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Pictures with Friends and iPhone 4 Repairs

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Good morning to you all. It’s Thursday, which means it’s almost Friday, which means it’s almost time for the Final Four! Huzzah! For those of you not in Kentucky, Ohio, Kansas or New Orleans, my condolences. It’s very exciting for the rest of us, though. Even Jason Sudeikis is plugging the tourney, being a die-hard Jayhawks fan. If you caught him on Letterman Tuesday night, you may have heard multiple nods to the metropolitan area we here at iResQ call home. Overland Park, where Sudeikis grew up, is adjacent to Olathe where our headquarters is located. In any case, it’s always fun to hear a local product get big and mention his hometown and the local culture. If you didn’t see it, here’s an amusing anecdote about his first Final Four experience:

And now a quick plug for an iPhone App that has me glued to my iPhone 4. If you love the social aspects of Words with Friends, but you’re looking for something new (or you’re fed up with WwF’s rejection of actual words), try Draw Something. It’s a simple concept- you draw something, the other iPhone/iPad user you’re playing with guesses what it is. Easy enough? There’s a learning curve in drawing with your finger tip, so if you’re like me most of your early attempts will look like malformed stick figures, but eventually you may do this:



















There’s a free version in the App Store, so go at it. And remember, if in the midst of a frantic drawing or guessing session you drop your iPhone 4, iPad or iPod Touch, don’t fret. As always, we’re here with repair services for all your iDevices. Have a great week everybody.


Written by Eric

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iPhone Apps 2010

Friday, December 10th, 2010

There’s an app for this, there’s an app for that. There’s an app for everything. Just think about this for a second. “App” is now a common household term. Not so much a little over three years ago. Over the past year, I was able to accumulate a good amount of apps on my phone. Here, I will list my personal top ten iPhone apps of all time. Starting from ten, here goes:

10. iMovie – Oh boy. Let me be honest, I was actually disappointed with this app at first. It is a terribly limited app for the money, I think. I can go on with the features that should have been included here (like splitting clips, adding more themes, or editing audio). But, when you realize and accept the limitations, it grows on you. If anything, it is a good seed planted by Apple to improve upon. I can’t wait to see what will be added to this in the future.

9. The Weather Channel – Is it just me, or is the native Weather app severely lacking? The Weather Channel app is great. You can check current weather conditions, view the weather radar, get a 36-hour or 10-day forecast, get severe weather alerts, and more. This is what the built in weather app should have been.

8. Angry Birds – I bet a bunch of people expected this to be closer to number one on the list. Well, its my list and I can do what I want.

7. Dish Network– I love this app. I can control my DVR from anywhere (and this comes in handy when I lose my remote). Also, I can watch my T.V. from anywhere. Nuff said. Well, you do need to have Dish Network for this to work, though.

6. Fluent News Reader – I get all my news from this app. Its one app that shows all the latest news from multiple sources.

5. Instapaper – Have you ever stumbled upon a website or article on your computer that you simply don’t have the time to read right away? Well, with this app you can save a website or article for reading on your iOS device. And, once you have it synced up and saved on your iPod, iPhone, or iPad, you don’t need a web connection to view that page. Pretty cool.

4. Flashlight – No glitz. No glamour. Cheap. I know. But I use this app just about every day and I love it.

3. How Stuff Works – Just got this app last week and can’t stop using it. My favorite part of this app are the podcasts. And my favorite podcast of all available in this app is the “Stuff You Should Know” show. Love it.

2. Tiger Woods PGA Tour – Of all the iPhone games that I have (and I have a lot), this is the one I come back to. I like the console versions of this game. But I love the iPhone version. The controls are outstanding. The graphics are pretty darn good. It’s just plain fun.


1. Netflix – For me, the moment of awe with this app was when I started watching an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” from Netflix on my Nintendo Wii, stopped it, watched a little more later on in the day on my Xbox 360, stopped it, then finished watching the episode later on that night in my bed with my iPhone…from where I left off. Righteous.

Notable mentions: Star Walk, 360 Browser, Wikipanion, Spark Radio, Discovery News, Geared, Star Wars: Imperial Academy, Blue Fire.

What’s your top ten?

Maybe Santa will get you an app for Christmas! If, however, you can’t enjoy your favorite apps because you’re iOS device is broken, we can get that fixed for you. We repair all iOS devices starting from the first gen iPod Touch to the latest and greatest (iPhone 4 Repair and iPad Repair). Hurry though, you don’t want to end up playing the Christmas Edition of Angry Birds in January!

