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iPod Touch 4 Screen Repairs

Friday, August 19th, 2011

It sure has been a while hasn’t it? Sorry about that. Business has been tremendously busy this entire summer. And as the summer winds down, we are gearing up for Apple’s latest round of press conferences and announcements. With rumors looming over us that the iPhone 5 will be released sometime in early October, we can’t wait to get our hands on one. It is so close, and yet so far away. And guess what, we will be ready to tackle any of your iPhone 5 repairs upon its release. We love every thing about new Apple products here, especially learning how to fix them!

iPod Touch Gen 4 Screen Repair: $100

Now, let’s talk about one of our featured iPod reapair services: iPod Touch Gen 4 Screen Repair – $100. The iPod Touch seems to be the most popular iPod out there. And that’s for good reason. If you don’t own or even want an iPhone, the iPod Touch is the best thing out there. In my opinion, the one thing that would make this device perfect (other than lowering the price…) is adding some kind of network coverage similar to the iPad (think iPod Touch with 3G). I’d be willing to bet that this will be a feature on the iPod Touch in the future, but I may be wrong. Either way, if you find yourself with a Touch Gen 4 that has a broken screen, iResQ can save your day.

Moving on to our next featured repair, we have iPad 2 Screen Repairs for only $209. That’s right, we will fix your iPad 2’s cracked glass for only $209. So don’t be distraught when you see your precious iPad 2 tumble to the ground. iResQ will get your iPad 2 fixed as quickly as possible.

Well, that’s all for now. It’s Friday, the Chiefs are playing tonight, and I’m ready to relax.

Written by Keith

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The Big 21

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Hi all, and happy Thursday.

I have a special announcement for today’s blog. Remember Cassia? She was a featured employee on our site a while back. Well, tomorrow (April 16) is her 21st birthday. She’s been going on and on about it for months, so we all know how excited she is.

Cheers to Cassia and the great feat of turning 21. I hope you have a great birthday and you’d better stay out of trouble!

They grow up so fast...

Ready to party

She’ll be here at work tomorrow answering phones. If you call in and get her, make sure to wish her a Happy 21st.

I also wanted to show off an article in the New York Times yesterday that mentioned iResQ’s iPhone repair service. This article marks the FIFTH time in consecutive years that they’ve mentioned our company. For you nostalgic iResQ fans, let’s take a stroll down old memory lane:

Feb. 9, 2006, back when we were still called iPodResQ — Protecting Your MP3 Player, and What to Do When You Don’t

November 8, 2007 — Don’t Throw Out Your Broken iPod, Fix It via the Web

May 1, 2008 — iPod Quandary: Fix or Replace?

Feb. 18, 2009 — Q & A: Weighing a Heavy Laptop Repair

FYI folks, you can see all these articles and more on our “As Seen On” page.

Alright, back to work. Congrats again to Cassia and everyone have a great weekend!

Written by Brian

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