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An iResQ PSA

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

The main reason I switched to Apple from PC while I was at Mizzou about  decade ago was because Apple computers were simply not susceptible to the same viruses and spyware that plagued Windows. Working at the school’s help desk, I would check-in computers that had problems. The number one problem that I saw was a combination of viruses and spyware exclusively on PCs. Students were constantly streaming in with their infected Dell laptops.  They would have to shell out $75 for an OS reinstall and all their data would be lost in the process. This is simply a fact of life when you own a Windows machine.  One constant, though, was the fact that every Apple computer that came in was not checked in due to a virus or spyware, but because of hardware damage.  Long story short, Apple computers very rarely had software problems. When an Apple computer was checked in, it was because the student or professor dropped their laptop and cracked the screen.

The moral of the story for me was simple: BUY A MAC!! I can personally attest that I have NEVER had a software related issue with any of the Macs I own.  As a matter of fact, I’m still using the same MacBook I purchased in 2007 without ever having to reinstall OS X.  Sure, I’ve upgraded the OS from 10.4 all the way through 10.6, but I never did an “erase and install”.  This is a true testament to OS X’s durability.

Unfortunately, due to Apple and OS X’s success, at least one virus has surfaced: The Mac Flashback Trojan. Fortunately, this virus has only affected a relatively small amount of Mac users. If you are unsure if your Mac has this virus, follow the following link to a Gizmodo article for a quick guide on how to troubleshoot the issue.

This is actually kind of funny, some PC friends of mine are actually happy that Macs now have viruses. Here is an example, “Hahaha. All of you Apple fanboys claim that your computers couldn’t get viruses and thats a lie!  They are able to get them too!” Now if this is not comedy, then what is?  It’s pretty much backhanding their PCs while they are attempting to make fun of Apple.  Oh the humor.

Written by Keith

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iPad 3 (March) Madness!!!

Monday, March 12th, 2012

It’s that time of year again, friends. That glorious few days in the spring when everyone is waiting in anticipation for the start of something big… the new iPad release! What, did you think I was going somewhere else with that? Don’t worry, we’ll get to basketball. But first we’re adding another device to our extensive line of MacBook, iPod and iPhone repairs. As we mentioned previously, we’re sitting on iPad 3 parts just in case you are unfortunate enough to need repair the day you get your new iPad. With the iPad 2 we had a pair of digitizer repair orders come through the day of its release. Sad but true.

Now, on to the competition… between the iPad 3 and other tablets! Seriously, I’ll get there soon. I went to dinner with my wife’s extended family last week and as I walked in the door, one of her cousins who is an IT professional immediately asked, “want to see something that’s better than an iPad 3?” Now, while I’m clearly a big supporter of Apple’s devices in general, I’m not blindly going to swear that the iPad is unbeatable by something else in the consumer electronics marketplace. So I took a look.


He handed me a Samsung Series 7 Slate 700T, and this is what I observed: First, I asked in earnest (not to be clever or sardonic) why it was so heavy. Ok, ok, other manufacturers don’t have Jony Ive and the world’s best designers to make things streamline. I could probably look past a much heavier tablet that has a few extra inches of LCD. Then, I noticed how awkward and irritating the touch screen was. Sure, Apple has hundreds of patents on their digitizers, so the competition probably won’t live up to it. Surely, based on his assessment of the processing power, this thing must be lightning fast. Except that it’s not. It’s running Windows 7 in full, which is nice if you’re not willing to learn a mobile OS, but incredibly frustrating if you want to run a tablet at all without waiting for processor lag. Finally I assumed that the draw must be the price. Since Windows PC laptops can be assembled and sold for hundreds less than Macs, this 2 pound (37.5% heavier than the iPad) behemoth must cost a fraction of iPad’s sticker price, right? Well, nope. In fact it costs twice as much. So, to answer the original question that started this whole rant, yes. Yes, I would like to see something that’s better than an iPad 3. Show me.


Ah, now I’m out of time for basketball. Well, in short: several of our local teams are in the Big Dance. Mizzou at the 2 seed in what appears to be the weakest region, so a first Final Four appearance could be in their future. Kansas, if they can actually play to their ability, might have a chance of taking on UNC and former coach Roy Williams. Then there’s Kansas State and Wichita State who should be able to squeeze out a second round win. The brackets are out, and we’re ready with highlighters. Go Basketball.

