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My iPhone Was Throttled by AT&T

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

To be exact, AT&T throttled my so called “unlimited” data plan.  This is nothing new as this type of thing has been happening for quite a while, but still! It’s natural in modern society to think things like “That will never happen to me,” or “Too bad for  him. Glad it wasn’t me.” Well guess what?! It happened to me! I was driving on my way home from work one day, sun was shining, I was content, and I was streaming one of my favorite podcasts on my iPhone over 3G and I got this text:

What did I do next? I ignored it and went on my merry way.  The next day I pulled out my iPhone while at the gym and began to stream another podcast and what happened? Something I like to call the “eternal buffer”.  What is this phenomenon? Well it’s what happens when your bottlenecked bandwidth doesn’t allow you to stream things without letting it buffer for at least 5 minutes.  I know, I know,  these are first world problems so I should stop complaining, right?  Well, it is kind of frustrating when you are paying for the unlimited plan but get throttled to speeds so slow that it is seems like a joke to call that data plan unlimited. Seriously, I couldn’t stream a simple podcast because of this. I could barely use Safari or Google Maps during this time either. My iPhone reverted into an old Nokia from 2002 that can do pretty much nothing but dial and accept calls.  I even contemplated moving over to Sprint for its unlimited plan but I chose not to.  As upsetting as this was, I am getting a fair price for my 3GB of data, at least, and stopped my mild abusing of the data network.

Lesson learned.  Since then, I have made it a point to use more wifi when I can and limit my 3G usage.  I also found out what the biggest data sapping offender for data usage on my phone was: Netflix. Word of caution, when using Netflix use it over wifi. It will help you in the long run.

See ya’s!

Written by Keith

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iResQ Article on CNet

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Hello all.

Somehow, I forgot to include this article in my last blog post. Matt Hickey, who is now a dear friend of ours, posted about us back in December when we repaired his iPad.

You can check out the blog article here: Forget DIY repair. Sometimes, you need the pros

SIDE NOTE: I really enjoy that CNet tech blog and Matt’s contributions; maybe you will like it too.

Here’s what his iPad looked like before we got ahold of it (Thanks Matt for the pics):

Matt's iPad from the back

In other news, we’re gearing up for a big March, and the iPad 2 launch which is rumored to take place next week. We’ve all seen the rumors… 3G on every model and the front and rear facing cameras seem to be the popular theory. Also, with a little less fanfare, new MacBook Pros are rumored for next week. Stay tuned, and let’s get that Apple stock back up! It’s been dropping over the last few days.

Thanks for reading!

Written by Brian

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Dreams, like iPods, shattered.

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

Well, as many of us here at iResQ feared, the season is over for our beloved Chiefs thanks to a merciless rout at home at the hands of John Harbaugh, Ed Reed and Rays Lewis and Rice. Despite the devastating Sunday afternoon (and setting an NFL record seven consecutive playoff losses. Ouch), we fans are still proud of the worst-to-first jump and the winning prospects over the next few years. And now you don’t have to listen to me go on and on about them ever again. Until August.

On the iPhone front, Tuesday is going to be an exciting day for those of you who have been clamoring for an iPhone but have no AT&T service where you live. Though Apple isn’t scheduled for a product launch until March, Verizon has a press conference on Tuesday at which, according to major media outlets, they should announce the arrival of an iPhone that runs on their own network. Not only that, but rumor has it they’ll be able to hit the ground running with unlimited data plans, something that AT&T recently abandoned in favor of two limited usage 3G plans. So those of you on the East and West coasts who depend on Verizon should hear some good news. There’s no confirmation about any major design changes, though there have been whispers of a smaller version. Until Tuesday, or until Apple makes the announcement themselves, we can assume that it will look something like this:

Guess what, though. A different carrier doesn’t mean the glass is any less explodable upon impact (yes, I made up the word explodable. What’s it to you?), so we’ll be here to bail you out if you Verizon customers happen to drop your shiny new iPhones. Or iPods. Or MacBooks.

If your team is still in the playoffs, congratulations and enjoy it this week. Until next fall, everybody.

Written by Eric

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iPhone Buy Back!

Friday, July 25th, 2008

Why hello friends, thanks for reading. With the release of the 3G iPhone it seems everyone is saying goodbye to the old iPhone. Because lets be honest, what good is that when there is a 3G available? I’ll tell you what good it is. We will give you money for it. How do ya like that? Thats right, we are ready to purchase your old iPhone. All you have to do is visit , fill out the form and submit it to us. We then look the form over and reply with a quote. We may offer $1.00 or we may offer $1,000,000.00 (although that doesn’t make the most sense from a business standpoint). Just sayin’- if you want a new 3G iPhone but are not sure what to do with your old iPhone check us out. We will make you a reasonable offer. Wait, it gets even better. After we have purchased your iPhone we recycle all of the parts, so in a way we are heroes to the environment. And guess what- you are too. Good job. Pat yourself on the back.

Well, team I hope all is well out there in internet land and I hope to see all of your old iPhones in here after you sell them to us. Have a great weekend and remember to be safe- nobody likes a danger mouse.


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Not so fast, Marky Mark.

Monday, July 21st, 2008

Salutations, friends. How is everyone’s 3G iPhones? There’s a few floating around here, but sadly none of them are mine. If the new network is really as dramatic an improvement as we all anticipated, I’ll probably buckle before too long. In the meantime, those of you who happen to have one and an AppleTV to boot should go to the App Store in your iTunes and check out the Remote App. Yes, that’s right. You can use your iPhone keyboard wirelessly with your AppleTV. Your guess as to why Apple hasn’t publicized that is as good as mine. I’ll have to ask when I check out the newest Apple Store in the suburbs of Kansas City. That’s right. Kansas has an Apple Store now. Take that, North Dakota.

Moving on- if any of you haven’t seen The Dark Knight, do it right now. I’m personally giving you permission to leave work and head directly to your nearest theater. I don’t want to harp on the significance of every little detail, mostly because very few of you care, so I’ll exercise brevity with my comments. Ready, go. 1) Christopher Nolan is exactly what this franchise needed. 2) He’s turned Gotham (Chicago) into its own hero, villain, and victim. Brilliant. 3) AFI had better throw out their list of all-time greatest villains. Because Heath Ledger just marked his territory all over it.

Ok, I have to go see it again now. On the IMAX. Until next week, kids.

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