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It’s Here!!

Friday, July 11th, 2008

Well what a day we have here- the new 3G iPhone is out and about. We had one of our eccentric salesguys wait in line overnight just so that we could have one to take apart. It turned out pretty good and the new phone looks beautiful with its shiny white back. Just precious. And we have taken it apart and put it back together with complete success. Stay tuned for pictures.

It does seem as though ol’ AT&T and Apple got a little overzealous with their “only activating in stores policy”. Apparently the network was jammed due to the huge ammount of people trying to activate, and at this point most iPhones have not even been activated yet, boy I tell ya. Not to worry though- I’m sure that all of these issues will be resolved in no time. I mean we are talking about Apple here. It’s not the first time they’ve released a sweet piece of awesomeness and had a few glitches in the process. Remember the Apple II? Man, Number Munchers didn’t work for like a week! Just kidding. I was but a boy when that young gun was released.

Well as you can tell I am a little scatter-brained today. I am so excited about this new iPhone that I’m losing my mind. With that thought I bid you farewell- have a great weekend and be safe.

–Hurry up and activate that iPhone will ya–

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Happy Friday

Friday, June 27th, 2008

Hi friends,

Guess who didn’t quit his job today……Steve Jobs. Now guess who did……..Bill Gates. Looks like Macs really are the way to go; ol’ Stevie’s not going anywhere. Hooray. Ok, now that I have that out of my system- I’m actually quite impressed with Mr. Gates, leaving the glory of Microsoft to work on his charitable foundation. It’s always good to see someone put his fortune to good use. So, just this once, lets give three cheers for Bill.

Moving on, I’m pretty excited for this weekend. My brother, who lives in Germany, is coming back to the states for a few days and good times will be had. I can’t wait to show him my iPhone and rub it in his face because he doesn’t have one. Although, he will be getting one soon I’m sure. I mean who can resist a 3G iPhone for only $200.00?

Well thats about all I’ve got to discuss today. I hope all of you learned something- I know I did. Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend, and be safe!

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Marky Mark is the greatest and best actor in the world.

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Psyche. So I went and saw The Happening over the weekend. Before I go off too far, let me preface my digs; I have my opinions on M. Night Shyamalan just like everyone else. I even agree with the general public on some of them. I.e., The Sixth Sense is by far his best film. There are striking similarities between his style and Hitchcock’s. And he’s a terrible actor. Beyond that I tend to stray from the popular opinions when it comes to his films. I, for example, seem to be the only person on Earth who loved Lady in the Water. The self-referential narrative and the complete submersion into the world of fantasy literature was brilliant. Go ahead, disagree with me. Tell me the Deus Ex-Machina ending was ridiculous. I don’t care.

That said, it’s clear there has to be some suspension of disbelief when you’re going into an M. Night picture, and I can get behind that. But his previous works seemed to have more, what is it…? Substance. I can’t say too much more without giving up spoilers, but if you’re planning on seeing it, consider this: it’s a decent concept and has some really effective elements, but is ultimately little more than a half-conceived shocking premise with poor execution and acting that’s even harder to digest than his usual melodrama.

OK! Now that I got to over-analyze something, it’s on to Apple News! This week Apple did, um. Well, pretty much nothing. Everyone is eagerly awaiting the 3G iPhone at the new lower price, even though the new contract we’ll have to sign will actually end up making it as, if not more, expensive. So rush out and get one now! Go camp out and wait in line for days! It’ll be just like summer ’07! That summer ruled! Alright- I’m going to settle down and watch Vertigo or The Birds. And just because I’m nice, no contest this week. Email coupon code *Funky Bunch* to for $10 off your next MacBook LCD repair. Skadoosh.

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