Written by Eric

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MacBook Screen Repair! MacBook Pro Screen Repair! And Minor League Hockey!

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Happy post-Super Bowl everyone! The sports world is abuzz this week with all the excitement! And by abuzz, I mean a slow and sobering realization that there’s no more football for another six and a half months. Unless you happen to be a Giants fan, then the party keeps rolling. If you’re not a Giants fan, then perhaps you have baseball or basketball to look forward to. We here in Kansas City are right in the middle of two of the finest collegiate basketball programs in the country; although Mizzou decidedly has a leg up on Kansas after a three point come from behind victory in Columbia last weekend. Be sure iResQ’s GM Brian, a Mizzou alum, is delighted this week. Unfortunately we have no NBA team despite a stellar downtown arena, and the punchline of all MLB, the Royals.

We also have minor league hockey- I went and checked out the Missouri Mavericks, our very own CHL team last night. Let me say, and I mean this with all appreciation in earnest, minor league hockey is one of the most glorious sociological experiences I have ever had the pleasure of partaking in. Right up to the corporately sponsored and obligatory fights and the Biggest Dent giveaway, in which a parking lot monitor reports the car with the largest dent and its owner receives a gift certificate for a local restaurant. Amazing. Also, the 2-1 overtime victory lit the crowd up.

Here’s an iPhone 4 Instagram shot from our box seats:


I just need a waterfall flowing down a flight of stairs and it would pass for a Scott Mutter piece.

Ah, now onto MacBook screen repair. It’s been a little while since we’ve had a good old fashioned MacBook screen repair or MacBook Pro screen repair coupon! If you need your MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air LCD screen repaired, just place an order at and enter the coupon code Mavericks for $10 off your repair! This repair is only valid for LCD repair, not diagnosis or glass panels, and can be redeemed through February 29th, 2012. Happy ordering friends. Have a great week, a great Valentine’s Day, and a FANTASTIC Lincoln’s Birthday, just like old Abe intended. Godspeed.

Written by Eric

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Wide Open Spaces

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Good morning, and many salutations! A few exciting things happening around these parts. First, the Kansas State Wildcats are making their first Sweet 16 appearance since 1988. Huzzah. Things are a little bitter around here since iResQ is fully stocked with KU and Mizzou fans. More importantly- iResQ is now offering 1TB hard drive upgrades for the aluminum UniBody MacBook and UniBody MacBook Pro. If you’ve been syphoning off your movies and music to external drives or burning all your documents to DVDs, worry no longer. Now you can have your space and eat it to, so to speak. Check it out:

Dang, that’s a lot of space. And if you’re running Snow Leopard, it will actually read as 1000GB, unlike previous operating systems that assumed 1MB = 1024KB. Remember when it was unfathomable that anyone would use a whole gigabyte of storage? When I was nine my dad brought our first PC home and I was astounded at the 40MB of memory and the 133MHz processor. And with that processing force I played Pong and Number Munchers for hours. Wow.


Still anxiously awaiting the delivery of your iPad? Try this to pass the time- whenever you send an email to a friend or coworker, sign it “Sent from my iPad.” I’ve had a few of my friends start raving jealously, which is always fun. Patience, Apple fans. It’s almost here.


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Taste the Steel of my Tomahawk Skull Gauntlet

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

Pa-rumpumpumpum, everybody. It’s December already. How about that. Feels like the fall months always slip by so quickly, doesn’t it?. I was just getting used to the cooler weather and the vibrant changing colors, and pow- now it’s snowing and all the soft-rock stations are playing Christmas music. Actually, they have been since Halloween. It’s ridiculous.

So did you all take advantage of Apple’s Black Friday sales? A few hundred bucks off a new MacBook Pro is nothing to shake a stick at. And speaking of nothing to shake a stick at, check out the most gratuitous and sure-to-be sought after Christmas gift of the season. Move over, Tickle Me Elmo.

Well, what haven’t I covered yet? In brief:

-Happy belated Thanksgiving to you all. It’s the best day of the year. Football, family, meats stuffed with other meats. I’m counting down the days until next year’s. 361.

-Big 12 football. What a great weekend. KU vs. Mizzou was one of the better games I’ve ever watched. We have to keep it hush hush around here, though. The boss went to Mizzou.

-Hawaii > Kansas City. Mostly.

Ok, friends. Hope you have a delightful week and can recover from last week’s gluttony. Go take a nap.

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