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What to do When Your MacBook Pro Fan Breaks

Wednesday, August 12th, 2015

macbook fanWhat do you do when your MacBook Pro fan breaks? If it stops functioning, then it is important to replace it. Fans are essential to prevent your computer from overheating and frying the equipment. The sensors in your MacBook Pro are sensitive to outside temperature and where you use it. For example, if you place your system on your bed to work. The heat becomes trapped and the fans kick on to cool your hardware down. Unfortunately, like most hardware, sometimes your fans stop working.

Take several steps to determine if your fan is definitely broken or perhaps it is something else. It is recommended that you always troubleshoot your computer before taking it in to the Apple store or an Apple Certified Mac technician.

Troubleshooting Your Broken MacBook Pro Fan


Place your hand at the back of the device where the screen folds down. Feel for heat on the bottom where the screen connects to the bottom half of the laptop. If you feel heat blowing, then your fan is working.


Put your ear up to the bottom of your MacBook Pro. If you hear a gentle whirring noise, then your fan is functioning. If you hear rattling, grinding, or revving, then it is probably malfunctioning. It could also come across as a screeching or ticking noise.


If the fan is not functioning, then the bottom of your laptop will begin to feel very hot to the touch.

Apple Hardware Test

The Apple Hardware Test will help you narrow down if there is a hardware issue with your computer. Please note that not all models can use the online version of the AHT. If you are unable to use the online test, then you will find a local version on your hard drive. A generated error code will indicate if your fans have failed.

What to Do

After you have determined that your MacBook Pro fan is broken, you have to decide if you are going to try and fix it yourself, or take it in to have someone else fix it. If you’re going to fix it yourself, remember that you risk further damaging your laptop because there are many delicate parts inside. Additionally, if you damage your computer after working on it, you nullify your warranty.

There are some other things to think about. You will need additional tools. The required tools vary from model to model. It can take a lot of time and patience to properly open up your MacBook Pro, replace the fans, and then close it back up. Instead of risking your MacBook, call iResQ. We can replace the fan in your MacBook within 24 hours. In no time, you will have it back in good working order.


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MacBook Cracked Screen: What You Need to Do

Friday, August 7th, 2015

macbookYou’re walking around campus with your trusty MacBook under your arm. You wave at some of the friends you just met last week, trip on a rock, and there goes your MacBook flying out of your hand. The first thing you think about is how scratched it is, and you’re mad! It’s not until you get to your class and open it that you see the devastation that has occurred – the screen is cracked. Now, you want to cry.

Doesn’t this sound like a situation that you’ve just been in? We understand how hard it is to look at your MacBook and see a huge crack or the screen completely shattered. It’s okay; you can cry. However, after you’re done crying, it’s time to pick up the pieces.

iResQ can help you! This MacBook screen replacement shop will be able to remove the screen that is cracked right now and install a brand new one for you. The parts that iResQ uses are high quality. This means that your new screen won’t be flimsy and easy break. It will be the same quality as the screen you received with your MacBook from Apple.

What’s even more relieving is that the certified technicians at iResQ know how to install brand new screens on MacBooks, so you don’t need to worry about your MacBook’s screen not working when you get it back. All of the connections will be correct and the techs are so meticulous and skilled that you don’t have to even think about something else being broken while the screen is being replaced.

Why are we telling you this?

It’s because this does happen with other MacBook repair shops. Some repair shops don’t have technicians that have the experience and training that our techs have, so they are fixing devices without the skills they need to do a good job. What ends up happening is that those devices end up with problems after the repair, and since it’s usually something that is unrelated to the screen cracking, they don’t offer to repair it for free. They take no responsibility for it.

In addition, some MacBook repair shops use low quality parts. They screens can be so thin that the simplest touch could crack it. Why would you want that to happen after spending money to get it fixed?

That’s why it just makes sense to use a MacBook repair shop that has been in business since 1994. To learn about all of the repair services we offer for MacBook, check out our MacBook repair page.

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Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Hey folks. If you called in on Tuesday, February 26 you may have wondered why one of our wonderful customer service representatives wasn’t available to take your call. Unfortunately for the second time ever, iResQ has had to close up for a day due to severe winter weather. But that doesn’t mean we’ve gone anywhere- we’re continuing to take orders placed online and will be back to help you tomorrow when the plows clear the foot and a half of snow and ice that’s falling on top of last Thursday’s foot and a half of snow and ice that still hasn’t gone anywhere. It’s kind of serene when you look at it in one small picture, but it’s pretty nasty when you’re under it:


For those of you in warm sunny climates, enjoy the weather. For those in the midwest who are buried, hunker down and get cozy. We’ll be back in no time for more of the MacBook, iPod, iPhone and iPad repairs you’ve come to depend on. Take care.

Written by Eric

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January MacBook LCD Repair Deals!

Monday, January 21st, 2013

Hello everyone! Hope you’re staying warm wherever you are, because the midwest winter is not relenting today. But here’s something to keep things toasty: a smoking hot deal on MacBook LCDs. If you have a black or white plastic or polycarbonate MacBook with a broken screen, for the next two weeks we will repair it for $29 off. That’s as low as $150 on some models, which is some kind of record. Just enter the coupon code “JANUARYDEAL” at checkout to get your discount. Enjoy your week, especially if you live in Baltimore or the Bay Area, or your last name is Harbaugh.

Written by Eric

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Happy New Year!

Monday, December 31st, 2012

Hey everyone. Like Keith said, it’s been a big year, and we’re not done yet. We’ll be counting our inventory late into the evening tonight, but we’re pushing it into high gear when 2013 comes around. Check back later this week for some New Year deals on MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air repairs! Have fun and be safe tonight, friends.

Written by Eric

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