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It’s Developer’s Conference Day!

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Ah, yes. It’s that day once again. It’s been nice to have the quarterly updates and see the release of “revolutionary” new devices like the iPad over the last twelve months, but the June WWDC is officially the happiest day in the world of the Apple geek. I’m sure you’ve heard all the rumors, but let’s briefly review before Captain Jobs unleashes his keynote on us later today. Things you can expect to hear about today:

1. iPhone OS 4. Steve should dedicate a fair amount of time to the innovations of the latest iPhone firmware, and users have been clamoring for it for a while. Sounds like there will be some interesting new dynamics to how the iPhone will work, if the buzz is accurate. Could be fairly radical.

2. New devices! I know what everyone is excited about- that new wireless multi-touch trackpad thing! It could make the Wacom tab obsolete! And it looks like the wireless keyboard! Ok, ok. It’s kind of cool, but it’s barely a blip on the new device radar. Everyone knows there’s going to be big news about the fourth generation iPhone today. Based on the photos that Jason “#1 Most Wanted” Chen posted on Gizmodo, it’s definitely a development to get pumped about. The sleekest iPhone yet, this fourth iteration is already a welcome addition to the lineup thanks to so much internet hype and controversy. Plus THERE’S A CAMERA ON THE FRONT. Remember in Back to the Future II when Needles showed up on the TV phone and taunted Marty into making an illegal transaction and it was totally inconceivable that we’d one day have video phones and could see the people we talk to? Welcome to the future, friends. We’re five years ahead of schedule with the iPhone, but we still don’t have flying cars. This is heavy.

3. Other stuff. Possible but unlikely mention of Mac OS 10.7, a cloud-based iTunes to replace the beloved, and an upgrade to the Mac Mini and Apple TV. Yippee, Steve. Now talk more about the new iPhone.

Be sure to log onto Engadget or MacRumors and follow along today at 10AM PST. Until next week, my friends.

Written by Eric

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It’s About Time.

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Hello my blogofriends. Lots of exciting things happening around these parts in the sporting world. The Chiefs officially have one of the greatest pairs of Offensive/Defensive Coordinators in the history of the league since adding Romeo Crennel to the staff already improved by the signing of Charlie Weis. I’m not saying there’s another Patriots-esque dynasty coming, but it’s good news for those of us that haven’t had good news in a few years. Also, the ninth-ranked Wildcats of Kansas State took down the previously unbeaten Longhorns last night. Pow.

But onto Apple matters, it’s been as busy as ever as we turned the corner into 2010 here at iResQ. Just last week we repaired more MacBooks, MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs and Mac Minis than any week previous. And in the middle of ice and snow and an uncharacteristic six-day fog covering the whole city. Spooky. Thanks to everyone who gave us the privilege of working on your Apple notebooks, iPods and iPhones, and keep us bookmarked in case disaster strikes. Check last week’s post for a coupon code good until February 1st, and have a great week!

Written by Eric

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Apple to Release New iPhone App: iVote Available this Tuesday.

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

Suckers. Made you look. Even Steve Jobs doesn’t have that much influence. Yet.

Just when you thought it was time for winter, surprise! It’s 75 degrees here at the Q again. Looks like I bought my SUPER FAMILY SIZE tub of Swiss Miss a little too early. Eh. I’ll swig it down anyway, and get chocolatey marshmallows all over my beard. And my wife will point and laugh, per usual.

Speaking of improved video chipsets, Apple’s gone ahead and upgraded the MacBook Air to the NVIDIA set like the rest of its Portable siblings. Advanced graphics performance all around. Huzzah! In sadder Apple news, it looks as if the Mac Mini, beloved by few and under-appreciated by the masses, is on its way out. So those of you who, like me, never thought it was such a bad little machine, pour one out for your tiny fallen homies. My 1.66GHz Core Duo is running strong for nearly three years now, and I’m not giving up just yet. Just try and make me.

Ok, ok. I’m ranting with even less restraint than usual, and I didn’t even talk about how Herm Edwards and Carl Peterson are the worst coach/GM combo in the NFL. And I won’t, because we don’t need more complaints about a team leader with vague ideas of success and little evidence of execution. Or about an old guy who’s lost touch with how the league works and doesn’t want let go of the reigns. No, really- I’m talking about football.

Until next week, kids. And don’t forget to do something important tomorrow.

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