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OS 10.7 Cometh

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Happy Monday, everybody. Now that another WWDC is come and gone and the bloggers and technophiles are lighting up the internets with their opinions, let’s review some of the high and low points of the upcoming OS 10.7 release.

Pro: The latest and presumably best iteration is going to be $29.99, which is a heckuva lot cheaper than expected.

Con: As indicated so far, there will be no hard copy or physical media version available. So you can’t burn the .dmg onto a disk or transfer it to your USB drive.

Pro: Because Lion is only available through the App Store, you can download it once with your iTunes account/Apple ID and then install on all your authorized machines without paying any additional charges.

Con: This means you have to register for an Apple ID and therefore be subject to future assaults on your consumer nature by Apple trying to sell you the new single featured on this weeks episode of Glee.

Pro: Improved multi-touch gestures which, despite Steve Jobs’ insistence that they’re not developing touch-screen personal computers aside from portable devices, seems to suggest that we’re headed in that direction. With the success of the iPad and iPhone and Mac OS performing more like iOS with each update, why not believe that notebooks of the future will basically be faster, more powerful iPads with built-in keyboards?

Con: if you don’t own an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch already, you’re probably going to have some adjustments to make in your understanding of how Mac OS works. So get ready. Mission Control, Launchpad and the Full Screen Applications features are a good way to put your toe in the water.

Pro: Airdrop. One more step in the fight against data loss.

Con: Again, no physical media, so you have to hear nerdy software engineers and programmers complain until OSXI comes out.

If you didn’t catch the conference, it’s worth going back and checking it out. The fact that Apple let everyone know exactly what was going to be announced ahead of time and what wasn’t going to be (*cough* iPhone 5*cough*) created a different climate than the typical top secret guess-fest that WWDC usually takes on. Keep your ears open for release dates on 10.7 and the new iPhone, and have a great week friends.

Written by Eric

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Apple news. And baseball.

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Hello again, everyone! It’s been a while, I know. But like Brian said, it’s been crazy busy here for the last few weeks. Now that doesn’t mean we don’t have time to take care of you, so keep sending your Apple gear and we’ll keep turning it around faster than anyone in the business. Did you take advantage of the coupon from Brian’s last post? I’m not using a coupon for anything, but I watched that video a few times. When your team has been the punch line of all of Major League Baseball for the better part of two decades, it’s nice to see some glimpse of progress. Sure, it’s only three weeks in, but the perennial basement-dwelling royals are tied for second in the American League, and that’s worth something. We’re all just hoping they can put off the choking and ten-game losing streaks as long as possible.

Onto Apple matters. Two big pieces of news today. First, has shortened the ship time for iPads purchased online. Hooray. So if you live more than a 1-2 weeks drive to your nearest Apple store, you can now get one conveniently delivered to your doorstep in record time. More importantly, it sounds like the iPhone 5 will be shipping by September at the latest. Look for the announcement at June’s WWDC, along with big developments in iOS and OS 10.7.

10.7 Lion. Coincidence? Rawr.

With the hints that 10.7 is going to run more like the iPad’s iOS, does that mean touch-screen MacBooks and MacBook Pros are on the horizon? Could be. We may find out in about six weeks. Enjoy your week, everyone. Watch some baseball. Go Blue.

Written by Eric

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