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The Beatles, iTunes, and Sporting KC

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Well, the holiday season is gearing up and we are ready to roll. Its that time of year full of vacations and travelling. If you plan on taking a trip to visit friends and family this holiday season be sure to dust off your old iPod and fill it up with some Beatles hits. Now that the Beatles’ entire catalog is in the iTunes Music Store there should be no reason to travel the country without listening to Strawberry Fields. What’s that? Your iPod doesn’t work any more? Well you know where to get it fixed now don’t ya? Well, don’t ya?

If you completely ditched iPods after getting your iPhone and now realize that you need more space to put your music, don’t fret. MacMall offers great deals on all things Apple (except iPhones). I have been shopping on that site for a long time now and have never been disappointed. You should check them out. They even offer great prices for Apple Notebooks.

Speaking of Apple Notebooks, its hard to go to a University or College campus without seeing tons of Macs. Its funny, when I started college the ratio of students to laptops was pretty minimal. Four years later the laptop to student ratio was approaching 1:1. Of course there are always students that stand by the tried and true pen and paper, but there is no avoiding the wall of laptops professors see during their lectures…I wonder if this annoys them. And now that the semester is winding down, the holiday season is a great time to get your Mac repaired after going through the rigors of college life. I know the deal. I used to work at the bookstore at my college and had to check in damaged laptops to get fixed. I saw my fair share of, “My roommate sat on my MacBook,” or, “My roommate spilled beer on my iBook”. Sure, it was your roommate. 🙂


Either way, we’ll fix your MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or any other Apple Notebook. We offer several different repair services for each model. I’ll list a few of our most popular repairs to get you started:

Check our MacBook and MacBook Pro Repair Page for more services.

Well, I’m out for the time being.

Oh yeah, the front offices of our beloved KC Wizards decided to change the name of the team to Sporting Kansas City. The folks around iResQ don’t like the name change that much. But, the new logo is nice.


Written by Keith

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Solid State of Mind

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Ugh. I hate Monday mornings after an embarrassing loss. Here’s a lesson for you football fans out there- if your team defeats a division rival in the last regular season game to prevent them from making the playoffs, that rival team will come back the next year and go up thirty-five to nil in the first half. To the Broncos credit, they took it out on the Chiefs with proper vengeance, and I can’t fault them for that. But it sure is disappointing to lose sole possession of first place. Such is life- there are still seven games to be played.

There’s an exciting new development in iResQ Repairs! Effective immediately we are installing solid state drives in your MacBook or MacBook Pro! For those of you who may not be familiar with solid state drives, here’s the skinny. Hard disk drives have several moving parts that, like any other machine, break down over time. That’s when you lose all your precious data- your pictures, your iTunes library, your irreplaceable internet video gems. But have no fear, for there’s an alternative to the unreliable platters of the hard disk format. A solid state drive has no moving parts, only flash memory, so there’s nothing to break down. And now you can have one installed in your very own Apple notebook. Just check out our notebook repairs for the new 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB SSD options. We’re taking orders now, so go at it. And you can save up all the parts from your failed hard drives to make something awesome, like this:

Have a great week.

Written by Eric

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Get Real Get Right

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Happy morning to all of you. How was your collective weekend? First, let me start with a brief grievance. As a football fan, and a fan of a particular team, I have realized there are few things more frustrating than watching your particular team dominate a game for fifty-three minutes only to be beaten by a team that plays all sixty. Oof. That said, the AFC West is fortunately bad this year, so the Chiefs are still atop the division. Woo hoo.

After the disappointment of yesterday’s game, my evening took a dramatic upturn. I met up with a fellow some of you may recall from the depths of iResQ history, my good friend and yours, former sales-department favorite Chuck. He and I and our wives took in the epic performance of Sufjan Stevens at Kansas City’s Uptown Theater (currently ranked #82 on Pollstar’s best theaters in the world. Shazaam). Any of you who might be a fan of the whispery folk singer may be in for a surprise if you’re picking up his latest album which was released last Tuesday, or planning on seeing him on the Age of Adz tour. All the history and American culture themes that you’ve come to expect from Sufjan are there in glorious and meticulous detail, but the folk sounds and banjo melodies are strikingly absent in favor of electronic drum pads, heavy synths and auto-tuned vocals. Not to mention seizure-inducing video accompaniment playing on a giant screen behind the band at the show.

