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New iPad Repairs Live – iPad Gen 3

Friday, March 16th, 2012

(AnnouncementiResQ has officially launched repairs for the new iPad.  You saw it here first folks. If your new iPad has a cracked screen, we are the first ones out their offering the repair. Read below for more details.)


The new iPad is out. The new iPad is about. People are excited about it and people are not.  Over the course of the past few days I’ve seen people rave about the new iPad’s features, its beautiful display, and lightning fast LTE network connectivity.  At the same time I’ve seen people rant about how the new iPad is nothing more than a mildly updated iPad 2 that does not justify the purchase of a new one.    Love it or hate it, the new iPad (or iPad 3, or iPad HD) is here and people lined up for it overnight including our guy, the Woz.

Last year when the iPad 2 came out, we saw an order placed for an iPad 2 Screen Repair a mere day after its release.  It was that quick.  Excited, jittery hands simply couldn’t manage to keep hold of the brand new iPad.  Luckily, our technicians were able to repair the new iPad 2 and get it back to its owners hands faster than you can recite the Gettysburg Address (roughly speaking).    Now that the new 2012 version of the iPad is out, how long will it take for us to see a broken one? One day? Two? Three?  I have confidence that we will see one within a week.

In case you break your new iPad sooner than you thought, visit our new iPad (2012) repair page.  We’ll be filling it up with repairs very similar to the iPad 2 so keep a lookout. As of now we have digitizer and glass repairs available. Check it out:

New iPad (2012) Glass/Digitizer Repair/Replacement (BLACK)

New iPad (2012) Glass/Digitizer Repair/Replacement (WHITE)

We’ll add more repair services so hang tight. If you don’t see what you need on the repair list, you can always place an order for a free iPad diagnostic. We’ll give you a free price quote.

Folks, you saw it here first. Remember that.

Written by Keith

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The New iPad Review

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

A day before Apple officially releases the new, third generation iPad we are already seeing reviews for the device.  The embargo on the product has been lifted and various tech companies that Apple gave the new iPads to have already reviewed and posted their opinions on the new iPad. Here is the MacWorld video review:

As you can glean from watching this video, the new iPad is an amazing device, but how much different is it than the iPad 2? Well, there are three major differences  between the two generations, all of which don’t necessarily provide that “killer app” to justify upgrading from an iPad 2 to a third generation iPad.  The three major differences are:

1.  Better Display

2. Better Camera on the back

3. LTE Network compatability

The most shocking thing for me is the fact that the reviewer mentioned that the new iPad didn’t really perform any faster than the iPad 2 when performing normal functions.  Does the A5 chip even make a big difference?  Also, the lack of Siri is another thing that was peculiarly left our of the new iPad.  I’d guess that they would add support for Siri in a major iOS Software update for the iPad (iOS 5.2) during the next Apple media event.  Aren’t we due for an iPod media event in the coming months?

Needless to say, if you already own an iPad 2, you might want to consider hanging onto it and holding off on buying a new iPad. If you have a first generation iPad or don’t own one at all, this is the perfect opportunity for you to purchase one.

Written by Keith

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iPad 3 (March) Madness!!!

Monday, March 12th, 2012

It’s that time of year again, friends. That glorious few days in the spring when everyone is waiting in anticipation for the start of something big… the new iPad release! What, did you think I was going somewhere else with that? Don’t worry, we’ll get to basketball. But first we’re adding another device to our extensive line of MacBook, iPod and iPhone repairs. As we mentioned previously, we’re sitting on iPad 3 parts just in case you are unfortunate enough to need repair the day you get your new iPad. With the iPad 2 we had a pair of digitizer repair orders come through the day of its release. Sad but true.

Now, on to the competition… between the iPad 3 and other tablets! Seriously, I’ll get there soon. I went to dinner with my wife’s extended family last week and as I walked in the door, one of her cousins who is an IT professional immediately asked, “want to see something that’s better than an iPad 3?” Now, while I’m clearly a big supporter of Apple’s devices in general, I’m not blindly going to swear that the iPad is unbeatable by something else in the consumer electronics marketplace. So I took a look.


