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Price Reductions!

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Hello everyone, yet another cold day in Kansas City with lots of snow on the ground still and we are all more than ready for spring to be here. All over our website we have reduced prices on several repairs! Below are some of the most popular reductions we have made! As we are able to purchase quality parts for less – it means we can pass along deals to you at a cheaper cost without losing the world renowned integrity of our products and services! Here are some of the price reductions:

The MacBook Pro Aluminum Unibody Glass Panel Replacement Service:
13″ MacBook Pro Glass Panel Replacement Service – $129
15″ MacBook Pro Glass Panel Replacement Service – $139
17″ MacBook Pro Glass Panel Replacement Service – $149

The iPad glass/digitizer replacement service is now $159 for both the iPad WiFi and iPad 3G models.

The iPod Nano (6th Gen) Glass Screen Replacement service is now reduced to $44 (was $85).

Lastly, we reduced prices on the iPhone 4! (AT&T):
The Black Glass/LCD Front Panel Assembly is now $129
The Black and White backplate replacement service are both now $39
The Black and White backplate Part Only (we ship it to you) is now $29

Also, very soon, we are expecting color backplates in Red, Baby Blue and Pink! We will update our website as soon those are in stock, so keep checking back!  While I’m thinking about it, here is a short ‘How To’ video on replacing your iPhone 4 backplate video that we’ve recently posted – check it out!

Be sure to stay tuned to our website, blog, and updates as there is so much more happening and coming out in the near future. You can place an order on our website anytime or, if you prefer giving us a call during business hours at 888-447-3728 and speak with any of our sales representatives, that works too. Our flat rate repairs do not include shipping, but we have amazing shipping rates with UPS and are happy to pass them along to you.

If you are not a fan on Facebook yet, stop by and ‘Like’ the page so our updates will show up in your feed.  You can also follow us on Twitter!

Written by Brad

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Best week ever.

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

All is well, folks. The Chiefs are back atop the AFC West. Thanksgiving is just two days away. And the holiday rush is weighing heavy on the days at iResQ. We’re getting the usual November-December surge of MacBooks, MacBook Pros, iPods, iPads and iPhones, but that’s no reason to sit back and take it easy on us. You got a problem with your Apple device? We’ve got you covered. And now with new repairs like Solid State Drives and Gen 6 iPod Nanos, and extending our hours (we’re now here until 6:00PM CST), we’re here for you more than ever before. And now, take a look at what is to come and count down with me the ten greatest things about Thanksgiving:

10. Football

9. Canned cranberries with the can ridges still in them

8. Sweet potatoes

7. Football

6. Assorted casseroles

5. Gravy

4. Mashed potatoes and gravy

3. Turkey

2. Football

1. Stuffing

Man, I don’t know if I can wait another two days. I’d better go make a sandwich.

Written by Eric

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Nano yo bizness.

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Hey everyones. You excited about the improvements to the iPod line that Steve, YES STEVE JOBS, unveiled at the recent developers conference? As exciting as it is that the Godfather of Apple, Inc. came back to once again deliver the keynote speech, the content of his presentation was even cooler.

In particular, the new features on the iPod Nano deserve most of the headlines. A much larger screen, FM radio tuner with a live pause option, a pedometer and, most importantly, a video camera. Granted 8 or 16 gigabytes isn’t room enough to shoot the next Lord of the Rings installment or anything, but it’s great for amateur shorts.

So here’s a deal I have for you. You shoot a video on your new iPod Nano and email it to me, and I’ll take 10% off your next Apple notebook repair. Terms and Conditions: 1) Videos must be five minutes or less. 2) Videos must have some attempt at a story arc, so make sure something actually happens. 3) Activity on the video must be legal. Beyond that, go nutz. 4) Email videos, along with your six-digit invoice or web confirmation number to by Halloween. That’s the 31st of October, people. Good luck.

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Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…

Monday, May 18th, 2009

Rumors, rumors, rumors! No, I’m not just excited about Fleetwood Mac. I’m talking about iPhone and iPod rumors. Summer means new products and and upgrades from everyone’s favorite portable device frontrunner. This is what we can be relatively confident about: the iPods Touch and Nano will be redesigned and feature a camera. The iPhone 3G will have a camera on the front. And there will be some significant software changes. This is what we can guess at: Apple is developing a version of the iPhone for the Verizon network. Apple will introduce a less expensive voice and data plan with AT&T. And Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus will mark Lorenzo Lamas’ glorious return to superstardom. Just wait and see.

So keep your lookin’ balls fixed on Mac Rumors or Apple Insider for all the cool news coming up over the next few weeks, and get excited cause summer is here.

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Living the Dream.

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

I’ve had this recurring dream since I started playing the drums when I was 14. I go to see some band or artist in concert and, upon arrival, there’s an announcement that the show is cancelled due to illness/injury/unexplained absence of the drummer. Then some member of the band (Rivers Cuomo on more than one occasion) steps out into the crowd and asks if there are any drummers that know the set and can spontaneously fill in. Which, of course, I do. Then I rock and save the show and everyone’s night and everybody loves me, etc., etc. Well, you’ll be happy to hear that I’m about to live the dream. Sort of. A really lame distortion of the dream, anyway.

My wife’s cousin called me up over the weekend and told me that the drummer in his band can’t play tonight in the Battle of the Bands at Harrah’s Casino and they need me to fill in. Um, that is, the Rock Band video game Battle of the Bands. I know, I know. Awesome. (This would be a perfect opportunity for me to propose my idea to designate a specific font for heavy sarcasm. Since it does not yet exist, I’ll clarify. Awesome = Not really that awesome). Still, it’s as close as I’ll probably ever come to hopping up on stage with a proper rock legend. So wish me luck. We’re shooting for fourth place and the iPod Nano prize that the honor affords.

I was going to issue an email coupon, but let’s make this a little more interactive, eh? If you could live the dream and sit in with any act in history, who would it be? I think I’d go Duke Ellington, ca. 1971. Email your answer and your invoice number or web confirmation number to for $10 off your next MacBook or MacBook Pro LCD repair, good through April 30th. Until next week, friends. It’s a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll.

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