Loose MacBook Screen? Take It to a Professional

January 11th, 2018

If the screen of your MacBook seems loose, wobbly, and weird, you’re going to want to fix that. The screen itself could potentially pop out, but it will also generally mess with the performance of your laptop. Many people feel they should be able to fix this issue themselves, especially since online fix-it guides make it look so easy. The truth is it’s always better to go to a professional.

It’s Not as Easy as You Think

Many online guides will tell you fixing a loose MacBook screen is a cinch. Just get the right tools, set aside an hour of your time, and BAM. But there are a lot of truths they don’t include in these guides. For one, having the right tools is extremely necessary. Without them, you could harm your laptop or yourself. The tools themselves can be very expensive, which these guides also won’t tell you. Sometimes, buying the tools you need costs more than having your device fixed.

In addition, fixing a device as complicated as a laptop isn’t very easy. There are a lot of pitfalls you need to look out for and a lot of ways in which you could slip and cause more problems, void your warranty, etc. Even the online guides will tell you not to try this if you aren’t already adept at handling technology fixes.

Professionals Will Get It Done

If you bring your MacBook to us, we will do a full diagnostic for free. That means we will take a look at your loose screen and figure out exactly what it will take to fix it. We will also check to see if you have any other problems that could be making your MacBook slower. Then we will let you know the full amount of the repairs and allow you to decide if you are ready to commit. Once you decide, we will have your laptop repaired and back to you within 24 hours, good as new.

You can’t find promises like this if you try to fix your screen yourself. All the online guides will tell you to fix the device at your own risk, but we offer a guarantee to have your laptop back to you within a day, cleared of its problems. We strongly recommend you at least speak with a professional about the possibility of repairs before ever trying to do it yourself.

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How Do I Know Where I Should Bring My Broken Phone?

January 4th, 2018

There are quite a lot of cell phone repair shops in this country and probably lots of them near you. Picking the right one can sometimes seem daunting—especially if you’re not sure whom you can trust. So let us help you determine where you should bring your device for a quick and efficient fix.

Experience and Professionalism

When you speak with someone who can repair your phone, you’ll want to ask about their experience. At our repair center, we have many years of experience between us as well as a history of fixing every type of cell phone and other technological device under the sun. From iPhones to Androids, Macs to PCs, and Kindles to iPads, we’re your best choice.

We also understand what it means to be professional in our work. We want to ensure that everyone who comes into our store and everyone we visit has a positive experience with us and a general comfort with both our knowledge base and our interactive skills. We do believe in putting our customers first, which is why we do everything we can to make sure you will be happy with our service, including visiting you at home or at the office when you can’t come to us.

Expert Work in Impressive Time

Some people consider bringing their phones to a friend or family member who dabbles in repair, but this will never be as safe or as efficient as bringing it to a professional. Even the kiosks in the mall don’t offer the kind of well-rounded services a store like ours can. In addition, we always promise to have your phone back to you within 24 hours of when you agree to have your repairs done. Now that’s a guarantee you can count on.

A Free Diagnostic for Your Convenience

No one should start working on your phone without telling you what is needed for a repair and how much it will cost. This could easily put you in a difficult position, which we will never do. We even give you a free diagnostic, which lets you know everything we intend to fix and the breakdown of the price. Only when you decide to have your phone repaired with us will we begin our work.

Call today to speak with a technician and begin your repair process. You can either stop by our store or we can come to you.

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What Should I Do If My Kindle Freezes?

December 27th, 2017

Electronic devices freeze from time to time; we’re all used to it. Here’s what you can do if your Kindle decides to freeze up on you.

Charge Your Kindle.

Kindles sometimes freeze when the battery is low. A good way to be aware of this is to keep an eye on your charge and to make sure you don’t let it get lower than 10 percent. However, if your Kindle does freeze, you may be able to fix the problem simply by charging your device. Once you let it charge a bit, it should go back to normal.

Update Your Kindle Software.

Like with every electronic device, you will sometimes need to update the software on your Kindle. If you do this often, you shouldn’t have any problems, but if you let your device go for a long time without updating, you’re likely to run into a few, which can include freezing. Update your Kindle’s software, and this could take care of the issue.

Reboot Your Kindle.

Try simply rebooting your Kindle like you would with a computer. This is often the best option if your device is frozen all around and you cannot tap on the screen. Simply shut the device down by holding the power button for 20 seconds or longer. When you let go, the reboot screen should come up and your Kindle should become unfrozen.

