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Midwest poofy-head treatment centerrrrr

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009



This is Raja — my girlfriend and I just rescued her from the pound about a month ago.     She is a 5 month old German Shepherd and a real sweetie.    I guess you could say that the folks of iResQ are into rescuing fluff-bombs, vanilla-furs, poof-heads and other fuzzy animals.    Eric has been blogging about his rescue dog for awhile, so we felt it was the right thing to do by bringing in another addition to our farm (house).

At first she and Dub didn’t really get along.    Dub was a little jealous, actually.    But now they’re BFF (best friends forever — check your old yearbook and you’ll remember) and we can barely keep them separate.


One of Raja’s ears is starting to pop up in true German Shep fashion.   The other one’s a little late to the game.    Notice the wonderful blankets made by grandma Janice.   Perfect for hyper pups.

So why not offer a QPON in honor of our new rescue pup?    I’ll honor 6 bucks off any repair.   Just email me the QPON code “RAJA” and your web confirmation number to and I’ll apply the discount.    As usual, this does not apply to diagnostic services – only repairs.

Alright, well, have a great couple weeks and remember to keep us in mind for all of your iPod, iPhone, PSP and Portable needs if you’re interested in world famous repairs!



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Happy 4th!!!

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

Hey everybody!

Just getting ready to hang ’em up for a long holiday weekend and wanted to drop in really quickly and wish everyone a happy 4th of July!  Man, what a summer it’s been.  We’ve already had a week of 100 degree weather and it was only June.  Our Royals have already been demolished by the weakest division in baseball and Nate shaved off his mustache.  This is turning out to be one crazy summer!


Anyway, I’m going to buy a ton of fireworks Friday afternoon and basically blow up my back yard Sat afternoon.  A few friends are coming over and we’re going to grill out — you know, the standard 4th of July setup.  Looking forward to it.

Well, I’m just now updating my iPod for the party, need to hide my Macbook from the moon travelers w/report and charge the iPhone for inevitable flaky party-goers.

In honor of a very safe and fun holiday, I extend to you the QPON ‘SATURN MISSLE‘ for 6 bucks off of your repair.    As always, this does not apply to any diagnostic services, only repairs.   Simply email me your iResQ confirmation number to and I’ll apply the discount.

Farewell for now… I will leave you with this wonderful image:


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My First Blog Ever!

Friday, April 18th, 2008

Hello to all of you cool cats out there in internet land. My name is Bryan and this is, as the title says, my first blog ever. It couldn’t have come at a better time either because I had a fantastic last week. 168 hours ago I was just going to sleep after my first night of a weekend in Las Vegas. With flashing lights and bittersweet ringing in my ears I was just starting what would come to be a very sleepless weekend in Vegas.

What could make a trip to Vegas even better, you ask? Well friends, that would of course be my fabulous new iPhone that I got only 2 days before I left! Thats right, yours truley now has an iPhone and I love all 8 shiny, glistening gigabytes of it. I now finally have everything I need in my pocket- well, except for my drums. Ol’ Steve should get on that, make me a portable Apple drum kit stat! That’s actually a pretty good idea- I am going to stop this blog now so that I can start engineering my “idrums”.

In taking all that I have learned from the fantastic Mick, I would like you all to enjoy this animated .gif. Think about it, and have a great weekend.



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