He handed me a Samsung Series 7 Slate 700T, and this is what I observed: First, I asked in earnest (not to be clever or sardonic) why it was so heavy. Ok, ok, other manufacturers don’t have Jony Ive and the world’s best designers to make things streamline. I could probably look past a much heavier tablet that has a few extra inches of LCD. Then, I noticed how awkward and irritating the touch screen was. Sure, Apple has hundreds of patents on their digitizers, so the competition probably won’t live up to it. Surely, based on his assessment of the processing power, this thing must be lightning fast. Except that it’s not. It’s running Windows 7 in full, which is nice if you’re not willing to learn a mobile OS, but incredibly frustrating if you want to run a tablet at all without waiting for processor lag. Finally I assumed that the draw must be the price. Since Windows PC laptops can be assembled and sold for hundreds less than Macs, this 2 pound (37.5% heavier than the iPad) behemoth must cost a fraction of iPad’s sticker price, right? Well, nope. In fact it costs twice as much. So, to answer the original question that started this whole rant, yes. Yes, I would like to see something that’s better than an iPad 3. Show me.


Ah, now I’m out of time for basketball. Well, in short: several of our local teams are in the Big Dance. Mizzou at the 2 seed in what appears to be the weakest region, so a first Final Four appearance could be in their future. Kansas, if they can actually play to their ability, might have a chance of taking on UNC and former coach Roy Williams. Then there’s Kansas State and Wichita State who should be able to squeeze out a second round win. The brackets are out, and we’re ready with highlighters. Go Basketball.

Written by Eric

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The New iPad

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

And that’s just it. The new iPad.  Nothing more, nothing less. iPad. I guess Apple is known for its minimalistic designs so who is to say that they can’t apply the same thing to their nomenclature? All of us were expecting either the iPad 3 or iPad HD, but Apple did it again and to the ire of all the pundits out there. Well that goes to show you, Apple does what it wants and you’ll probably hate it at first,but given the right amount of time you will grow to love it.

We all knew what the new iPad was going to be. It was going to have a Retina Display, better cameras, faster processer and more memory, but for the most part, it was going to look the same as the iPad 2.  Sure iPhoto was a pleasant surprise and the new advances in Garageband are great, but we all knew what was coming.  I don’t know about you, but these Apple press events are seeming to become a little underwhelming.  The last times I remember being super excited after one of them was when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone and then the iPad later on. I guess nowadays it takes a little more than an update on an existing product to excite us. Here’s looking to you, Apple Television Set.

Tomorrow I will give you all a little more information on what we are going to offer as far as repairs on the new iPad.

Written by Keith

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Apple TV in Glorious HD. And iPad 3 Tidbits

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Ok, no one knows exactly what the third generation iPad is going be called, look like, or offer, but here’s what everyone is relatively certain about at this point. The new iPad will have an HD front facing camera for crisp high definition Facetime. The LCD will certainly borrow the iPhone 4 and 4S-quality Retina Display which is going to be nine inches of awesome resolution. And the design will be… pretty much the same. We’ve had iPad 3 components come through already in preparation of repairs, and we can confirm the changes are subtle. Nothing major to report in that arena. There is a suggestion that Siri may be coming to the iPad 3, which makes sense the way Apple has marketed the feature on the iPhone 4S. We’ll see if it’s ready shortly, or if we have to wait until iOS 6.

As Keith mentioned yesterday, the Apple TV continues to sell in record numbers, but rumors seem to point to a nice improvement with the next generation. All indications are that the next Apple TV will support 1080p and remain at the current price point of $99, so that’s great for those of you who haven’t explored the world of the Apple TV yet. There’s still some waiting to do for that Cinema Display-esque actual TV, but be patient. Steve Jobs apparently had much more Apple TV on the horizon. Just listen to what Walter Issacson has to say about his omission in his Steve Jobs biography. Skip to 57:20:


That’s all for now. The event is coming.

Written by Eric

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