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iPhone Fouress.

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Did anyone else feel a little weird watching a keynote led by someone besides Steve Jobs? I know it’s happened a few times in the last couple years as his health declined, but before there was always a sense that it was a hiatus and he’d be back for the next one. The permanence this time around was almost uncomfortable. Tim Cook is a decent guy I’m sure, and he knows what he’s talking about and where the company is going, but the keynote lacked a certain… flair. Ado. Pomp and circumstance. But hey, there’s a new iPhone, so who cares?

The iPhone 4S has a couple of new features which are pretty cool, but the killer update is the new iOS 5. With fresh touches like complete wireless functionality, Airplay Mirroring, an improved Safari and iMessages (which eliminates the need to use standard text messaging), this iOS is truly the best iOS yet. I know, I know, I sound like a corporate shill. But it really is that next step forward that Apple needed to smooth the creases of the segue into a nearly Jobs-free existence.

Speaking of the device itself, there isn’t a ton of new stuff to get excited about. It’s great that there’s one device for Sprint, Verizon and AT&T instead of different hardware for each carrier, and the upgraded camera will look good. The thing that I’ve heard people buzzing about most however is the addition of Siri voice recognition. I just hope you can change the voice of the magical genie inside that knows everything, because the one they used in the promo is one of the most obnoxious things I’ve ever heard. It kind of sounded like the baby Jesus from that SNL Nativity commercial parody:

Before too long you’ll be hearing the echos of Siri’s voice on every street corner giving directions to the nearest Starbucks or Chipotle. Well friends, if the worst case scenario becomes your reality and you drop your new 4S (or someone drops it for you), we’re here as always to help. As of the product launch we’re ready to fix any iPhone you can throw at us.

Have a super week, everyone. October 14 is almost here.

Written by Eric

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I’m back!!

Friday, June 20th, 2008

Hi friends,

Well I haven’t written in a while and I am happy to be back on the saddle. I recently got home from a west coast tour with my band fairbanks; it was a success and thankfully I had my iPhone to help with navigation. We had a few GPS systems with us, but even so the trusty iPhone seemed to be the savior in L.A.. Besides giving us directions and traffic reports that little booger helped us get to sleep in the van a few nights to. Just turn on some light jams (thank you the Cranberries) and lay on a bench, in the van, in a parking lot. It is actually much more fun than it sounds.

On another note, I finally had the opportunity to fiddle around with the new MacBook Air a few days ago. I am still amazed with how small those things are. And believe it or not, they can fly through Safari like it’s nobody’s business. Steve Jobs, you’ve done it again. I suspected these machines to be slightly larger than the commercials made them out to be, and for some reason, I just assumed that they would be slow when browsing online. Boy is my face red, they truley are able to fit in an envelope and browsing is no issue at all. I realize I am a little late on this one as they have been out for a while, but hey, I just worked with one the other day for the first time and I am riding that bandwagon all the way home!

Well folks, I better be getting back to work- these iPods aren’t going to fix themselves. Thanks for reading- have a great weekend and be safe.



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