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Is Mac Circling the Drain?

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Morning, friends. If any of you have been following Apple blogs over the last ten months or so, there has been a fair amount of hype/rumor/borderline panic about Apple’s push toward the dominance of mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone and therefore iOS, possibly at the expense of Mac OS and the desktop format as we know it. When columnist Dan Lyons first proposed the idea last June that the Mac brand was being euthanized, Steve Jobs wasn’t having it. Lyons published the following claim in Newsweek:

Dear Macintosh,

I hate to tell you this, but my guess is you’ve probably been sensing it already. I don’t know any good way to say it so let me just be blunt: You’ve been dropped. Dumped. It’s over. The future of Apple is no longer centered around the Macintosh. You Mac guys just got kicked to the curb, relegated to the steaming dung heap of the past. I’m sorry, dear old Mac, but your ex-boyfriend Steve has moved on.”

To which Jobs replied via email, “Completely wrong. Just wait.

Fast forward to 2012 when dozens of columnists and tech bloggers have commented on the discontinuation of the MacBook (Apple’s best-selling computer of all time), the number of iPad sales vs computer sales (Mac and PC) and, perhaps most telling, the dropping of the Mac name from the OS line. As of 10.8 there doesn’t look to be a Mac OS and an iOS. Just OS. So with Jobs’ push to get the whole world running on the iPad (or whatever looms on the horizon?) it’s easy to see why so many Mac addicts are feeling unsettled.

Last week KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has been known to have seemingly-inside info on the development of Apple’s production process, reported that the 17″ MacBook Prowill be discontinued as Apple launches OS 10.8 Mountain Lion and prepares for back to school demand for new machines. Not that it doesn’t make some sense that they would put a cork in their largest and heaviest portable as the mobile market grows exponentially, but it does seem like if they keep killing off computers as we know them, Lyons’ claim isn’t “completely wrong.” 2012 will be a telling year in that regard. Let’s take a quick look at the introduction of the 17″ MacBook Pro’s predecessor, the 17″ PowerBook G4:


So is the consumer market ready for a monumental shift in how we use a desktop OS system? Thirty years ago a lot of users didn’t want to give up the command line for GUI, either. The future may not be certain, but it should be exciting. Stay tuned.

Written by Eric

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Apple Struggling in Cat Market

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

I came across an “article” over at Buzzfeed that is pretty much just a collection of photos that include cats and laptops. Of course, my first impulse was to see how many of the laptops were Apple brand.

Unfortunately, I only noted 10 Apple laptops in this collection of 27 cat photos. I was a bit disappointed in that number, BUT it isn’t really that low considering most of the PC laptops in the photos are an assortment of manufacturers/brands. If you compare Mac vs. PC, there’s more PC laptops — but if you compare companies against each other, Apple comes out on top. I would also imagine that since Apple is gaining popularity and customers as a result, we will see more cats on Apple laptops in the future. So things are looking up.

Oh, one other thing to consider: these cats probably don’t care what kind of laptop they are sitting on. Just saying.

Check out the photos if you are an animal lover or tech lover here: 27 Kittehs Using Laptops Correctly

FYI, here at iResQ we have 3 furry “co-workers,” aka dogs, who are proud to be Apple lovers as well. Buddy, Rudy, and Mimsy are here almost every day. That should explain the random bark or yip that can be heard sometimes when you call in or walk in. They really “ruff” it here. Rimshot.

That’s all for now! I’ll leave you with this photo… have a good one and see you next time!

My own little monster enjoying her first Apple experience back in 2006.

Written by Brian

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A Noteworthy iResQ Review / Testimonial

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

Hey all,

I hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July. We at iResQ are absolutely swamped with iPhones, iPods, and mostly MacBooks today. We’re pretty busy but I wanted to show everyone something real quick.

One of our recent customers blogged about his iResQ experience on a cool site called Poor Dad Tech. The blog is subtitled, “tech talk ideas for those with a lot of geek, but few bucks.” I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this person sent his Mac to us for repair.

