though, on the newness of your phone and whether or not you will be able to easily get another device.

Your Camera Isn’t Working

Most people need their phone cameras for everything: social media, texting, and just taking selfies. And although some issues with cameras can be resolved, an old or nonfunctioning camera can mean it’s time to buy a new phone.

Call Today to Find Out More

If you are still unsure if you should buy a new phone or get your old one repaired, call today for a free diagnostic.

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