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iPhone 4S Launches on China Telecom!

Friday, March 9th, 2012

Already a global device, the iPhone 4S has made major strides by launching on China Telecom today.  The Chinese market is the best region to capitalize for Apple. Already vastly popular in China, Apple and the iPhone are gaining more steam each day.  China Telecom is the second carrier in the country to offer the iPhone and is the largest carrier to offer the 4S on the CDMA networks according to a recent Mac Rumors article.  I know there are a ton of non-Apple smart phone users out there (and Apple haters for that matter) but let’s face it, the iPhone is dominating the market.  Personally, I love my iPhone. It has almost completely replaced me using my MacBook.  Less and less do I find the need to open up my old laptop when I have my iPhone by my side wherever I go.  It’s things like this that make the iPhone, and particularly the iPhone 4S so popular.


So what are the implications of China Telecom offering the iPhone? Well, offering the iPhone on different carriers can be enough to push someone unwilling to buy one over the edge. I know plenty of friends that waited and waited for the iPhone to be released on Sprint before buying one.  The same thing goes for the wonderful folks in China.  More carriers equals more people using iPhones. And that means more money for Apple. Which in turn can (hopefully) lead to more innovation from Apple and more investment money in new ideas.  The possibilities are seemingly endless. I want to see Apple continue to innovate, to continue to make such beautiful and user friendly products.

(You knew this was coming) More importantly, I hate to see these same beautiful products broken. What makes me sad is seeing an iPhone 4S with a cracked screen.  Do yourself a favor and repair your broken iPhone, because we all know what a broken iPhone is worth….GETTING FIXED!!



Written by Keith

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4G LTE Coming to the iPad 3?

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Apple will begin using the 4G LTE network on its iOS devices. But this soon? Possibly as early as tomorrow we will see the first iOS device with LTE capability, the iPad 3. This means faster download/upload speeds. Will this cause you to use your iPad more frequently and for longer periods? Or will this decrease your time spent using you iPad? Does this mean you’ll suck up more bandwidth than you ever had and will hit your data limit sooner than expected? Let’s hope not, these data plans are NOT CHEAP!! Think about it, you could potentially have a data plan for your iPhone, your iPad, your brand new SONY Vita….who knows what’s next? Here’s my prediction, you’ll have to start paying for a dataplan when your next car is an Apple-integrated “Super Smart Car”.

One way or another, 4G LTE for the iPad and the iPhone are looking like a reality that is closer than you would expect. Everything is moving faster nowadays, just be sure to hang on to your iPhone’s and iPads, because like I discussed yesterday, it takes just a few feet and a an unlucky encounter with the pavement for your pristine iPhone 4S or iPad 3 to fall and break. But hey, that’s what we’re here for, to repair your broken iPhone’s and iPads with cracked screens!

Written by Keith

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Protect your iPhone 4S

Monday, March 5th, 2012

iPhone 4S repair is always an option if you happen to drop and break your iPhone 4S. Shattered glass is always just a few feet away if you’re not careful. Not only is shattered or cracked glass on your iPhone 4S unsightly, it is dangerous. No one should ever use an iPhone with cracked glass. Take it from us. We see tons of iPhones come in with cracked screens and shattered glass. Once we take these out of their boxes, tiny shards of cracked glass pour out along with them.  These tiny pieces of glass can very easily end up in your skin causing pain for weeks.  Luckily, iResQ specializes in exactly these types of repairs. Whether it be an iPhone 4S with cracked glass, an iPhone 4 with a busted screen, or even an iPhone 3GS with a cracked digitizer, iResQ can and will fix it for cheap.

Don’t risk it. If your iPhone’s screen is cracked, get it fixed.  You don’t want to have to suffer through the pain of having a glass splinter in your finger or even your ear for that matter!  One thing to consider is that even the tiniest, cheapest case can prove to be an effective tool agains shattering your iPhone’s screen. But, if you are like most of us and don’t want to use a case to protect your iPhone 4S and simply want to revel in the sheer beauty of your iPhone 4S, your iPhone is more at risk of being damaged.

Moral of the story, have an iPhone with a cracked screen? You can get it fixed for a price cheaper than you ever would have expected with iResQ’s iPhone Repair Services.

Written by Keith

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