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New iPad 3rd Gen Repairs Live

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Good morning, my beautiful people.  We have some good news for you if you own one of the new iPads; iResQ is now offering a wide variety of flat rate repairs for the iPad in addition to reducing our prices on the glass digitizer repair.  Aside from the iPad glass repair services we are offering, you now see back case repairs, headphone jack repairs, dock connector repairs, and volume/power button repairs.  We will be running specials on these repair services shortly so stick around and check back from time to time to see what we have in store for you.  Below you can see an example of where we are going with these prices.

Regarding the most common repair for the new iPad, we have reduced the glass replacement services to $209:

We here at iResQ care about our customers and always strive to give you the best options for repair and best prices possible.  If you don’t know what is wrong with your iPad, you can always send your iPad in for a free diagnostic and a free repair quote.  Once you get your quote it is up to you whether you want to get it fixed or not.   We pride ourselves on our quality work and experience combined with good parts and prices.  Our customer reviews speak for themselves. Our clients love us and once you use our services, you will too.
Check back for more info on specials we will be offering!
Written by Keith

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New iPad Repairs Live – iPad Gen 3

Friday, March 16th, 2012

(AnnouncementiResQ has officially launched repairs for the new iPad.  You saw it here first folks. If your new iPad has a cracked screen, we are the first ones out their offering the repair. Read below for more details.)


The new iPad is out. The new iPad is about. People are excited about it and people are not.  Over the course of the past few days I’ve seen people rave about the new iPad’s features, its beautiful display, and lightning fast LTE network connectivity.  At the same time I’ve seen people rant about how the new iPad is nothing more than a mildly updated iPad 2 that does not justify the purchase of a new one.    Love it or hate it, the new iPad (or iPad 3, or iPad HD) is here and people lined up for it overnight including our guy, the Woz.

Last year when the iPad 2 came out, we saw an order placed for an iPad 2 Screen Repair a mere day after its release.  It was that quick.  Excited, jittery hands simply couldn’t manage to keep hold of the brand new iPad.  Luckily, our technicians were able to repair the new iPad 2 and get it back to its owners hands faster than you can recite the Gettysburg Address (roughly speaking).    Now that the new 2012 version of the iPad is out, how long will it take for us to see a broken one? One day? Two? Three?  I have confidence that we will see one within a week.

In case you break your new iPad sooner than you thought, visit our new iPad (2012) repair page.  We’ll be filling it up with repairs very similar to the iPad 2 so keep a lookout. As of now we have digitizer and glass repairs available. Check it out:

New iPad (2012) Glass/Digitizer Repair/Replacement (BLACK)

New iPad (2012) Glass/Digitizer Repair/Replacement (WHITE)

We’ll add more repair services so hang tight. If you don’t see what you need on the repair list, you can always place an order for a free iPad diagnostic. We’ll give you a free price quote.

Folks, you saw it here first. Remember that.

Written by Keith

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New iPad Repairs

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

It’s been a day since Apple introduced the new iPad. Pre-orders are now being processed and people should expect to have their brand new 2012 edition of the iPad in their hands as early as next week. Now it’s time for us to talk about repairs for the new iPad.
First off, if you break your new iPad, crack the screen, or damage it in any way, here is the page you need to visit: our New iPad Repair Page. Over time we will be filling this page up with the same quality repairs that you have seen on the iPad 2 repair page.  As a matter of fact, we already know that the new iPad is very similar to the iPad 2 as far as the internal design goes (a few changes as far as placement of internal components are concerned, but similar nonetheless).  Given the fact that our new iPad repair parts are similar to that of the iPad 2, our techs have likened the change in the internal form factor of the new iPad to that of the change between the iPod Touch Gen 2 and the iPod Touch Gen 3.  Needless to say, our techs are going to be ready to repair the new iPad.

