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iPhone 5 has landed

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

The new iPhone is here! The new iPhone is here! As most of you probably know from following the slew of technoblog updates and watching the Jony Ive video the iPhone 5 was officially launched by Apple today during Tim Cook’s keynote speech. Here are the highlights in case you missed it:

Larger hi-resolution display! For the first time since the iPhone’s initial launch the Apple design team has increased the size of the display to four inches. It’s now taller for increased iOS content space, or wider for watching video. It’s still the prettiest display available on a phone.

Increased data speeds! I know, I know. LTE isn’t exactly new by this point and the iPhone 4S probably should have had it integrated already, but it’s nice to see Apple delivering where consumers were demanding it. Also, WiFi is going to attain 802.11n speeds of up to 150Mbps.

A6 Chip! Super fast processing, up to twice as fast as its predecessor according to Apple. Moving on.

8 Megapixel camera and Panorama! Check out the photos for yourself.

Maps! Siri! iOS 6! The maps look good, and I can’t wait to play around with the new iOS. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more over the next few weeks about how smoothly the new software works with the new design. And if people are really as bothered by the new dock connector as was expected. So long, 30 pins.

If you haven’t watched the keynote, check it out soon when Apple posts the whole thing. Have a great week everyone, and get yourself in line for the new toy.

Written by Eric

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WWDC 2012

Monday, June 11th, 2012

In case you missed the WWDC announcements today, here’s a brief review of what Cook and Co. revealed today about the new notebooks, OS and iOS:

Item 1. Siri has a sense of humor. The Conference apparently opened with a round of jokes from the automated robot lady iPhone voice.

Item 2. MacBook Airs got a nice speed bump that now ranges from 1.7GHz to 2.0GHz. Prices still start at $999.

Item 3. The MacBook Pro now has a RETINA DISPLAY! 220ppi, and a thinner display that translates to .71 in for the whole notebook. Huzzah!. It also has a faster Quad-core i5 or i7 processor, USB 2 and 3 ports on each side, and two thunderbolt ports! The only downside appears to be that the Retina Display model starts at $2199. All things considered, that’s actually a good value for all it does, but your average consumer isn’t going to put up that kind of scratch on a whim.


Item 4. Mountain Lion. Not being a fan of Lion so far, I can’t say I’m particularly excited about the slow and inevitable demise of the desktop format as we know it. Then again, Snow Leopard was a whole lot more streamlined than Leopard, so maybe OS 10.8 will be a big improvement over the awkward 10.7. For those of you who love Siri on your iPhone 4S (now 40% more hilarious!) may appreciate Dication, the new voice-recognition feature in Mountain Lion. Get ready to verbally Tweet everything you see!

Item 4b. Mountain Lion will be available in July and is only $19.99!


Item 5. iOS. Siri has been upgraded (did I mention she TELLS JOKES?) and now can give you more information than ever, including and expanded knowledge base of sports stats and restaurant and movie reviews. Maybe she can explain to me why so many people still like Donnie Darko. But I digress. Apple has also made the move into automotive technology by integrating Siri straight into the dashboard of your BMW, Mercedes, GM, Jaguar, Land Rover, Audi, Toyota, Honda or Chrysler. Oh, and also your iPad.

Item 6. Saving the best reasonably anticipated for last, Facebook is built into iOS 6. For those of us who have maintained our wall of introverted resistance against Facebook, this is not news. But I’m excited for the rest of you.

Item 7. All sorts of updates on the phone App. Do Not Disturb mode, text auto-replies, and FaceTime over data. Win for personal communication, loss for car accident statistics

Item 8. Speaking of car accidents, iOS Maps now has turn by turn navigation and has been more or less completely rewritten to stick it to Google. It looks like they’ve somehow managed to take a step ahead of the incumbent Google in terms of 3D mapping. I haven’t seen any Apple streetview cars driving around though. Perhaps there’s more to come.


That looks like it’s about it from the West coast today, everybody. Check out the whole conference later today at And have a great week.

Written by Eric

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iPhone 5 News

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

It’s amazing seeing the amount of broken iPhones coming into our facility day in and day out, in particular the iPhone 4S.  It shouldn’t be considering how ubiquitous the iPhone has become.  As I discussed in a previous blog, the iPhone is simply dominating market share.  Apple is one of those types of companies that when it releases a new device people line up for hours, and sometimes days to get their hands on one.  Apple does that to people.  Not many companies in the world have this kind of die-hard following.  And with more and more people becoming familiar with Apple products for the first time, mostly through the “gateway drug” called the iPhone, Apple is gaining new devotees each day.

