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Should You or Shouldn’t You Repair Your Kid’s Phone?

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

iphone screen repairKids are getting phones these days. My daughter got one for Christmas, and she’s 10. I didn’t think she would get one, but I’m thinking parenting is a lot more about making decisions as you go rather than planning what you’re going to do. That’s NOT the point of this article, though. It’s whether or not to repair a kid’s phone.

As a parent, we know kids aren’t the most responsible people. They lose things, they drop things, and they break things. A phone is not immune to this, so what do you do when it happens to your kid’s phone?

Do you repair it and hand it right back over to possibly happen again? Or do you make your kid use it broken and possible cut him or herself on screen’s cracked glass?

It’s a personal decision. Yet, you want to know what other people would do. It’s okay – that’s why millions of parents search the Internet every day. They want to know what other people are doing to confirm their own thoughts.

Personally, I would just get it fixed. Let’s face it – kids aren’t the only ones who break things. We’ve all been guilty of breaking something important – yes, even our phones. What if we couldn’t get ours fixed? What if someone told us we couldn’t get it fixed? It probably wouldn’t make us happy.

Yes, we’re talking about kids here. They don’t get to have the same rights. However, they do experience the same feelings and much more intense than adults at times. To deal with those feeling, I believe you need to teach kids how to problem solve. Something is broken, so let’s fix it.

This doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t make my daughter pay for it. Just like an adult, you have to find a way to pay for that iPhone repair. The first step is to find the least expensive iPhone screen repair service (on iResQ of course), and then you have to find out how to pay for it. Doing more around the house – yes! Using holiday money – yes! Hey, if you break, you pay for it.

Now, what do you all think? Would you fix your kid’s broken iPhone or smartphone?


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How to Unlock iPhone with Cracked Screen

Tuesday, December 15th, 2015

iphone screen repairWhen the screen cracks on your iPhone, it can be quite frustrating to continue to use it. This is especially true if the crack interferes with unlocking your phone. Luckily, there is a simple way to unlock your iPhone, even with the cracked screen.

The best way to unlock your iPhone when you have a cracked screen is to ask someone to call you. When the call comes through, you will be able to answer it. After hanging up, the phone stays unlocked.

What if you can’t get someone to call you because you can’t access the phone feature? Try to open the camera with your finger. If you can do that, the camera comes up, snap a picture, and then you should be able to press on Home to get to your Home screen. This means your phone is unlocked for the time being.

What to Do After It’s Unlocked

Once it is unlocked, you should back up your phone immediately. This way, if you are unable to unlock later on, you won’t lose all of your data.

After backing up your phone, the next step should be to arrange to have the screen repaired. iResQ performs iPhone cracked screen repairs within 24 hours. Our certified technicians have had a lot of training and experience on all models of iPhones. This means you’ll get your device back working as good as new. It also means that you’ll be able to unlock your phone with no problem.

Order our one of our iPhone screen repair services for the model you have right now. Consider the shipping method you choose because that adds to the time it will take for you to get your phone back.

Tip: During the holidays, shipping can have delays. Please know this as you are selecting your shipping method.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

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Protect your iPhone 4S

Monday, March 5th, 2012

iPhone 4S repair is always an option if you happen to drop and break your iPhone 4S. Shattered glass is always just a few feet away if you’re not careful. Not only is shattered or cracked glass on your iPhone 4S unsightly, it is dangerous. No one should ever use an iPhone with cracked glass. Take it from us. We see tons of iPhones come in with cracked screens and shattered glass. Once we take these out of their boxes, tiny shards of cracked glass pour out along with them.  These tiny pieces of glass can very easily end up in your skin causing pain for weeks.  Luckily, iResQ specializes in exactly these types of repairs. Whether it be an iPhone 4S with cracked glass, an iPhone 4 with a busted screen, or even an iPhone 3GS with a cracked digitizer, iResQ can and will fix it for cheap.

Don’t risk it. If your iPhone’s screen is cracked, get it fixed.  You don’t want to have to suffer through the pain of having a glass splinter in your finger or even your ear for that matter!  One thing to consider is that even the tiniest, cheapest case can prove to be an effective tool agains shattering your iPhone’s screen. But, if you are like most of us and don’t want to use a case to protect your iPhone 4S and simply want to revel in the sheer beauty of your iPhone 4S, your iPhone is more at risk of being damaged.

Moral of the story, have an iPhone with a cracked screen? You can get it fixed for a price cheaper than you ever would have expected with iResQ’s iPhone Repair Services.

Written by Keith

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The Beatles, iTunes, and Sporting KC

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Well, the holiday season is gearing up and we are ready to roll. Its that time of year full of vacations and travelling. If you plan on taking a trip to visit friends and family this holiday season be sure to dust off your old iPod and fill it up with some Beatles hits. Now that the Beatles’ entire catalog is in the iTunes Music Store there should be no reason to travel the country without listening to Strawberry Fields. What’s that? Your iPod doesn’t work any more? Well you know where to get it fixed now don’t ya? Well, don’t ya?

If you completely ditched iPods after getting your iPhone and now realize that you need more space to put your music, don’t fret. MacMall offers great deals on all things Apple (except iPhones). I have been shopping on that site for a long time now and have never been disappointed. You should check them out. They even offer great prices for Apple Notebooks.

Speaking of Apple Notebooks, its hard to go to a University or College campus without seeing tons of Macs. Its funny, when I started college the ratio of students to laptops was pretty minimal. Four years later the laptop to student ratio was approaching 1:1. Of course there are always students that stand by the tried and true pen and paper, but there is no avoiding the wall of laptops professors see during their lectures…I wonder if this annoys them. And now that the semester is winding down, the holiday season is a great time to get your Mac repaired after going through the rigors of college life. I know the deal. I used to work at the bookstore at my college and had to check in damaged laptops to get fixed. I saw my fair share of, “My roommate sat on my MacBook,” or, “My roommate spilled beer on my iBook”. Sure, it was your roommate. 🙂


Either way, we’ll fix your MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or any other Apple Notebook. We offer several different repair services for each model. I’ll list a few of our most popular repairs to get you started:

Check our MacBook and MacBook Pro Repair Page for more services.

Well, I’m out for the time being.

Oh yeah, the front offices of our beloved KC Wizards decided to change the name of the team to Sporting Kansas City. The folks around iResQ don’t like the name change that much. But, the new logo is nice.


Written by Keith

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