Reset Your Kindle.

One of the best options to fix a frozen Kindle is to reset your device. However, resetting your Kindle will erase everything you have stored on it. As a result, you will want to make sure everything you’ve purchased is backed up somehow. Your account should back up everything to the Amazon Cloud, so you’ll be able to re-download everything you’ve bought. Still, it is important to make sure all your books are there before going through with the reset.

When you’re ready, tap the menu button and select settings from the menu. When the setting screen appears, select the option to reset your device to factory settings. The process will start immediately and your Kindle should unfreeze.

Still Freezing? Bring It to Us.

If your is still freezing constantly or none of these options helped, bring your device to us. We will do a free diagnostic test, let you know what’s wrong, and then give you the option to fix your Kindle with us.

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Is Your MacBook Running Slow? Here Are Some Tips to Jumpstart It

December 21st, 2017

Dealing with a slow MacBook can be frustrating (to say the least). While your computer may just be getting slower with age, there are also some ways to jumpstart your machine and help it speed up its functions again.

Tip #1: Restart Your MacBook

It might sound silly, but if you haven’t done this in a while, it may be time. Your MacBook does need to be restarted every once in a while, and if you’ve had it on for a month or longer, give it a little rest.

Tip #2: Clean Your Mac

In order to put an end to a cluttered hard drive and to really get a down and dirty clean, download Clean My Mac, which is a fast and safe cleaning program that will get rid of all the unnecessary crud. A lot of stuff you don’t need will tend to linger on your computer, slowing down your processes, and this can help. Clean Your Mac isn’t free, but it is worth the cost.

Tip #3: Update Your Mac

You may have been putting off all those updates for a long time, continuing to hit “Remind Me Later” or something else equally noncommittal. When you do this, though, you’re just making your Mac work harder, which will make all the performances slower. Take some time out to update your device (making sure all your essentials are backed up first), and you’ll really see an improvement.

Tip #4: Manage Your Startups

When you turn on your computer, there are probably a lot of applications that come up automatically. This can slow down everything your Mac does while it’s on so why not get rid of some of those unnecessary startups? Just go to System Preferences > Users & Groups and click your username. Click Login Items and find the programs you don’t need to open automatically when you start your Mac. Highlight them and click the minus button.

Mac Still Running Slow? Come to Us!

Have you tried absolutely everything under the sun to get your Mac running faster again and nothing’s worked? Bring it to us! We’ll do a full diagnostic test for free and tell you how much it will cost to fix the problem. If you decide to have your device repaired with us, we will make sure to get it back to you within 24 hours.

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Is It Necessary to Get a Cover for Your Kindle?

December 14th, 2017

So, you’ve just bought a brand-new Kindle, but you’re worried about it getting scratched up (or worse). You’re asking yourself if it’s worth it to buy a cover or if you should let your device fend for itself. Here is some expert advice on subject.

Kindles Don’t Need a Cover

Like most devices, your Kindle will come without a cover or case. However, you can easily buy one when you purchase it, either at the Kindle store or through another retailer. In most cases, Kindles don’t actually need covers. Many people use them before bed to read or otherwise in the comfort of their own homes. Because they provide limited functionality and are only used in certain circumstances, most individuals can make do without another line of protection.


If you are the kind of person who experiences a lot of accidents—from water glasses getting knocked off the bedside table to cars inadvertently running over cell phones—you may want to purchase a cover after all. Kindles are just like most other technological devices in that they are expensive and fragile, and if you think you’re likely to experience an accident, it’s a good idea to have a cover to protect your purchase.

Other people may want to buy a cover because of where they are planning on taking their Kindles. If you want to go to the beach and read there, it is strongly recommended that you buy a cover, as your device could get a bellyful of sand otherwise. Give some thought to what you plan on doing with your Kindle as well as what you think could potentially befall it.

Something Happened to My Kindle!

Whether it fell in the pool or it’s got a big scratch, the best thing you can do is to take your device to professionals like us. We would be more than happy to take a look at your Kindle and perform a diagnostic test, absolutely free. We will tell you what’s wrong with your device, how we will fix it, and how much these repairs will cost. Then, you can decide what you want to do.

If you do decide to have your device repaired by us, we will get it back to you within 24 hours. We can also come to your home or place of work to do the repairs, which makes things a whole lot easier.

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