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Mergers and Acquisitions and basketball.

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Tumultuous indeed, Keith. The friendly NCAA pool we have going on here at the Q is essentially down to a three man race, and it all hinges on what happens Thursday through Sunday in the West Regional Semis and Finals. For the first time in my life, I’m rooting for Duke to bring me that glory associated with winning the office pool. As long as they lose to UNC in the Final Four matchup. There are a lot of possibilities. But I digress.

Big news for the future of the iPhone world this weekend. According to the New York Times, AT&T is poised to purchase Deutsche Telekom-owned T-Mobile for a staggering $39 billion. Billion. With a B. With the merger, AT&T would officially pass Verizon again as the largest mobile network in the nation, and be one of only three major carriers along with Sprint Nextel. Despite AT&T’s insistence that prices can remain low amidst industry consolidation, vocal consumers so far are skeptical about the future affordability of mobile contracts with less competition. Personally I’m a big fan of T-Mobile’s customer service experience, and they, along with Sprint, have done well to create cheaper alternatives to the two big providers. So we’ll see if the Justice Department and FCC approve the transaction, or if consumer voices will be heard.

Room for one more?

Have a great week, everyone.

Written by Eric

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Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers. Developers.

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Hello, everybodies- busy week in the tech world, so I’ll jump right into it. First thing’s first, the iPad is now on the shelves in WalMart as well as Target stores, so start your holiday shopping early. And speaking of iPads, there are rumors that Apple will release the iPad in the elusive 7″ format in the coming months. Speculation has been made about the redundancy of another iPad in the market, and Apple having no reason to compete against themselves, but it’s an intriguing concept nonetheless. Think about it- you could have a whole family of different devices for all the same functions, but in different sizes. A big 9.7″ Papa iPad, a 7″ Mama iPad, and a Baby iPod Touch. It’s the stuff of fairy tales. Anyway, there’s a short article on MacRumors about it, so take a read.

On the phone front, there’s a lot of iPhone competition coming. Steve Ballmer, pulling out of the wake of the Kin disaster box, has announced a whole slew of new Windows Phones. Despite some on-camera antagonism from Matt Lauer, Ballmer is characteristically enthusiastic about the latest attempt to hone in on some of iPhone’s market share. I don’t think he’s laughing at the iPhone any more, though. New devices aren’t the only strategy- According to the New York Times, Ballmer and Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen are in relatively secret talks (or as secret as talks of that nature can be) about a possible merger or Microsoft’s acquisition of the software developer. Bad news for Apple? Or just another attempt by the business software mogul to catch up to their technology ? In any case, competition is good for development. Keep an ear open for how the competition unfolds. Until then, friends.

Written by Eric

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The Big 21

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Hi all, and happy Thursday.

I have a special announcement for today’s blog. Remember Cassia? She was a featured employee on our site a while back. Well, tomorrow (April 16) is her 21st birthday. She’s been going on and on about it for months, so we all know how excited she is.

Cheers to Cassia and the great feat of turning 21. I hope you have a great birthday and you’d better stay out of trouble!

They grow up so fast...

Ready to party

She’ll be here at work tomorrow answering phones. If you call in and get her, make sure to wish her a Happy 21st.

I also wanted to show off an article in the New York Times yesterday that mentioned iResQ’s iPhone repair service. This article marks the FIFTH time in consecutive years that they’ve mentioned our company. For you nostalgic iResQ fans, let’s take a stroll down old memory lane:

Feb. 9, 2006, back when we were still called iPodResQ — Protecting Your MP3 Player, and What to Do When You Don’t

November 8, 2007 — Don’t Throw Out Your Broken iPod, Fix It via the Web

May 1, 2008 — iPod Quandary: Fix or Replace?

Feb. 18, 2009 — Q & A: Weighing a Heavy Laptop Repair

FYI folks, you can see all these articles and more on our “As Seen On” page.

Alright, back to work. Congrats again to Cassia and everyone have a great weekend!

Written by Brian

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