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RIP Jeff’s Mustache

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

Goodnight sweet prince.

One of our beloved iResQ employees, Jeff, just shaved off what was probably one of the greatest mustaches in the history of time and space.

It only lasted a week, but some of the guys here put him up to it, dangling the prospect of several free Culver’s Concretes in exchange for a week’s worth of mustache – Jeff accepted.

Anyway this will mark the end of my monthlong fascination with the men of iResQ and their mustaches.      In honor of this, I would like to offer the QPON “JEFF’S MUSTACHE” for 6 bucks off of any repair.    As usual, this does not apply to diagnostic services – only repairs.   Simply email me your order confirmation number at with the QPON code “JEFF’S MUSTACHE” and I’ll discount your order.

Have a great couple weeks and here’s my man Jeff and his beauti-stache (and the iResQ Blog sensation, Keith):


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To focus, To paint… KEITH!

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

Hey how’s it goin’.

Don’t really have a whole heck of a lot to say today – sort of a blah week for me personally.     I cleaned out my gutters on Saturday and left a ladder on the roof.      I forgot to get the ladder down and of course the Kansas City area received gale-force winds the following day, and Hurricane KC blew through and fired the ladder down off of the roof and it thrashed my driver’s side mirror.    Awesome.     I did find a replacement on the ebays and will attempt to replace it myself.

What else is going on… yes my band played last Saturday night as well – first show since I got back from Germany last year.    It went really well – sold out.     We have been in the studio cutting our next album and accrued a ton of debt, so it was nice to play a big show and get ahead of the curve a bit and pay those debts.

Well that’s really all I got this week.    We’ve been really busy here at iResQ taking care of iPhones, iPods and Portables.     I think we’ll just keep it simple, since the blog is fairly simple this time around.    Go ahead and email me the QPON ‘KEITH’ to with your order number and I’ll knock 6 bucks off your order.     As always, this does not apply to diagnostic services at all, only repairs.

Have a nice couple weeks – Mick

PS – for old time’s sake:


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Any Karate Kid fans out there?

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Any Karate Kid fans out there?    I’ve sort of been on a ‘Karate Kid’ kick (pun intended) lately.    I gotta say, I’m a huge ‘John Kreese’ fan.     He was the sensei in the evil ‘Cobra Kai’ dojo:


A sinister man, vicious and angry man, yet a determined man…  a man that couldn’t top the late Mr. Miyagi though, as we all found out.

I never really got into ‘Karate Kid II’ to be honest.    I mean, it’s OK I guess.     Just sort of boring.    Best thing about that movie was the theme song performed by none other than the great ‘Peter Cetera’ “Glory of Love”:


I must admit, ‘Karate Kid III’ is quite simply one of the greatest movies ever made. It’s so absolutely horrible that it somehow propels itself into hall-of-fame status. From the loose script, to awful dialogue (“Macaroni and cheese? You know what I like-ah!”), to the hilarious antagonist ‘karates bad boy Mike Barnes’, and finally to the relentless villain ‘Terry Silver’ “HAAH-SAAH…. HAAAH-SAAH!” (check out the “villains night out” on the bottom far right):


I don’t know – I just thought I’d throw all this out there.    The ‘Karate Kid’ Trilogy is wonderful.    I refuse to mention ‘The Next Karate Kid’ because it’s what I like to call “trilogy blasphemy”.    It just doesn’t count.

I think at this time I’ll go ahead and put the ‘SHORT CIRCUIT’ QPON to rest, it is now expired.    In its place, let’s do the QPON “TERRY SILVER” for 6 dollars off of any repair.    As usual, this does not apply to any diagnostic services, only repairs.   Just set up your order and email me your order number at and I will apply the discount.

See you in a couple weeks – Mick

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Weekend iPod Web Orders

Friday, August 1st, 2008

Hi friends, so every Monday morning we come in and get to work on all of the web orders that were made over the weekend. Our friend Mick in sales spends most of his Monday processing of all of these. So, what do you say, lets mess with him a little bit and make him real busy. Sound good? I thought you’d think so. Lets do it like this, make an iPod order this weekend August 2nd or 3rd and receive $10.00 off of your repair. There is one stipulation. You need to email me at, let me know your confirmation number and I will take it from there. Sorry Mick, no hard feelings- we just like to see you working hard after a couple days off. Ok, get to ordering. I can’t wait to check my email Monday morning. Until then, have a good weekend and be safe.


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Vaya Con Dios, Amigos.

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

Hey readers. Our friend Mick usually posts on Wednesday, but I’m filling in while he’s south of the border, roasting his pasty-white Scottish bald head in the Yucatan sun. I don’t have much to tell you in the way of sales news, so I’ll get right to the good stuff. I’m sure some of you have a friend or co-worker or aunt/uncle/etc. who comes home from vacation, immediately develops their rolls and rolls of pictures and can’t wait to suck everyone in proximity into their post-traveling emotional high by showing off how they swam with the dolphins or held up the leaning tower of Pisa. Or chased a flock of sheep across a Scottish prairie. No comment.

Anyway, I thought it would fun to hit Mick before he even has a chance to open up his MacBook and upload his SD card to his iPhoto library. Send your best vacation pics to, but wait until Monday so they don’t get distributed to the rest of the sales department. It should go without saying that they have to be appropriate, but by all means, the weirder the better. And bonus points if you can get an iPod, iPhone, MacBook or other Apple product into the picture. Good luck.

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