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iPad 2 Repair, iPad 1 Repair. Get them fixed!

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

As mentioned before, just because you plan on getting a new iPad 3 doesn’t mean you should throw away your broken iPad 2 or iPad 1. Repair prices for the iPad 1 and 2 have been dropping so take some time and get them fixed.

There are many things that you can do to repurpose your old iPad or iPad 2 as seen in this great article I saw on The article touches base on what you can do with your old iPad including using it as a dedicated e-reader, using it as a point of sale credit card reader, using it as a digital picture frame, or simply just hand it down to a friend or family member. The choice is yours, young Padawan.  For example, keeping an old iPad lying around the living room simply for referencing things during conversation can prove invaluable. Heck, during a discussion I had  last weekend I learned what exactly makes tonic water “tonic” water using an old gen 1 iPad to look it up!  Be prepared to dust off your old black-lights from college if you decide to read this article about tonic water.

If you’re wondering what we can fix on your iPad, here’s a tip: the most common repairs for the iPad and iPad 2 are screen repairs. That’s a good start.  Any questions? Give us a call at 888-447-3728.

Each day that passes gets us closer to Apple’s next big announcement. It will be a good one. Just remember to tune into your live blog of choice as this event will most likely not be streamed live.  Personally I’m a fan of Gizmodo’s live blog so you might want to check them out when the time comes. I know I know, it can’t come soon enough but we all must wait.

Written by Keith

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iPad 3 Repairs Coming Soon

Friday, February 10th, 2012

The iPad 3 is on the horizon as Apple appears to be gearing up for an early March announcement of the device. While I don’t expect anything truly revolutionary from the device, I do expect a higher resolution screen, faster processor, and of course, longer battery life. If your’e hoping for a new, smaller version of the iPad, I’d say don’t hold your breath. The late Steve Jobs made it clear that the iPad’s current size is the ideal size for a tablet style device. Personally, I would like to see smaller size as an option but I won’t be disappointed either way.
In advance of the impending release of the iPad 3 (hopefully) within the next month, iResQ is gearing up for every iPad 3 repair possible. iPad 3 owners need not fret when they drop their beloved iPad. Whether your iPad 3 has cracked glass or a broken lcd, we will always be your best option for getting it repaired. iPad repairs are what we do best. iPad 3 repairs will not be any different.

We are currently running a few specials on iPad 2 Broken Glass Repair and iPad Gen 1 Glass Repair so be sure to check them out. If you have an older broken iPad laying around while you wait to get a new iPad 3, now is the perfect time to get it fixed. You can either give it to a friend or loved one as a gift, or sell it towards your iPad 3 purchase.

Well, I’m gearing up for a frigid weekend here in KC. So be warm, be safe, and be easy. Ok, I admit, I stole that last line from our local sports talk radio personality Nick Wright. Either way, have a great weekend and don’t forget about Eric’s awesome Qpon!

Written by Keith

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