This all brings me to the point of this article: we have been hearing rumors of the next iteration of the iPhone  (ostensibly called “iPhone 5”) as early as last year.  Just think about this, it is May, 2012 and sources as reliable as the Wall Street Journal and Reuters are reporting with confidence that the new iPhone will have at least a 4-inch screen.  When rumors of Apple products that are not even announced yet make front page headlines, that is something to truly behold.

How long will Apple’s steam last?  As a Beatle once said, all things must pass.  Microsoft has dominated the home computer market for a long time and just recently we’re seeing a valid competitor in Apple to maybe de-throne Microsoft.

When industries as big the medical industry start using iPads to manage medical records, that turns eyes.  That industry, while still a PC dominated one, is beginning to use iPads and iOS.  That is the first step of many that may lead to big things to come.

A lot of this is speculation, of course, but that’s what I’m here for. Would you like to see a bigger screen on the next iPhone?  Or are you satisfied with the status quo? Let me know!

Written by Keith

Photo courtesy of Macrumors

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The iPhone Dominates The Market

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

It is no surprise that Apple’s iPhone dominates the smartphone market this day and age.  Take a look at the wonderful info-graphic below courtesy of  It shows that Apple is ranked number two amongst all other vendors that are in the smart phone market.  Although Samsung is number one on the list, they have a wide range of Android driven phones which prevents any one phone from dominating the market as opposed to Apple, which offers one iPhone (albeit with several yearly revisions of the device).  This means that the iPhone can be considered the most popular smartphone on the market.

Apple is now number 2 in the smart phone market

Kudos to Samsung, though, for providing such a wide variety of excellent smart phones. The Android OS has proven to be a worthy competitor to Apple’s iOS in such a hard market to dominate.  Still, the presences of Apple near the top of this list is compelling.  How long before you see Apple at number one? Will the iPhone 5 be the final push that takes Apple over the edge? If I had to place a bet, I would put all of my money on the iPhone 5 doing so.

With such a huge installed iPhone user base, iResQ is seeing more and more iPhones come in for repair.  Believe it or not, the iPhone 3G S is still as popular as ever and we see tons of them come in for broken glass (or digitizer repairs). But when it comes down to the king of the castle, the iPhone 4S reigns supreme. This shows in our spike in iPhone 4S repairs lately.

Have any questions about iPhone repairs? Give us a call!

Written by Keith

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iPhone 4S Launches on China Telecom!

Friday, March 9th, 2012

Already a global device, the iPhone 4S has made major strides by launching on China Telecom today.  The Chinese market is the best region to capitalize for Apple. Already vastly popular in China, Apple and the iPhone are gaining more steam each day.  China Telecom is the second carrier in the country to offer the iPhone and is the largest carrier to offer the 4S on the CDMA networks according to a recent Mac Rumors article.  I know there are a ton of non-Apple smart phone users out there (and Apple haters for that matter) but let’s face it, the iPhone is dominating the market.  Personally, I love my iPhone. It has almost completely replaced me using my MacBook.  Less and less do I find the need to open up my old laptop when I have my iPhone by my side wherever I go.  It’s things like this that make the iPhone, and particularly the iPhone 4S so popular.


So what are the implications of China Telecom offering the iPhone? Well, offering the iPhone on different carriers can be enough to push someone unwilling to buy one over the edge. I know plenty of friends that waited and waited for the iPhone to be released on Sprint before buying one.  The same thing goes for the wonderful folks in China.  More carriers equals more people using iPhones. And that means more money for Apple. Which in turn can (hopefully) lead to more innovation from Apple and more investment money in new ideas.  The possibilities are seemingly endless. I want to see Apple continue to innovate, to continue to make such beautiful and user friendly products.

(You knew this was coming) More importantly, I hate to see these same beautiful products broken. What makes me sad is seeing an iPhone 4S with a cracked screen.  Do yourself a favor and repair your broken iPhone, because we all know what a broken iPhone is worth….GETTING FIXED!!



Written by Keith

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