Written by Keith

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More Apps than is even possible.

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

To follow up on Brian’s last post; I very scientifically calculated the value per function of the Kindle vs. the iPad, and if the black and white reader costs $139, then the iPad should cost $4178.83 based on what it can do. Give or take a few pennies. And it starts at just $499. What a steal. Did anyone decipher what the lovely lady was reading? It’s Ralph Ellison’s The Invisible Man. Choice excerpt, too- the language gets a little salty on the next page.

So Steve Jobs and his little-company-that-could became a technological empire by first conquering the mobile music device world, have made a significant dent in the home computer market, produce the most coveted phone in the world, and now have a “reader” that can do a heckuva lot more. So what’s next? Taking over your living room, of course. The first step was making the Apple TV a usable and affordable device rather than just a really expensive and small-capacity link to your iTunes library. But now the $99 streaming machine is poised to have it’s own App Store based on the iOS App Store that has become so popular for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Jobs told Bloomberg Businessweek earlier this month that an Apple TV version of the App Store may be ready to launch in the near future. Which just may revolutionize how you watch tv.

The future of Pay-Per-View?

So keep an eye out for news on that, friends. In other news, the Chiefs are still atop the AFC West. 2 and 0. So there.

Written by Eric

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Hey Hey Hey, it’s Fat Albert.

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Have you ever wondered what you would look like if you put on a few extra pounds? Maybe a few hundred extra? Well wonder no longer. One of the most entertaining apps I’ve seen in a long time is only $.99 at the app store, and it’s well worth it. It pays for itself in laughs.

Before and After Krispy Kreme

Fatbooth, from the developers of Aging Booth, takes a picture of your face and adds some rolls, a few chins, and a rosy glow so you know exactly what you’d look like if you supersized on a daily basis. It gets more entertaining still when you and your friends make faces, or have exaggerated accessories like big glasses or creepy mustaches. Try it, I dare you. Anyway, I’m going to humble myself for a moment and show you my results:


Eww. Well, now I have tangible motivation to keep running and stay in shape.

In other Apple news, the relationship with AT&T is still a little rocky. Apple engineers are under a bit of fire from hundreds of thousands of Verizon customers who are clamoring for an iPhone of their own, which may come as early as first quarter next year if the rumors are true. Then again, the rumors probably aren’t true, as Apple has complained about the stability of the network and then decided to stay with AT&T for the last three years. Also, has some updates on the new WiFi trackpad device that Apple should be launching by the end of this year. Looks like the FCC says GO.

Well, stay tuned to Apple news- now that the reception issue is “solved,” at least temporarily, they’re going to be busy shipping bumpers for the next few weeks. But if your iPhone 4 is flat-out broken, go ahead and send it to us and we’ll take care of you. Until next time.

Written by Eric

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And the Rockets’ Red Glare…

Monday, July 6th, 2009

Hey everyone. I trust you all had a fantastic and patriotic Fourth of July. Mine was joyous as always- family, friends, burgers, brats, and the numerous glaring craters we left in the cul-de-sac in front of my parent’s house. Nothing like celebrating our country’s independence by blowing up a small piece of it.

Did any of you take me up on last weeks coupon? I did. The wife and I went out and adopted ourselves an Australian Shepherd named Franny. Like the Salinger short story. So, if I happened to have a MacBook or MacBook Pro with a broken screen, I’d fix it and give myself $40 off. What a great deal I’d be giving me. Don’t forget it; the deal is good until August 31st. Read last week’s post for details, and check out Franny below.

On to Apple news and rumors: Looks like the next generation of iPod is going to not only include processor upgrades similar to the iPhone 3Gs, but a video camera as well! Several sources have reported a large purchase of cameras that specifically fit the dimensions of the iPod Touch, which will see it’s third generation release in September. And along with the new iPod Touch, all you Touch and iPhone users should check out Yowza, one of the coolest recession-combative Apps recently released. Based on your particular geographic location, Yowza will automatically download coupons for goods and services in your area, which you can cash in on by scanning the coupon bar code directly on your iPod or iPhone. Pretty slick, huh? Check them out at the App store or

Thanks for reading, friends. Be sure to check back for more great deals on iPod, iPhone and Apple computer repairs. Blammo.

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