Here are a few repairs to expect for the new iPad (2012):

New iPad (2012) Broken Glass/Digitizer Replacement Service

New iPad (2012) Retina Display/LCD Repair Service

New iPad (2012) Front Assembly Replacement. This includes the new iPad’s LCD Screen with the Retina Display AND the Glass/Digitizer

New iPad (2012) Headphone Jack Replacent Service

New iPad (2012) Back Case Repair and Replacement

We will have these repairs up soon!

Written by Keith

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4G LTE Coming to the iPad 3?

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Apple will begin using the 4G LTE network on its iOS devices. But this soon? Possibly as early as tomorrow we will see the first iOS device with LTE capability, the iPad 3. This means faster download/upload speeds. Will this cause you to use your iPad more frequently and for longer periods? Or will this decrease your time spent using you iPad? Does this mean you’ll suck up more bandwidth than you ever had and will hit your data limit sooner than expected? Let’s hope not, these data plans are NOT CHEAP!! Think about it, you could potentially have a data plan for your iPhone, your iPad, your brand new SONY Vita….who knows what’s next? Here’s my prediction, you’ll have to start paying for a dataplan when your next car is an Apple-integrated “Super Smart Car”.

One way or another, 4G LTE for the iPad and the iPhone are looking like a reality that is closer than you would expect. Everything is moving faster nowadays, just be sure to hang on to your iPhone’s and iPads, because like I discussed yesterday, it takes just a few feet and a an unlucky encounter with the pavement for your pristine iPhone 4S or iPad 3 to fall and break. But hey, that’s what we’re here for, to repair your broken iPhone’s and iPads with cracked screens!

Written by Keith

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iPad 2 – Rumors and Repair

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

It shouldn’t be a surprise that rumors of Apple’s second generation of the iPad have been making their rounds across the blogosphere. The device has been out for less than three quarters of a year and we are already seeing “leaked” photos of the iPad 2 back case. After browsing through Gizmodo’s website, I found this article about the iPad 2. While many of these photos are “questionable” it is hard not to speculate on the possibility that these photos might be real. Its all in good fun, isn’t it?

So what does Apple have planned for the iPad 2? We can only guess at this point. According to the Gizmodo article, the iPad 2 will have a “Bigger Speaker, Flatter Back” and will be “Very Slightly Smaller.” Starting from the beginning, does the iPad even need a bigger speaker? Sure, it wouldn’t hurt. Who wouldn’t like to have a little extra volume while you’re watching your favorite youtube video? Personally, though, I would rather listen to my iPad through a set of bluetooth speakers.

Next up, the iPad is rumored to have a flatter back. This makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? Just look at the change Apple made from the iPhone 3G S to the iPhone 4. It seems like the next logical step for Apple to take with the iPad.

Finally, according to the article, the iPad will be slightly smaller. According to Jesse, one of our iPad technicians, we could see how Apple could rearrange some of its internal components to make it a little more compact. Thinner is better right? Finally! I will be able to fit my iPad in my back pocket!!! lol. Cheap, I know.

What else is there? Let’s engage in conjecture. For this, I will ask the question: What does the iPhone 4 have that the iPad currently doesn’t?

  1. A Facetime camera: I don’t understand why Apple didn’t put one in there in the first place.
  2. A Gyroscope: Well, does the iPad even need a gyroscope?
  3. A Retina display: How beautiful would a retina display be if it was the size of the iPad? Very beautiful.

Hmm…Interesting. I don’t see any reason the iPad 2 shouldn’t have these features.

Well, one can only guess as to what Apple will ultimately do with the iPad 2. Whatever happens, everyone will be clamoring to get their hands on one. And iResQ will continue to provide the best repair services around the nation for all of your Apple products including the iPad 2. Be on the lookout in the upcoming months for a list of iPad 2 repair services on our iPad repair page.

And one last thing. We will be closed tomorrow, December 24th due to the Christmas holiday. We will continue to accept all orders placed through our website over the holiday.

Well, Merry Christmas everyone!!! I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday. Be sure to spend and cherish all the time you’ll have with your loved ones.

Written by Keith

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