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Sun is shining, iPods are out

Monday, March 26th, 2012

This is going to be a more lighthearted entry in our blog world, every now and then you just need it. It’s that beautiful time of year when the grass turns green and the vast desolate lands of bare trees begin to bud.  The air is crisp and cool in the morning and warm and refreshing during the day.  I’ve said this time and again, spring may not be my favorite season of the year, but it is truly the most beautiful.  This all takes me back to my glory days during college.  Around this time you begin to notice every student walking to class with an iPod on and earbuds jammed in their ears as each of them is in their own little worlds. I remember when I was a freshman in 2002 not that many people had iPods.  As a matter of fact I can still remember some students still walking around with portable cd players.  It wasn’t that long ago, folks.  Before too long the iPod ruled the roost.  Kids walking around with iPods was as ubiquitous in college culture as flip flops and cargo shorts.

The same thing could be said about laptops in college.  I was at college at just the right time to see two or three laptops used in lecture halls to well over 50% by the time I left.  It was no surprise that there were more Apple notebooks used than any other type of laptop.  First it was iBooks and PowerBooks that dominated the classrooms followed by the MacBook and MacBook Pro.

So where does this all lead us? Well it leads us to the inevitable. Where there are college students, there are iPods and MacBook Pros.  You combine the two and here is what you come up with: broken iPods and broken MacBooks.  You do keep your MacBooks in your backpacks, dont you? What happens when you overstuff it with heavy textbooks or drop it? The screen cracks and all your work is almost inaccessible.  That’s where we come in.  Have a broken MacBook Pro or a MacBook with a cracked screen? iResQ caters to the poor college student with affordable repair prices.  After all, fixing your broken laptop is cheaper than buying a new one.

And what happens when your iPod Touch suffers an untimely death as it meets the pavement?  Our iPod Touch screen repair is best in class.

Talk to you later.

Written by Keith


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The New iPad Repair Parts Are In

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

We are officially ready to roll with repair services for the new iPad.  We have the necessary parts to begin full service repairs on the new iPad from day one of its release on Friday. Yes, this Friday.  Apple stores are reportedly opening the gates at 8AM on Friday morning to sell the new iPad to the masses that can’t wait a few hours later in the day to receive their iPad via FedEx.  You got to love an Apple enthusiast camping out for days in front of an Apple Store to get their hands on the latest device.  This actually conjures up memories of the man of the hour, our very own Nate Avenmarg who camped out all night in 2008 to get his hands on a brand new iPhone 3G.  Early adopters. Love ’em.

Nate, the man of the hour.

With the new iPad all over the news, it’s easy to forget that Apple does have other products that they are developing.  I have seen rumors of new 15″ MacBook Airs to come sometime in 2012.  To me, this seems like the first step in the dissolution of the traditional MacBook or MacBook Pro.  Eventually the MacBook Pro models may become MacBook Airs. Scary though, huh?  Solid state hard drives are not cheap, having an expensive 250GB SSD in your MacBook Air won’t hold your massive 100GB iTune’s library and your 300GB worth of movies, documents, and applications.  That’s what scares me. SSD drive prices are sure to drop in due time, I remember buying a 1gB thumb drive for $100 a while back, now the same thumb drives are promotional give-aways at trade shows.  I guess I’ll just hang in there.

I still have my trusty old MacBook that has yet to give up on me (knock on wood).  If I ever crack my MacBook screen, I know where to get it fixed.  We can fix any cracked or broken MacBook or MacBook Pro screen for that matter.

Written by Keith


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iPad HD and the new Apple TV

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

As we draw closer to tomorrow’s Apple media event more and more rumors seem to crop up.  Here are two tasty tidbits to consider: the iPad HD and a new Apple TV.  Before we delve into the deeper meanings of these two devices, let me lay your questions to rest, no matter what the new iPad is called, iPad 3, iPad 2S, iPad 4G, or the iPad HD, iResQ WILL offer repairs on it. iPad HD repairs? Check that. Let’s begin discussing the new iPad “HD”.


As we all expect, tomorrow Apple is going to introduce the new iPad.  Commonly heralded as the iPad 3, some sources, according to recent Gizmodo blogs, are claiming that the new iPad will be named the “iPad HD” in order to tout its new, hi-res  Retina Display.  From a marketing standpoint do you think this makes sense?  Why would you want to deviate from the normal naming convention of using numbers?  Will this confuse new customers?   Actually, it’s kind of silly to sit around and speculate the implications of what Apple is going to name the new iPad.  No matter what it is named, it is going to be the hottest tablet on the market. Let’s hope that the world’s shipping companies can keep up with the  demand. I have already read reports on Apple Insider that freight companies are feeling the pinch as the release of the iPad 3 draws closer.  Imagine that; gas prices may actually rise around the globe due to the release of a nominal Apple product. Yikes!

