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America’s game.

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Good morning, all you morning people. This morning I’m moving a little more slowly than usual because I went to see the Royals play the Rangers last night and it went into eleven innings. Despite some exciting moments like Eric Hosmer’s bottom of the ninth solo home run to tie (fireworks!) and some decent pitching in Danny Duffy’s Major League debut, we stayed at Kauffman Stadium extra late only to see a heartbreaking one-run loss. Again. Slumps are not as fun as win streaks. We had great seats behind home plate (it’s possible that you saw me on SportsCenter) with all the scouts, which was fun. Not a real talkative bunch, believe it or not. But who needs to talk to scouts when you have seats like this?

Too bad we had two consecutive pinch runners picked off in the ninth. Ah, like the Royals of old.

Word has it on the web (inter) that the iPhone 5 is more like the iPhone 4s. Which isn’t really surprising despite the early guesses that 2011 version of the world’s most popular phone was going to take shape more like a tiny iPad. Sounds like there won’t be any hefty design changes, but certainly improved performance. We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

If you still haven’t checked out our most recent web short, check it out on YouTube now. Trust me, it’s worth 75 seconds of your time. Have a good week, and weekend everyone.

Written by Eric

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Apple news. And baseball.

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Hello again, everyone! It’s been a while, I know. But like Brian said, it’s been crazy busy here for the last few weeks. Now that doesn’t mean we don’t have time to take care of you, so keep sending your Apple gear and we’ll keep turning it around faster than anyone in the business. Did you take advantage of the coupon from Brian’s last post? I’m not using a coupon for anything, but I watched that video a few times. When your team has been the punch line of all of Major League Baseball for the better part of two decades, it’s nice to see some glimpse of progress. Sure, it’s only three weeks in, but the perennial basement-dwelling royals are tied for second in the American League, and that’s worth something. We’re all just hoping they can put off the choking and ten-game losing streaks as long as possible.

Onto Apple matters. Two big pieces of news today. First, has shortened the ship time for iPads purchased online. Hooray. So if you live more than a 1-2 weeks drive to your nearest Apple store, you can now get one conveniently delivered to your doorstep in record time. More importantly, it sounds like the iPhone 5 will be shipping by September at the latest. Look for the announcement at June’s WWDC, along with big developments in iOS and OS 10.7.

10.7 Lion. Coincidence? Rawr.

With the hints that 10.7 is going to run more like the iPad’s iOS, does that mean touch-screen MacBooks and MacBook Pros are on the horizon? Could be. We may find out in about six weeks. Enjoy your week, everyone. Watch some baseball. Go Blue.

Written by Eric

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It’s about that time.

Monday, December 20th, 2010

Happy Monday morning, everybody. Is anyone as worn out from the weekend as I am? We had ourselves a little First Birthday party on Saturday, and boy was it an event. My daughter wasn’t really sure what to think of the droves of people coming into our house, shoving big shiny packages her way and excitedly staring at her while shouting “happy birthday” in her direction. Needless to say, she slept well. And now I could use a nap. Alas, it’s a short week here at iResQ. We’ll be closed this Friday for Christmas Eve, so be sure to get your orders in by Thursday afternoon if you want your iPod, iPhone, iPad or MacBook safely in your hands by the New Year.

And speaking of giving gifts this week, it’s been an interesting weekend of give and take in the Kansas City sports world. First, Merry Christmas Milwaukee Brewers. The Kansas City Royals, the sporting world’s perennial punch line, gave you one of baseball’s best young pitchers in Zack Greinke. And in exchange the Royals got a few one-time top-ten Brewers prospects, one of whom has tested positive for drug use on three separate occasions. So, let the jokes continue next spring. On a sidenote, I once stayed at a cabin where Greinke lived while his house in Kansas City was being renovated, and there are few things more empowering to a sports fan than sleeping in the same room as an AL Cy Young winner. Try it.

And Merry Christmas Chiefs fans as well. After a humiliating trouncing at the hands of San Diego (and under second-string QB Brody Croyle), the Chiefs welcome Iron Man Matt Cassel back from his post-surgery recuperation. And did he ever make a statement upon his return. 184 yards and a touchdown isn’t stellar, but it’s not bad, and his effective running and smart play completely set the pace of the game and opened up the offense for the league’s best running game. And all that eleven days after having an organ removed from his abdomen. Tough as nails. Take a look at some of the highlights:

Just a few more weeks until playoffs. It’s an exciting time. Until next week, friends.

Written by Eric

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Cinco de Mayo at iResQ

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Hello all, and Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Much like when General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguin and the Mexican Army conquered the French in the Battle of Puebla, the iResQ staff is busy conquering the enormous stack of iPods, iPhones, and iPads that came in today. OK, that simile was a little bit of a stretch. What you really need to know is that we are in our usual “zone” and knocking those repairs out. If you have anything that needs a fix, or look, you know where to find us! And if you don’t, here’s our phone number: 888-447-3728

As Eric explained in a previous post, there’s a ton of Apple stuff going on right now. I’m not sure the old phrase, “Any publicity is good publicity” rings true in this case, but I think this company has proven they know what they’re doing–at least long term. If you’re interested, you can watch Jon Stewart’s rant about the whole missing iPhone prototype fiasco. Jon is not the only one.

Anyway, it’s Spring and that means baseball season. If you’re anywhere around Kansas City, that means Royals. If you are a Royals fan, that means another long and grueling season of losing. But guys, it wasn’t always like this! The Royals won the World Series in 1985 (and I am a Cardinals fan, and we lost to the Royals so I know). I won’t go too far into the specifics of that series, but there was a great, great player on the Royals named Willie Wilson.

I bring all this up because I went to see Pearl Jam at the Sprint Center on Monday night, and Eddie Vedder came out during one of the sets with a Willie Wilson jersey. Apparently, Vedder and Wilson are old friends.

So there you go. A little Royals history and a little rock ‘n roll. Unfortunately, my $80 tickets didn’t get me close enough to snap a decent pic with my iPhone and they didn’t allow cameras. But all in all, a really cool experience and a great show.

Once again, Happy Cinco de Mayo. If you are celebrating tonight, make sure you get home safe.

Keep sending us repairs and take it easy,

Written by Brian

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Midwest poofy-head treatment centerrrrr

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009



This is Raja — my girlfriend and I just rescued her from the pound about a month ago.     She is a 5 month old German Shepherd and a real sweetie.    I guess you could say that the folks of iResQ are into rescuing fluff-bombs, vanilla-furs, poof-heads and other fuzzy animals.    Eric has been blogging about his rescue dog for awhile, so we felt it was the right thing to do by bringing in another addition to our farm (house).

At first she and Dub didn’t really get along.    Dub was a little jealous, actually.    But now they’re BFF (best friends forever — check your old yearbook and you’ll remember) and we can barely keep them separate.


One of Raja’s ears is starting to pop up in true German Shep fashion.   The other one’s a little late to the game.    Notice the wonderful blankets made by grandma Janice.   Perfect for hyper pups.

So why not offer a QPON in honor of our new rescue pup?    I’ll honor 6 bucks off any repair.   Just email me the QPON code “RAJA” and your web confirmation number to and I’ll apply the discount.    As usual, this does not apply to diagnostic services – only repairs.

Alright, well, have a great couple weeks and remember to keep us in mind for all of your iPod, iPhone, PSP and Portable needs if you’re interested in world famous repairs!



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