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Apple Product Horror Stories: Tales from the iResQ Repair Shop

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Image courtesy of Flickr/Photo Credit: naixn

Image courtesy of Flickr/Photo Credit: naixn

At iResQ, it doesn’t take Halloween for us to hear some frightening horror stories. Of course, most of our nightmarish tales are about the devastating drops of iPhones, iPads, iPods, and Macs, but they are bone chilling.

We’ve collected our best iPhone horror stories for you and put them all here. We wish you a Happy Halloween full of fun, fright and tons of treats.

iPhone Gets Flushed Down the Toilet

Taking your iPhone into the bathroom stall? You better think again. This man dropped his iPhone into the toilet AND flushed it. Find out what happened to it. You can read the whole story here:

iPhone Water Damage: Story Flushed Down the Toilet

iPod Nano Dives Into the Washer

iPod Nano users love their devices, so they take it everywhere they go. Since it’s so small, it can conveniently fit into the pocket of a pair of jeans. In a haste, one customer threw his jeans into the washer without thinking about his precious Nano. When he retrieved it, the Nano had been through quite a tumultuous and near death experience.

Read about it here: iPod Nano Water Damage: Don’t Wash Your iPod Nano

A Terrifying Welcome to the Lake

Throw the iPad in the bag and the soy sauce too. Wait, what? That’s what one customer did, and when she arrived at the lake, she screamed in fright. The soy sauce exploded all over the iPad. Take a minute to read what happened to her iPad when we received it. It made us crave Chinese food by the time we were done with this iPad repair.

Here’s the horror story: iPad Dock Connector Repair: The Soy Sauce Story

Do you have one to share? We would love to hear it. In the comments, tell us your Apple product horror story. There’s no better time than on Halloween!

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Saving Money with the Switch to Electronic Medical Records

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Technology has become a large part of healthcare over the last few years. Many medical facilities have embraced the power of iPads, tablets and electronic medical records, while others are clinging to paper for as long as possible. Unfortunately, those not letting go of paper easily will be made to in the coming year. With the passing of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), healthcare facilities will need to start using electronic medical records. The mandate will go into effect in 2014.

What About Privacy?

The reason why some medical care centers aren’t quick to switch to an electronic medical records system is that they fear patient privacy will be compromised. Luckily, with the advancement of the PPACA, many companies have created programs to ensure that patient files are hacker proof. They are also offering services to monitor the systems to ensure they are protected from threats to security.

Cost Concerns

The other concern about electronic medical records is the cost. It’s not cheap to convert paper charts to electronic ones. It can also be a budget buster to keep up software, so it’s stable and secure.

The government understands the demands the new PPACA puts on the healthcare system, so they are offering an incentive. Medical care centers that implement EMR technology may be eligible to receive $44,000. In addition to the incentive program, Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA) medical care centers may be able to receive additional compensation.

Dealing with Ongoing Costs

Once hospitals and doctor’s office implement new electronic records, they will likely use iPads and tablets. This can come along with additional costs over the years. Helping patients and carrying a device can lead to accidental dropping. Dropping a device can lead to cracked screens, damaged internal parts, and more. The cost to have it repaired can be cumbersome to a medical care center’s budget. That is unless they turn to an affordable iPad repair facility like iResQ.

At iResQ, we provide exceptional iPad repair services to hospitals across the country. Hospitals can send their devices in to us for a quick, low cost repair. We provide free diagnostics in case of unknown iPad problems.

To learn about how we can help you with the iPads at your medical care center, contact us today at 1-888-447-3728.

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Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Hey folks. If you called in on Tuesday, February 26 you may have wondered why one of our wonderful customer service representatives wasn’t available to take your call. Unfortunately for the second time ever, iResQ has had to close up for a day due to severe winter weather. But that doesn’t mean we’ve gone anywhere- we’re continuing to take orders placed online and will be back to help you tomorrow when the plows clear the foot and a half of snow and ice that’s falling on top of last Thursday’s foot and a half of snow and ice that still hasn’t gone anywhere. It’s kind of serene when you look at it in one small picture, but it’s pretty nasty when you’re under it:


For those of you in warm sunny climates, enjoy the weather. For those in the midwest who are buried, hunker down and get cozy. We’ll be back in no time for more of the MacBook, iPod, iPhone and iPad repairs you’ve come to depend on. Take care.

Written by Eric

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iPad Mini (or is it Mini iPad?)

Monday, July 16th, 2012

Greetings all. This is your very own Apple rumor monger, Keith!  Ok maybe I’m not a rumor monger, but I do like to talk about new Apple products that have yet to be released (or announced for that matter).  Around here, we don’t just talk about iPad repairs, we talk everything Apple. The topic of today’s blog: the Mini iPad.

Let’s start by talking about what we currently know about the purported “iPad Mini”. With Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York times reporting that Apple has plans to release a smaller iPad (between 7-8 inches) later this year, it seems like the possibility of this happening is greater than ever.  Despite Steve Jobs himself throwing out the idea of having Apple release a smaller tablet,  consumers seem to be clamoring for such a device from Apple.  For those who simply can not justify spending a minimum of $499 on a new iPad, the prospect of seeing a cheaper iPad on the market is exciting despite the iPad having a significantly smaller form factor.

If you don’t currently own an iPad, why not?  I can only answer for myself: it’s simply too expensive for what I would use it for.  The convenience of using an iPad for web browsing is great. I would rather use an iPad than my trusty old MacBook to browse the interwebs, but $499 plus tax is too high a cost to justify putting my MacBook aside in favor of an iPad.  With a seemingly high barrier to entry, the iPad seems to shoot itself in the foot. But if you think about it, Apple’s products have historically been expensive.  It’s known that when you purchase an Apple product you will be paying substantially more money in trade for a more reliable, sexy, and superior operating system (yep, I said superior but that’s just my humble opinion).  That’s what makes Apple the company that they are.  High cost = better quality.

I myself would say that if Apple were to release a smaller, cheaper iPad this year, I’m in.  An iPad for $299? Yes sir! Sign me up.  If Apple does do this, this would be the biggest step in invading the homes and businesses around the world since the introduction of the iPod.  Apple’s stock is already pricey, but if you have the money to invest, I urge you, put your money on Apple before they release the Mini iPad.

Whether you own a new iPad, an iPad 2, or an original iPad, you know where to go to get it fixed if harm should befall your lovely device. iPad repair is one of our many specialties. And believe you me, when the iPad Mini comes out, we will be the first to offer repairs on it.

Written by Keith

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How Is Your iPad Made?

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Earlier today I stumbled across a very interesting video about how iPads are manufactured from Rob Schmitz of the public radio show Marketplace.  This video offers us a little insight as to how our prized devices are manufactured.  Not long enough to go into too much detail, the video shows us just enough to get the gist of how our iPads are made.  It’s no surprise that many workers are flocking to the Foxconn factories in search for a coveted position amongst the assembly line ranks.  The job offers relatively high pay compared to other manufacturing facilities in China as explained in the video.  The amenities provided (such as athletic complexes) also show us how this company is trying to accomodate its employees.

In time where Apple is getting flak for how their manufacturers treat their workers, it is nice to finally be able to see footage inside the factory.  There is actually a lot more human interaction in building these devices than I previously thought.  What are your thoughts on the video?

Written by Keith



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