Finally, Apple TVs are going out of stock everywhere.  Do you want a new Apple TV? Here is my advice, wait until tomorrow. Apple is more than likely to announce a new version of the Apple TV alongside the new iPad during tomorrow’s event.

There’s not much time left.  Mass Effect 3 was released today, the new iPad HD and possibly a new Apple TV will be announced tomorrow.  This is a good week for us tech geeks.

One last thing, we are a little ways off from Apple announcing a new version of the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air.  So if you have a MacBook Pro with a cracked screen or a MacBook Air with a busted LCD screen, now is the time to get them fixed.


Written by Keith

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MacBook Screen Repair! MacBook Pro Screen Repair! And Minor League Hockey!

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Happy post-Super Bowl everyone! The sports world is abuzz this week with all the excitement! And by abuzz, I mean a slow and sobering realization that there’s no more football for another six and a half months. Unless you happen to be a Giants fan, then the party keeps rolling. If you’re not a Giants fan, then perhaps you have baseball or basketball to look forward to. We here in Kansas City are right in the middle of two of the finest collegiate basketball programs in the country; although Mizzou decidedly has a leg up on Kansas after a three point come from behind victory in Columbia last weekend. Be sure iResQ’s GM Brian, a Mizzou alum, is delighted this week. Unfortunately we have no NBA team despite a stellar downtown arena, and the punchline of all MLB, the Royals.

We also have minor league hockey- I went and checked out the Missouri Mavericks, our very own CHL team last night. Let me say, and I mean this with all appreciation in earnest, minor league hockey is one of the most glorious sociological experiences I have ever had the pleasure of partaking in. Right up to the corporately sponsored and obligatory fights and the Biggest Dent giveaway, in which a parking lot monitor reports the car with the largest dent and its owner receives a gift certificate for a local restaurant. Amazing. Also, the 2-1 overtime victory lit the crowd up.

Here’s an iPhone 4 Instagram shot from our box seats:


I just need a waterfall flowing down a flight of stairs and it would pass for a Scott Mutter piece.

Ah, now onto MacBook screen repair. It’s been a little while since we’ve had a good old fashioned MacBook screen repair or MacBook Pro screen repair coupon! If you need your MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air LCD screen repaired, just place an order at and enter the coupon code Mavericks for $10 off your repair! This repair is only valid for LCD repair, not diagnosis or glass panels, and can be redeemed through February 29th, 2012. Happy ordering friends. Have a great week, a great Valentine’s Day, and a FANTASTIC Lincoln’s Birthday, just like old Abe intended. Godspeed.

Written by Eric

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Fare thee well, ye olde MacBook.

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

A famous Beatle once stated, “all things must pass”. There comes a time when great things must settle down and move on. That time has come for one of the most successful computer models in history…the MacBook (not to be confused with the MacBook Pro). Yes. Today marks the official day when the MacBook has been discontinued. Farewell my old friend.

Now, the cheapest Mac notebook on the market is the amazing MacBook Air. Obviously, Apple see’s the MacBook Air as the future of their notebook line. The MacBook Air is truly a technical achievement, and starting at $999, it is more affordable than ever. Despite its current shortcomings (limited HD space, no optical drive…), the MacBook Air is a marvel. Oh yeah, HELLO THUNDERBOLT!!  If you don’t know what Thunderbolt is, read this article from Gizmodo.

Still, to me, nothing can replace the simplicity and convenience of the old MacBook…except the 13.3″ MacBook Pro 🙂

At the time of its release, the MacBook was, quite simply, a revolution not only for Apple, but for the notebook industry.  Let’s face it, Mac OS X was awesome with a PPC processer, but with the Intel processor, the darn thing just soared.  My old MacBook (purchased in 2007) still runs circles around some of my friend’s newer Windows based computers.  The only flaw that I truly felt with my MacBook was the fact that its integrated video card was not that great.  Sure, not being able to play Portal on my MacBook sucked, but that’s what I have an Xbox for.

Let’s not be sad of that fact that the MacBook will no longer be around, let us all celebrate it.  Here is to looking to the future…

Farewell ye olde MacBook.


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