iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Touch Disease

October 6th, 2016

iphone touch diseaseApple has recently announced a touchscreen issue with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. This issue is being referred to as “Touch Disease.”

When a device has touch disease, it becomes unresponsive to touch. For instance, when you go to tap on your favorite app, it will not open. No matter what you do, it will not respond to your touch.

This issue has been brought up to Apple many times, but they are hesitant to admit to the problem. Even after having a class-action lawsuit brought against them, they are not coming forward with a public acknowledgement for the faulty screens.

The touch disease issue is not one that only a couple people have experience. It’s already accounted for as much as 11 percent of Apple store repairs. This is a rate already higher than other types of repairs – yes, even cracked screens.

 How to Detect the Problem

Touch disease often starts with a gray bar across the screen. After a short time, users report the screen become unresponsive to touch. Experts believe it may have something to do with the logic board on the device. When the device is taken out of the pocket, dropped, or slightly bent in some other way, the logic board malfunctions.

Contact Apple immediately if you believe you are experiencing “touch disease.” They will fix it or replace depending on whether they are able to return it to original functioning.



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iPhone People Aren’t as Humble, Honest and Kind When Compared to Android Users

September 9th, 2016

smartphone-157082_1280We don’t believe this, but that’s what research is telling us.

The choice of phone you use may be indicative of your personality more than you think. Scientists recently found that Android users are much more humble, kinder and honest than their rivals – iPhone users.

In the study, people in two groups (iPhone users and Android users) completed a questionnaire. Each question related to their personality. iPhone users most often chose responses  that weren’t as kind, humble and honest as Android users did.

In addition to the personality questionnaire, the research team analyzed the apps each user downloaded and used. There was a clear discrepancy between what iPhone users downloaded and what Android users did.

Women Love iPhone

What’s interesting is that you would think more women who fall under the humble, kind, and honest category, but actually, they were more likely to own an Apple. Men are more like to have Android phones, and well, they fell into the group with people who are more humble, kind and honest.

Socially Outgoing

In addition to these personality traits, it seems as though iPhone users are more extroverted as well. I guess that does make sense, since iPhone users do tend to talk a big game about their choice in smartphone.

What Does Your Phone Say About You?

It’s obvious our phones are a big part of us, and we’re going to make decisions based on our likes and dislikes with each type of phone. What do you believe is true of your smartphone as it relates to your personality? It is something interesting to consider, isn’t it?



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Why Reviews Are Important When Choosing a iPhone Repair Shop Online

June 2nd, 2016

There are thousands of iPhone repair shops online today. Not all of them are reputable. Some of them will take your phone and money, and you’ll never hear from them again. It’s sad, but painfully true.

This is why it is important to read iPhone repair shop reviews before choosing a business to repair your phone.

Most of the illegitimate iPhone repair shops out there today are fly by night. They will open up shop on a website, and then quickly shut it down once they have conned people out of their money and precious phones and tablets.

Some repair shops aren’t cautious about who they employ, so they end up shutting down after a few months or even a couple years when they discover what their employees have been doing to customers.

You don’t want to be a victim of the above situations, so be sure to read reviews on iPhone repair shops.

What to Look for in Reviews for iPhone Repair Shops

Any repair shop for iPhones can produce their reviews. They can make up names, and they can publish these “reviews” on their website. So, never trust reviews on a website, especially if that website or business hasn’t been in operation for very long.

The best reviews are the ones online because you can verify the people writing them exist. For example, you can see on our Facebook page and Google+ page that we have many customers who have shared their positive experiences. You can see they are true social media users because of their profiles. So, pay attention to reviews on social media.

You should also seek reviews that are not only recently but from the past as well. You want to make sure the repair shop you choose has consistency in their quality of service. You also want to make sure they have been in business for long enough – at least two years or more.

iResQ has been in business since 1994. We have reviews dating back to the beginning of the 2000s and all the way up until this month. You can see them on websites, social media, and yes, we have them on our website.

We can tell you how great we are, but you probably want to read it written by our customers. Go ahead and take a look – we know you’ll be impressed.


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Samsung Smartphone Repair

May 26th, 2016

samsung smartphone repairSamsung smartphones are quite durable. As a Samsung smartphone owner, I have dropped it many times without the screen cracking. Now, I understand I may have been just lucky over the past two years because truth be told, my camera did crack. It didn’t affect the ability to take pictures, so it’s all good. However, if you’re searching the Internet for Samsung smartphone repair, it’s likely you’ve had a devastating accident with your smartphone. The screen is cracked, there’s been water damage, or some other unfortunate event. The good news is you can easily get it repaired with iResQ.

Samsung Smartphone Repair for Screens

The screen on the Samsung smartphone is easily repaired by trained, experienced technicians. This is because they know how to skillfully remove the screen from the device without damaging any other part of the phone.

Once the screen is removed, the technician will replace it with a new screen. The screens for Samsung smartphone repair at iResQ are high quality. They are just as good as the one that came with your phone. We care about the lifetime of our Samsung smartphone repair, which is why we only use the best quality.

Samsung Smartphone Repair for Water Damage

Water damage can be a serious problem for smartphone owners. It can completely ruin a device within seconds. However, the knowledge and skills of our certified technicians can usually save your smartphone. With our water damage Samsung smartphone repair, we will ensure all of the parts in your phone are in good working order and any that have been affected by the water will be replaced.

We know that replacing many parts in a smartphone may cost more than you are willing to pay, which is why we offer free diagnostics. We can assess the damage, and provide you with a Samsung smartphone repair quote. You can then decide whether you want us to fix it.

For more information on Samsung smartphone repair, visit out smartphone repair section.


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79% of Americans Wait a Week to Get Their iPhones Repaired

May 19th, 2016

hqdefaultWhen someone drops an iPhone, it’s devastating. It can make a grown man cry. The shattered glass can greatly diminish a person’s pride over being an iPhone user. Despite these feelings after suffering a cracked screen, most Americans wait at least a week before getting their iPhone repaired. This baffled us since it’s so easy to get one repaired when using us.

When People Decide to Repair a Shattered Screen on an iPhone

People decide to repair a shattered screen when they have trouble using the device.

  • 20% of people can’t take pictures
  • 29% of them can’t use some of the letters
  • 27% can’t use apps
  • 20% can’t unlock their phone

We believe that people wait until the last possible minute to have their iPhone repaired, which is why they don’t until one of the above happens.

The problem is that iPhone users don’t understand that the longer they wait, the more damage their iPhone could incur. The shattered glass makes the iPhone vulnerable. Water can easily seep into the phone this way, which could cause internal damage to the hardware. If anything probes the cracked screen, it can go deep enough to hit the internal hardware and damage it.

Besides further damage to the device, there could be skin damage. When glass is shattered or just cracked, it can slice a finger easily, especially if you’re dragging it across it. The more you use it, the more likely you could end up with a scratch. If you’re rolling your eyes over the possibility of a scratch, it’s never fun to be in public bleeding and needing to find a restroom to take care of it.

Don’t wait to get your iPhone screen repaired. Do it as soon as possible, so you can get back to doing everything you love to do with your phone.


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