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Here they go again. WWDC 2013!!!

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Hello again everybodies. It’s that time of year again. Summer is fast approaching. Summer with a capital S, as in 5S, as in iPhone updates! Actually, that’s not likely to happen in June, but I had no where else to go with that motif. So, if iPhone updates are coming in September, what will we see in June? iPad news? Again, the iPad is practically driving Apple right now along with the iPhone, so it will probably warrant its own media event when there is big news to be had. So we’re probably looking at OSX, iOS and possibly Mac notebook updates this time around. Rumors include Retina displays on the MacBook Air, a new sleeker iOS with a touch of Jony Ives, and more ever-decreasing margins of difference between the mobile iOS juggernaut and it’s dying OSX counter part. Coverage starts in about a week and a half, so stay tuned for analysis. In the meantime, your broken gear is still worth getting fixed, so we’re here for you if you need MacBook screen repair, iPad digitizer replacement, or your iPhone took a bath. Have a great week folks.

Written by Eric

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MacBook Pro Screen Repair Specials

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Hello my fellow Apple enthusiasts. Are you excited about OS Lion? Or are you just waiting to see what Apple has in store for its next batch of MacBook Pros? What about the impending iPhone 5? Innovation is always on the forefront with Apple. Apple always delivers a long-lasting product. And as we all know, Apple doesn’t skimp on its products. Take me for example; I have owned an old style white MacBook (2Ghz Intel Core Duo) for going on 5 years and have been using it every single day. So far it shows no signs of slowing down. As a matter of fact, I have a few friends that have went through at least 3 Windows based laptops since I have owned my MacBook. Although they have spent less per computer than I originally did, in the long run they have spent more money on subsequent computer purchases, anti virus, virus and spam-ware removal, and software reinstalls then I have on just purchasing my MacBook by a longshot. Having such an old yet reliable computer brings on its own set of potential issues. For example, the longer you own a laptop, the more the chances grow that there will be an accident. Which brings me to my next point.

For those of us who still own Apple’s original MacBooks and MacBook Pros, boy do we have a deal for you. First off, the original MacBook Screen Repair/Replacement price is $179. iResQ is still the leader in MacBook screen repairs. We have done thousands upon thousands upon thousands (you get the point) of these repairs and we are showing no signs of slowing down. Yep, this is proof of how superior Apple’s original MacBook was when it was released. And don’t be fooled by the iResQ copycats out there. Just ask yourself this: will you have an Apple Authorized Macintosh Repair technician repairing your MacBook or just some hack in garage? Even better, we are an Apple Authorized Repair Facility, meaning if your Apple product is under warranty, we can perform Apple warranty repairs for you at no cost to you. Just think about that a second. Let’s say that you send in your computer for repair and we notice the issue is a warranty issue. Instead of having you pay for the repair out of pocket (like other non-Apple Authorized Repair Facilities will do to earn a buck at your expense) we will notify you that your repair is covered under warranty and fix it for you at no cost to you! Now tell me, who would you trust in this situation?

Let’s move on to our most recent MacBook Pro Specials:

15″ MacBook Pro LCD Repair/Replacement Service – Special Price: $279.00
17″ MacBook Pro LCD Repair/Replacement Service – Special Price: $319.00

As always, if you ever need to contact us for any reason, there is a plethora of ways for you can reach us. You can email us at, you can chat us by using the chat widget on our website, you can leave a message with us here, or you can call one of our sales staff at 888-447-3728.

Well, enjoy the summer!

Written by Keith

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The Beatles, iTunes, and Sporting KC

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Well, the holiday season is gearing up and we are ready to roll. Its that time of year full of vacations and travelling. If you plan on taking a trip to visit friends and family this holiday season be sure to dust off your old iPod and fill it up with some Beatles hits. Now that the Beatles’ entire catalog is in the iTunes Music Store there should be no reason to travel the country without listening to Strawberry Fields. What’s that? Your iPod doesn’t work any more? Well you know where to get it fixed now don’t ya? Well, don’t ya?

If you completely ditched iPods after getting your iPhone and now realize that you need more space to put your music, don’t fret. MacMall offers great deals on all things Apple (except iPhones). I have been shopping on that site for a long time now and have never been disappointed. You should check them out. They even offer great prices for Apple Notebooks.

