That’ll do, Steve. That’ll do.

Ok, so last week’s keynote speech was perhaps a minor letdown, seeing as white MacBooks are still $999 and the new “brick” construction just means a single block of aluminum. Or al-yoo-minium, as our friend Jony Ive would say. Still, the new MacBooks are sweet relief for those who have been clamoring for a smaller MacBook Pro, a la the 12″ PowerBook G4. Well, now you can all go out and get one. Sort of.

Now, This isn’t to say that I’m totally disappointed. Apple keeps churning out great products year after year, and the nearly all-LED line is a great step forward. It’s just the viral advertising and rumors that we Apple nerds get all excited about don’t quite deliver results that live up to the hype. But well done for a fall release, guys. And strong work on the blood pressure, Mr. Jobs. Stay fit.

All right everyones. I’m out. But shoot me an email sometime. We can talk about stuff, like, bands and girls you like and where you’re totally going for Spring Break this year. Rockit.

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