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It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like iChristmas.

Monday, December 19th, 2011

Salutations, everybody. Is everyone having a pleasant December? I took the day off on Friday because it was my daughter’s second birthday, and we had a fantastic day. We went down to the local donut shop in the morning, had a photographer friend take some pictures, went to see Santa, and had one heck of a birthday bash, complete with a butterfly-shaped ice cream cake. And, in a bit of an experiment, we went to Target and let her pick out her own birthday present. Somewhat predictably, she picked out the guitar in the shape of a dog:


It’s actually a pretty cool gadget, with a slew of preset songs and chords and three different tone settings- acoustic, electric, and howl. Yep. Dog guitar. I recommend it to all parents of toddlers.

And for those of you who are still looking for those last minute holiday gifts, Apple is still in high-ad mode. Check out their latest iPhone 4s ad:


I hope Santa brings me one.

Well have a marvelous week everyone. We will around here- We’ll be closed on the 26th but back to take care of you on the 27th. Oh yeah, and my apologies to all Packers fans for ruining your perfect season. I don’t know what happened.

Written by Eric

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How ’bout them cheeseheads?

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Congratulations, Packer nation. Stellar victory last night, though shaky at a few points in the second half when the Steelers defense was pushing around your young O-line. Despite the fact that I’m a bit of an AFC homer, I was really pulling for you from the beginning. The Packers, though younger and smaller and generally perceived as not as tough as their Pittsburgh opponents, had such a complete team this year, and it showed over the course of sixty minutes in Dallas. And Rodgers, I have to say, really deserved it. Steve Young would have a few things to say about Rodgers getting that monkey off his back. He’s now won as many Super Bowls as his iconic predecessor, and with just as much flair. Speaking of flair, I’ll work on getting some pictures of our own Bryan Moeller’s second consecutive Twinkie and guacamole football stadium. It’s a thing of magnificence. Stay tuned.

Did you take note of the AT&T and Verizon ads amidst all the monkeys and babies and Eminem? Things are really gearing up for Verizon who, after the last three years of waiting and trying to downplay the superiority of the iPhone, finally gets to talk about how great it is:

So, once again, if you’re on Verizon and you’re clamoring, Apple retail stores will have it in only three more days. Enjoy the week, everybody. FOOTBALL!

Written by Eric

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