The real reason I bring up the show, however, is this- the 2000 hipsters that filled the theater all seemed to share one common trait. And that trait is iPhone 4 ownership. I fully realize that what I’m about to say may make me sound like the cranky old guy at the concert who just wants everyone to sit down and enjoy the music, but I now have one, albeit minor, complaint about the new iPhone. While the flash is a wonderful new feature for amateur photographers who know that the best camera is the one that’s with you, it also causes about a dozen backs of heads to light up, bathed in halogen glow. Which is a little distracting every three seconds at a concert. So it goes.

On the other hand, the pictures that came as a result of all the annoying flashes were excellent, and the 720p video was stunning. So I have three recommendations. First, go to iTunes and pick up Sufjan’s new album The Age of Adz. It’s a captivating departure from the folky orchestral arrangements of his previous efforts.

Second, get yourself an iPhone 4 before attending your next concert. Sub-recommendation: ignore the cranky old guy who’s annoyed by the flash. And finally, if you drop your iPhone 4 at said concert, go here to order one of our fast and affordable repair services. Have a good week, everyone.

Written by Eric

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More Apps than is even possible.

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

To follow up on Brian’s last post; I very scientifically calculated the value per function of the Kindle vs. the iPad, and if the black and white reader costs $139, then the iPad should cost $4178.83 based on what it can do. Give or take a few pennies. And it starts at just $499. What a steal. Did anyone decipher what the lovely lady was reading? It’s Ralph Ellison’s The Invisible Man. Choice excerpt, too- the language gets a little salty on the next page.

So Steve Jobs and his little-company-that-could became a technological empire by first conquering the mobile music device world, have made a significant dent in the home computer market, produce the most coveted phone in the world, and now have a “reader” that can do a heckuva lot more. So what’s next? Taking over your living room, of course. The first step was making the Apple TV a usable and affordable device rather than just a really expensive and small-capacity link to your iTunes library. But now the $99 streaming machine is poised to have it’s own App Store based on the iOS App Store that has become so popular for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Jobs told Bloomberg Businessweek earlier this month that an Apple TV version of the App Store may be ready to launch in the near future. Which just may revolutionize how you watch tv.

The future of Pay-Per-View?

So keep an eye out for news on that, friends. In other news, the Chiefs are still atop the AFC West. 2 and 0. So there.

Written by Eric

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It’s Developer’s Conference Day!

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Ah, yes. It’s that day once again. It’s been nice to have the quarterly updates and see the release of “revolutionary” new devices like the iPad over the last twelve months, but the June WWDC is officially the happiest day in the world of the Apple geek. I’m sure you’ve heard all the rumors, but let’s briefly review before Captain Jobs unleashes his keynote on us later today. Things you can expect to hear about today:

1. iPhone OS 4. Steve should dedicate a fair amount of time to the innovations of the latest iPhone firmware, and users have been clamoring for it for a while. Sounds like there will be some interesting new dynamics to how the iPhone will work, if the buzz is accurate. Could be fairly radical.

2. New devices! I know what everyone is excited about- that new wireless multi-touch trackpad thing! It could make the Wacom tab obsolete! And it looks like the wireless keyboard! Ok, ok. It’s kind of cool, but it’s barely a blip on the new device radar. Everyone knows there’s going to be big news about the fourth generation iPhone today. Based on the photos that Jason “#1 Most Wanted” Chen posted on Gizmodo, it’s definitely a development to get pumped about. The sleekest iPhone yet, this fourth iteration is already a welcome addition to the lineup thanks to so much internet hype and controversy. Plus THERE’S A CAMERA ON THE FRONT. Remember in Back to the Future II when Needles showed up on the TV phone and taunted Marty into making an illegal transaction and it was totally inconceivable that we’d one day have video phones and could see the people we talk to? Welcome to the future, friends. We’re five years ahead of schedule with the iPhone, but we still don’t have flying cars. This is heavy.

3. Other stuff. Possible but unlikely mention of Mac OS 10.7, a cloud-based iTunes to replace the beloved, and an upgrade to the Mac Mini and Apple TV. Yippee, Steve. Now talk more about the new iPhone.

Be sure to log onto Engadget or MacRumors and follow along today at 10AM PST. Until next week, my friends.

Written by Eric

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