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iPad 3 Repairs Get a Price Cut

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Photo courtesy of MacRumors

There are a lot of people out there that love the iPad and really want to own one, including myself, but the biggest barrier to entry is the price.  Starting at $499, it’s easy to understand why iPads aren’t as ubiquitous as the iPhone.  I would love to own one, and as a musician that likes to record, I fully understated how easy and awesome it would be to use Garageband on an iPad to record some music.  But alas! I don’t have $500 + to spend on a new gadget.  A huge “what if” comes to mind, though. What if Apple decides to release a smaller, cheaper iPad?  According to a recent MacRumors post, Apple may do just that. How attractive would an iPad priced between $200-$250 be to a person like me?  I would buy one.

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It’s nice to dream, but the chances of this happening are 50/50.  If Apple decides to rollout a cheaper, smaller iPad, GREAT! I’d get one. Do I expect it? No. I don’t want to get my hopes up.

In reality, we have expensive tablets called iPads.  Whether you treat your new iPad with the same care that you would a new born baby or treat it like an old gym bag, there is one universal truth: if you drop your iPad it will more than likely break.  Cracked iPad screens are the most common type of damage.  iResQ has been working on getting repair prices lower for the most common types of repairs.  Repair prices for iPad 3 Screens have been lowered to $179 to match the price we currently have for the iPad 2.

In addition to the iPad repair prices, we have lowered our screen repair prices on the new MacBook Airs to $319 for the 13″ and $269 for the 11″ model.

Finally, we have lowered logic board repair prices across the board for iPod Touch’s, the iPhone 3G, and the iPhone 3GS.

Written by Keith

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iPad HD and the new Apple TV

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

As we draw closer to tomorrow’s Apple media event more and more rumors seem to crop up.  Here are two tasty tidbits to consider: the iPad HD and a new Apple TV.  Before we delve into the deeper meanings of these two devices, let me lay your questions to rest, no matter what the new iPad is called, iPad 3, iPad 2S, iPad 4G, or the iPad HD, iResQ WILL offer repairs on it. iPad HD repairs? Check that. Let’s begin discussing the new iPad “HD”.


As we all expect, tomorrow Apple is going to introduce the new iPad.  Commonly heralded as the iPad 3, some sources, according to recent Gizmodo blogs, are claiming that the new iPad will be named the “iPad HD” in order to tout its new, hi-res  Retina Display.  From a marketing standpoint do you think this makes sense?  Why would you want to deviate from the normal naming convention of using numbers?  Will this confuse new customers?   Actually, it’s kind of silly to sit around and speculate the implications of what Apple is going to name the new iPad.  No matter what it is named, it is going to be the hottest tablet on the market. Let’s hope that the world’s shipping companies can keep up with the  demand. I have already read reports on Apple Insider that freight companies are feeling the pinch as the release of the iPad 3 draws closer.  Imagine that; gas prices may actually rise around the globe due to the release of a nominal Apple product. Yikes!

Finally, Apple TVs are going out of stock everywhere.  Do you want a new Apple TV? Here is my advice, wait until tomorrow. Apple is more than likely to announce a new version of the Apple TV alongside the new iPad during tomorrow’s event.

There’s not much time left.  Mass Effect 3 was released today, the new iPad HD and possibly a new Apple TV will be announced tomorrow.  This is a good week for us tech geeks.

One last thing, we are a little ways off from Apple announcing a new version of the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air.  So if you have a MacBook Pro with a cracked screen or a MacBook Air with a busted LCD screen, now is the time to get them fixed.


Written by Keith

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