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Apple and Valve Partnership

Friday, April 20th, 2012

Apple Valve PartnershipEver since AppleInsider reported that Apple CEO Tim Cook visited Valve headquarters last week, the rumor mills were abuzz.  The implications of a partnership between these two companies would be as big as it gets in the video game industry.  Valve is mainly known as a video game developer and for its Steam network which serves as a video game platform which allows both PC and Mac users to download a vast library of games.  To put it simply, Valve holds a lot of clout in the video game industry.

Valve has already been involved in recent rumors this year including one in particular that said Valve is currently developing a hardware video game console to rival the Xbox 360 and the PS3.  When you bring Apple in the mix, things get crazy. Could Valve be working directly with Apple to develop a new console or even partner with Apple to help develop Apple’s new TV set with Steam bundled in?

I hate to burst your bubble, though, as a recent podcast preview on Kotaku revealed that Tim Cook actually did not visit Valve’s headquarters. All of this seems to be made up.  Nonetheless, we all know that Apple, who for a long time spurned the video game industry, is now fully embracing that medium as not only valid, but highly profitable.  Games are garnering Apple an enormous amount of income through the app store. As more and more people own iPhones, more games are being downloaded and played.  You might catch a fellow commuter playing a game of Angry Birds on the train to work.  You may have even witnessed them drop their iPhone and crack their screen in the process; you know where to go for an iPhone screen repair dont you  😉

Summing things up, although Apple may or may not be partnering up with Valve, Apple is in the video game market and they are here to stay.

Written by Keith


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iPhone 4s Repair Price Cuts

Friday, November 11th, 2011

First and foremost, Happy Veterans Day. And thank you, Dad, for serving in our ARMY for well over 20 years. All, be sure to fly your American flags this weekend to honor all active duty and veterans in our country.

iPhone Batterygate continues to reign as the most recent update of iOS 5 doesn’t appear to have fixed the issues that many iOS 5 users have been experiencing. I was but one tiny spec in the masses that flocked to the Apple servers for the iOS 5 update the day it was released. But a tiny lemming I was. I have experienced first-hand the battery issues that plague most iOS 5 users. Sure, I’m not on my phone constantly and haven’t had to charge my phone every single day, but the short battery life is definitely noticeable. Heck this awesome Gizmodo article (and yes, I love Gizmodo) helped me disable some pretty ridiculous battery sucking functions on my iPhone….Angry Birds, you DO NOT need to know where I am at all times; your location services have been fired from my iPhone. Apple will get this right eventually. It’s the price we have to pay to use one of the most amazing little devices in the world.

On to business now. You saw it in the title, we cut the prices on our iPhone 4S backplate replacement services. We are now offering a special price of $45 on replacement services for cracked or broken iPhone 4S Glass backplates:

iPhone 4S Glass Backplate Repair/Replacement Service (BLACK)
iPhone 4S Glass Backplate Repair/Replacement Service (WHITE)

More price cuts are soon to come as the holiday season approches, perhaps even more on iPhone 4s repairs. We are also ready to roll-out some pretty exciting stuff so hang around. You will not be disappointed.

Now I’m off to play some COD:MW3.


Written by Keith

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iPhone Apps 2010

Friday, December 10th, 2010

There’s an app for this, there’s an app for that. There’s an app for everything. Just think about this for a second. “App” is now a common household term. Not so much a little over three years ago. Over the past year, I was able to accumulate a good amount of apps on my phone. Here, I will list my personal top ten iPhone apps of all time. Starting from ten, here goes:

10. iMovie – Oh boy. Let me be honest, I was actually disappointed with this app at first. It is a terribly limited app for the money, I think. I can go on with the features that should have been included here (like splitting clips, adding more themes, or editing audio). But, when you realize and accept the limitations, it grows on you. If anything, it is a good seed planted by Apple to improve upon. I can’t wait to see what will be added to this in the future.

9. The Weather Channel – Is it just me, or is the native Weather app severely lacking? The Weather Channel app is great. You can check current weather conditions, view the weather radar, get a 36-hour or 10-day forecast, get severe weather alerts, and more. This is what the built in weather app should have been.

