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Happy News Year.

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Well we’re a week into 2012 and there’s not a ton to report. Not news: it’s January and it’s cold. Actually in the midwest it hasn’t been that cold, but this morning’s twenty-six degrees was frigid enough. Also not news: The NFL playoffs kicked off this weekend. I think someone at NBC, CBS or FOX made a mistake because I couldn’t find the Chiefs anywhere on TV. I’ll have to try next week, I guess. Pseudo-news: the iPad 3 rumors are a’churning. Apple has a few media events coming up, so we can probably expect at least one of the following three announcements.

First, and perhaps most exciting for rural/smaller market Apple fans (I’m looking at you North Dakota), Apple should be unveiling their plans for installing Apple retail mini-stores within Target stores already in place similar to those running within Best Buy stores currently. This may not be a big deal for those of us who can stroll into the multiple Apple stores within our respective metro areas, but I’ve had countless conversations with customers who have driven two or more hours to browse before they buy a MacBook Pro, iPod or iPad. Journey no more, friends. A retail store is coming to a Target near you.

Second, Apple TV rumors. Actually, it’s probably still too soon to hear anything from Cook and Co. regarding the third generation of the Apple TV, which consumers are expecting to cast off its five year misnomer and be an actual TV. But you can keep the buzz alive until we do hear something official.

Third, the iPad 3(D?). Again, perhaps I’m wishing too soon. Though 3D technology isn’t yet at the point where it will be completely accessible to the masses on a portable device like the iPad, there should be some improvements from the beloved iPad 2. Most of what I’ve heard regards the cameras, both of which should be improved. It sounds like the iPad 2 will remain in stores at a discounted price point as well, much like the iPhones 4 and 4s. As always, stay tuned for more.

Have a great week everybody. Especially you, Broncos/Tebow fans. Shortest overtime in NFL history. Let’s take another look, I think:


Go Playoffs.

Written by Eric

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Dreams, like iPods, shattered.

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

Well, as many of us here at iResQ feared, the season is over for our beloved Chiefs thanks to a merciless rout at home at the hands of John Harbaugh, Ed Reed and Rays Lewis and Rice. Despite the devastating Sunday afternoon (and setting an NFL record seven consecutive playoff losses. Ouch), we fans are still proud of the worst-to-first jump and the winning prospects over the next few years. And now you don’t have to listen to me go on and on about them ever again. Until August.

On the iPhone front, Tuesday is going to be an exciting day for those of you who have been clamoring for an iPhone but have no AT&T service where you live. Though Apple isn’t scheduled for a product launch until March, Verizon has a press conference on Tuesday at which, according to major media outlets, they should announce the arrival of an iPhone that runs on their own network. Not only that, but rumor has it they’ll be able to hit the ground running with unlimited data plans, something that AT&T recently abandoned in favor of two limited usage 3G plans. So those of you on the East and West coasts who depend on Verizon should hear some good news. There’s no confirmation about any major design changes, though there have been whispers of a smaller version. Until Tuesday, or until Apple makes the announcement themselves, we can assume that it will look something like this:

Guess what, though. A different carrier doesn’t mean the glass is any less explodable upon impact (yes, I made up the word explodable. What’s it to you?), so we’ll be here to bail you out if you Verizon customers happen to drop your shiny new iPhones. Or iPods. Or MacBooks.

If your team is still in the playoffs, congratulations and enjoy it this week. Until next fall, everybody.

Written by Eric

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Once upon a midnight dreary…

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Like Brian said, it’s been nuts here at iResQ this week- new year, a whole slew of new repairs to be done. We’re full on into January, and it’s cold here in Kansas City. Everyone is bundling up in warm clothes like this:

Oh, whoops. That’s a 2010 AFC West Champions hoodie. How did that get in there? Yes, that’s right. The Chiefs are hosting a playoff game this Sunday at our very own Arrowhead Stadium, and it’s going to be a tough one, to be sure. Since we’ll need all the backing we can get against a playoff-experienced Baltimore Ravens squad, lend us a word of support and I’ll give you a nice discount off your next MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air repair service. Email “GO CHIEFS” to between now and Sunday for $25 off your repair. This offer is valid on flat-rate or approved repairs, not free diagnostics, and be sure to include your order number so the discount can be applied. And guess what? If the Chiefs win Sunday the discounts will keep coming, so unless you’re a Ravens fan, keep cheering on the West. Quoth the Raven, ‘Nevermore.’ Have a great weekend, everybody.

Written by Eric

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Right on Target.

Monday, October 4th, 2010

So how does it feel to support the only team in the NFL without a loss? Thanks to the sheer luck of the bye-week scheduling, I can say it feels fantastic. At least until next week when our Chiefs have to travel to Indianapolis. The best quarterback in the league doesn’t take losses well, and he can carry that chip on his shoulder into the next week, which makes us a little nervous here in Kansas City.

In other news, it’s October! Time to welcome in the changing of the leaves, the trips to the pumpkin patches and cider mills, the various Renaissance Festivals with their over-sized turkey legs and LARPing.

Renaissance man. And woman.

It also means baseball playoffs. And a hearty congratulations to you if your team is still alive and kicking. My White Sox unfortunately hit a late skid and couldn’t keep their position at the top of the AL Central (stupid Twins and all their winning in September). But there’s something about cold weather baseball that just feels more spirited, even if you’re only watching it on TV. Plus, with the Twins playing outdoors now, I’m rooting for them to go as late as possible on the off chance that a World Series game could be snowed out.

Playoff snow?

And speaking of Target Field (big segue coming), Target is now selling iPads! At the moment 3G models aren’t available, but chances are they’ll be coming soon. You can check out or MacRumors for more details.

They\’re heeeeeeeeere.

Well have a great week everybody. Playoffs start Wednesday. Go AL Central.

Written by Eric

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