Here’s the review: iResQ Saved My Baby – Review

Broken MacBook

Broken MacBook from Poor Dad Tech

That’s it for now, till next time!

Written by Brian

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How’s Your Vacation Keith?

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

Well I’m sad to say I just got back from my Caribbean cruise and am back in the cold, dark midwest.    Man, I don’t know  how much longer I can take these midwest winters but that’s aside the point of this blog.

We had an awesome time – my girlfriend and I flew down to Puerto Rico and sailed south on a weeklong cruise to Barbados, St. Lucia, Tortola, Antigua and St. Thomas.  We left 35 degree weather behind for 84 and sunny, swam the clearest ocean we’ve ever seen and snorkled.    The scenery was beautiful – lush green rain forests and mountains and clean air.  At one point while snorkeling, I peeled a banana underwater and there were so many fish swimming around me pecking away at the banana I couldn’t see one foot in front of me.    Truly amazing.     The boat itself was pretty cool actually.   It was humongous.  With this being my first cruise I’d always had this idea of what a cruise is like in my head:  getting rocked out of bed, seasick, horrible excursions onto rainy land.    Not that way at all – the food was good, we met many really friendly people and even the drink prices weren’t that bad.     We did smuggle a bottle of vodka on the boat but no need to expand on that.


What a great trip though – here I sit now, it just snowed a couple days ago, I slipped on my front porch because it was so icy.   Luckily my girlfriend helped catch me and I didn’t break my body into pieces. I think I just need to live somewhere warm soon.  These KC winters are getting really old really quick.    I might just have to sell everything and move down to St. Lucia.


One last thing – on the ship one night I got a “wild hair” and karaoke’d Rick Astley’s hit song “Never Gonna Give You Up” and rick-rolled an entire cruise ship.    There were a lot of Canadians on the boat who didn’t get the reference, but such a hot performance still impressed the masses!    Check out my sweet moves:

In honor of a memorable trip, and the legend of Rick Astley, I’d like to offer the QPON “RICK ROLL” for 6 dollars off of any repair.    As usual this does not apply to any diagnostic services, only repairs.    Just create your order and email me the QPON “RICK ROLL” to and I’ll apply the discount for you.

Have a great time and go take a cruise and get away from the everyday stresses of life!  –  Mick


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Any Karate Kid fans out there?

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Any Karate Kid fans out there?    I’ve sort of been on a ‘Karate Kid’ kick (pun intended) lately.    I gotta say, I’m a huge ‘John Kreese’ fan.     He was the sensei in the evil ‘Cobra Kai’ dojo:


A sinister man, vicious and angry man, yet a determined man…  a man that couldn’t top the late Mr. Miyagi though, as we all found out.

I never really got into ‘Karate Kid II’ to be honest.    I mean, it’s OK I guess.     Just sort of boring.    Best thing about that movie was the theme song performed by none other than the great ‘Peter Cetera’ “Glory of Love”:


I must admit, ‘Karate Kid III’ is quite simply one of the greatest movies ever made. It’s so absolutely horrible that it somehow propels itself into hall-of-fame status. From the loose script, to awful dialogue (“Macaroni and cheese? You know what I like-ah!”), to the hilarious antagonist ‘karates bad boy Mike Barnes’, and finally to the relentless villain ‘Terry Silver’ “HAAH-SAAH…. HAAAH-SAAH!” (check out the “villains night out” on the bottom far right):


I don’t know – I just thought I’d throw all this out there.    The ‘Karate Kid’ Trilogy is wonderful.    I refuse to mention ‘The Next Karate Kid’ because it’s what I like to call “trilogy blasphemy”.    It just doesn’t count.

I think at this time I’ll go ahead and put the ‘SHORT CIRCUIT’ QPON to rest, it is now expired.    In its place, let’s do the QPON “TERRY SILVER” for 6 dollars off of any repair.    As usual, this does not apply to any diagnostic services, only repairs.   Just set up your order and email me your order number at and I will apply the discount.

See you in a couple weeks – Mick

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