8. Angry Birds – I bet a bunch of people expected this to be closer to number one on the list. Well, its my list and I can do what I want.

7. Dish Network– I love this app. I can control my DVR from anywhere (and this comes in handy when I lose my remote). Also, I can watch my T.V. from anywhere. Nuff said. Well, you do need to have Dish Network for this to work, though.

6. Fluent News Reader – I get all my news from this app. Its one app that shows all the latest news from multiple sources.

5. Instapaper – Have you ever stumbled upon a website or article on your computer that you simply don’t have the time to read right away? Well, with this app you can save a website or article for reading on your iOS device. And, once you have it synced up and saved on your iPod, iPhone, or iPad, you don’t need a web connection to view that page. Pretty cool.

4. Flashlight – No glitz. No glamour. Cheap. I know. But I use this app just about every day and I love it.

3. How Stuff Works – Just got this app last week and can’t stop using it. My favorite part of this app are the podcasts. And my favorite podcast of all available in this app is the “Stuff You Should Know” show. Love it.

2. Tiger Woods PGA Tour – Of all the iPhone games that I have (and I have a lot), this is the one I come back to. I like the console versions of this game. But I love the iPhone version. The controls are outstanding. The graphics are pretty darn good. It’s just plain fun.


1. Netflix – For me, the moment of awe with this app was when I started watching an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” from Netflix on my Nintendo Wii, stopped it, watched a little more later on in the day on my Xbox 360, stopped it, then finished watching the episode later on that night in my bed with my iPhone…from where I left off. Righteous.

Notable mentions: Star Walk, 360 Browser, Wikipanion, Spark Radio, Discovery News, Geared, Star Wars: Imperial Academy, Blue Fire.

What’s your top ten?

Maybe Santa will get you an app for Christmas! If, however, you can’t enjoy your favorite apps because you’re iOS device is broken, we can get that fixed for you. We repair all iOS devices starting from the first gen iPod Touch to the latest and greatest (iPhone 4 Repair and iPad Repair). Hurry though, you don’t want to end up playing the Christmas Edition of Angry Birds in January!

Written by Keith

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iPad Scoffs at Kindle

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Hey all,

Have you seen the latest Kindle ad on TV? Just wondering if anyone thought it was as funny as I did.

The ad compares the Kindle with the iPad — well, sorta. The ad only focuses on two things: that it’s difficult to see an iPad screen in direct sunlight, and the price difference between the Kindle and iPad. You know what? Here, I’ll just plop the video on here so you can see what I’m talking about:

Objection, your honor!

I know the Kindle is trying to promote its product… I get it. The Kindle is probably really nice if you want a piece of hardware that allows you to read books. And it works in direct sunlight, where the iPad has a glass panel over the screen and the surface is annoyingly reflective in direct sunlight. I have experienced this myself with an iPad. It’s not really an exaggeration.

I guess the issue I have with this ad is, simply, that’s all the Kindle does. I don’t really see how you can compare the two products.

The Kindle is a book reader. The iPad can browse the web, play movies, play games, play music, type, edit documents, and more in its native state. When you add in the Apps, multiply its capabilities times about a zillion. That’s why the Kindle is so much cheaper, because it is pretty limited on what it can do.

Now let’s do a super-zoom and see what book she’s reading:

What's she reading? Can you tell?

Let’s get back to it. I know that they’re trying to sell Kindles, and good luck to them. But why try to pick on the iPad? That’s like a riding lawn mower ad comparing its price to that of a Cadillac. I guess it might work for people who have no idea about either device, but are those people planning on buying one? I hope there’s not a bunch of Kindles under the Christmas tree this year for kids who wanted iPads. Grinch Alert!

Please don't give your kids a Kindle this year if they are asking for an iPad.

To dissect the ad even further, I don’t even think this guy is interested in the lady’s Kindle. He is simply trying to talk to her. Why not?

"Hubba Hubba. When I'm done reading my Kindle, can I borrow your iPad to play Angry Birds? Thx."

It’s obvious that I am a little biased here, and this post was meant to be a little light-hearted fun. I’m sure there is an explanation for why Kindle went with this particular ad. I’m sure it made sense to someone. Right?

Thanks for reading,

Written by Brian

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