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The Fighter

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Not only is Kansas City the home of iResQ but also the home to the headquarters of AMC Theaters, with one of their largest, if not the largest theater just a few miles north of iResQ’s offices in Olathe, KS. I had an invitation last night to attend the private screening of ‘The Fighter’ with Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale and Amy Adams. I wanted to get a picture but we technically were not supposed to have our phones with us, although I did sneak my iPhone4 in but did not want to get kicked out so no pictures…

Anyways, the movie is based on a true-story and took place in Lowell, MA (just north of Boston) both places I have been several times. Dicky (Bale) was a boxing legend but got caught up with ‘distractions of life’ and destroyed his opportunity to win a title. Micky (Wahlberg) spent his life in the shadow of his big-brother and struggling to make a name for himself. See trailer below…

Something you might walk away from the movie thinking: Overcoming struggle, battling through obstacles, and bringing a broken family back together. Now that family unified, are all fighting for the same cause. In Micky’s case, an opportunity at a Title Shot. He assumed the responsibility he had and trained properly to make this “must see” movie with a great ending…

Me, being Mr. Over-analytical, made me think of this holiday season and how many Micky’s are out there. How many people have that desire in their heart and just need that little urge to fight just a little bit more for themselves, for their future, for their family. Your story may not make it to the ‘Big Screen’ but you can still impact a person, a group, a family. A good summary may be, “Never give up, never give up”.

With that being said there is still time to get your iPod, iPhone, iPad or Mac’s fixed for your loved ones before Christmas. Be sure to call me or one of our representatives so we can be sure you choose the right options to get it back before then. OR what I have done with several of our customers is set up the order for them to get their sons or daughters product fixed and e-mailed them a copy of their invoice so they could put it in their stocking, kind of what a gift card would be – then after Christmas they are going to send it in that way it is still a surprise! There is still time!

p.s. you should go watch this…

Happy Holidays!

Written by Brad

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Food, Family, Football and Apps?

Monday, November 29th, 2010

Well, the Holiday season is now in full swing and with that comes a new addition to the iResQ Blog Team. You can get to know more about me on our Meet the Staff page!

This Thanksgiving was for the most part the same with the traditions of my family – The turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potato pie, ham, my grandmothers dressing to name a few and we will not even start to talk about the pies. 17 of us gathered around several tables at my parents house! We ate, we slept, we played games. Early Friday morning, we had our black Friday shoppers (not me) go out, then every Friday after Thanksgiving us guys always play a round of golf and could not have asked for a better day in Kansas!

Over the several days we were together we still played our card and Domino games, however one thing was drastically different this year and we have some intense games going on our iPod Touch’s, iPhones and iPad’s – the main one being “Word’s with Friends”, which is an App that some of the guys here at iResQ got me hooked on. There was a point on Friday evening while sitting in my parents living room, college football on in the back ground, there were at least 7 people zoned completely on their Apple device, sort of holding conversations trying hard to get a few more words in before we went to grab some dinner. One of my Uncles, sitting there thinking through the situation blurts out, “Look at us!… Just look at us!” Oh, how Apple products are taking over everything that we do. The way we play games, the way we order food, the way we communicate.

Now that we are heading right into the end of the year and we are getting tons of calls and emails with people that are trying to hurry to get their products repaired before Christmas gets here. We are getting many calls on broken screens – whether it be the iPhone4 Broken Glass, a MacBook LCD screen replacement or maybe you want to finally get your Apple Device Fixed and have no idea what is wrong. We can take a look at it for you! Make your repair order on our website or give us a call and let myself or another sales representative help you!

Humbly, I show you my own mother beating me.

Happy Holidays!

Written by Brad

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Tell ’em, Oprah

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Hi again,

Apple is about to experience “The Oprah Effect” — you know what I’m talking about if you watch her show daily. I personally don’t, but a lot of people do. A whole lot.

A couple of days ago, Oprah deemed the iPad her “No. 1 Favorite Thing Ever.” Yes that’s right, EVER! At least that was what she said during the show. The iPad even descended from upon high with angel wings in triumphant fashion (video clip below). It’s worth a watch just to see the reactions of the crowd. There are some happy people in that room.

I recommend using less obvious strings!

This probably means that iPads are going to see a spike in sales. It can’t hurt. Heck, it is the ultimate holiday gift. Just make sure you follow the advice in my blog post back in September, and don’t skimp out on your loved ones and buy a Kindle. You can thank me later.

Alright one last thing — HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Have a great time whatever your plans are. iResQ will be closed on Thursday and Friday of this week for the holiday and we’ll be back Monday ready to go. In the meantime, keep placing those orders online.

As promised, here’s the Oprah video:


Have a good one,

Written by Brian

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