Speaking of Apple Notebooks, its hard to go to a University or College campus without seeing tons of Macs. Its funny, when I started college the ratio of students to laptops was pretty minimal. Four years later the laptop to student ratio was approaching 1:1. Of course there are always students that stand by the tried and true pen and paper, but there is no avoiding the wall of laptops professors see during their lectures…I wonder if this annoys them. And now that the semester is winding down, the holiday season is a great time to get your Mac repaired after going through the rigors of college life. I know the deal. I used to work at the bookstore at my college and had to check in damaged laptops to get fixed. I saw my fair share of, “My roommate sat on my MacBook,” or, “My roommate spilled beer on my iBook”. Sure, it was your roommate. 🙂


Either way, we’ll fix your MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or any other Apple Notebook. We offer several different repair services for each model. I’ll list a few of our most popular repairs to get you started:

Check our MacBook and MacBook Pro Repair Page for more services.

Well, I’m out for the time being.

Oh yeah, the front offices of our beloved KC Wizards decided to change the name of the team to Sporting Kansas City. The folks around iResQ don’t like the name change that much. But, the new logo is nice.


Written by Keith

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Happy Veteran’s Day. THANKSGIVING!!!

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Hello, Apple fans. What is there to talk about? First off, Happy Veteran’s Day! Thanks to all that served in the Armed Forces, and special thanks to my father who served 20+ years in the Army to support me and my family.

Well, it’s well into Fall, the leaves are red and orange, and the weather is getting colder and colder each day. Football is in full-swing and Thanksgiving is just a mere two weeks away.

I must admit, this time of year holds a special place in my heart. We all know the feeling. The smell of turkey all day, watching the Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys play, its bliss. And as a kid, knowing that Christmas is just a month away seals the deal. To put it simply, I just can’t wait for Thanksgiving this year. Amazingly enough, this year my son turns two on Thanksgiving day. Even more to be thankful about.

While we’re on the subject of Thanksgiving, lets talk about the food real quick. Each American family has its own food traditions around this time of year, mostly revolving around turkey, of course. Some people bake it, some people deep fry it, and some people smoke it. Me, I’m a fan of the good ole’ fashioned baking. And then there is the stuffing…or is it dressing? Whatever, its always a crowd pleaser. Now I must confess, I never ate a Honey Baked Ham until two years ago. My wife and I were married for only a year and we celebrated the holiday at my in-law’s house. Much to my dismay, there was no turkey, just Honey Baked Ham. On the verge of sheer and utter disappointment, I gave the ham a try. I can’t put in words how great that tasted. Needless to say, Honey Baked Ham on Thanksgiving is going to be a tradition carried on in my household for years to come. But that begs the question, what do you do or where do YOU go for Thanksgiving?

Being newly weds, my wife and I were faced with quite the quandary. What will we do for Thanksgiving? We were faced with just a couple options when it came to Thanksgiving. We could either A) Go to one of our parent’s houses for dinner, or B) Go the bolder route and start our own Thanksgiving traditions and invite the in-laws and families to our very own house. Well, my wife and I chose option B last year and we are sticking with it this year. What will the family expect this year at my house? A turkey, a Honey Baked Ham, all the stuffing you can eat, rice, pecan pie….the list goes on and on and on…

…Wow, you can tell how much I love this holiday. Let’s talk Apple for a minute. We are seeing more and more iPhones coming in as we are gearing up for the busy holiday season. As much as we all love our iPhones, they break rather easily. Just one drop can wreak havoc on your iPhone 4. I remember the old days where I could chuck my Nokia across the room and down the stairs and the thing would come out with a scratch or two, nothing serious. If harm should befall your iOS device or any other Apple device, check us out. Read our reviews at Google or at Reseller Ratings. If you’re happy with our services and wish to review us at one of those sites, we would really appreciate it.

Oh, and I can’t leave this blog post without mentioning my beloved Chiefs. Still holding the number one spot in the AFC West is nice, but not when you have the Oakland Raiders knocking at your door with 3 division wins and one against us. Halfway through the season, my expectations as a Chiefs fan has been exceeded. The mere talk of the possibility of getting into the playoffs would have been heresy a year ago. Let’s hope we can eek one out this weekend against the struggling Broncos at Mile High. And lets hope Dexter McCluster makes a triumphant return.

Happy Veterans Day

Written by Keith

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