MacBook Keyboard Problems

July 6th, 2017

MacBook keyboard problems are, unfortunately, fairly common, and while you may be able to fix them temporarily at home with a life hack or two, it’s better to let someone with the training and know-how necessary to take a look at your device and fix it properly. Here are some of the common MacBook keyboard issues for which you might want to seek professional help.

Problems with the Butterfly Mechanism

One of the problems many owners of 2016 MacBook Pros are discovering is that the butterfly mechanisms aren’t highly reliable. This is an issue many are experiencing across the board, though it can potentially be fixable. Allow us to take a look by bringing your MacBook in or by letting us come to you.

Keys Are Sticking

Another common issue with the MacBook Pro is sticky keys. Now, many websites will tell you to try fixing this problem with a butter knife or another concerning device, but we recommend bringing your laptop in for a free diagnostic. You may just need a quick cleaning or it could be indicative of a larger issue. Either way, you’ll feel much better when you put your computer in the hands of professionals.

Keyboard Stops Working Entirely

If you haven’t spilled anything on your keyboard and it has suddenly stopped working, you might want to try troubleshooting the issue at home first. Make sure there’s a connection and that your computer has power. Then try restarting your Mac. If you have a wireless keyboard, make sure to check the Bluetooth connection. If none of this seems to be a problem and your keyboard still isn’t working, let us take a look.

Wireless Keyboard Won’t Connect

If you do have a wireless keyboard that won’t connect at all, there’s a possibility the problem is with the Bluetooth. There are plenty of ways to troubleshoot this issue, but we also recommend bringing your laptop in for a free diagnostic session if you’ve tried troubleshooting and come up empty. It’s best to consider the issue of the keyboard being wireless and how this can create separate problems from a wired keyboard.

Still Having Keyboard Problems? Call Today.

We want to help you fix your keyboard so you can go back to using your laptop for everyday work and fun. Let us come to you or stop by today for a diagnostic session and an estimate of your necessary repairs.

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When It’s Time to Ditch Your Phone vs. Repair It

June 29th, 2017

We’re all about trying to salvage the salvageable phones, but there comes at time when it’s best to ditch your old model and go for a new device. Here are some of the signs it’s time to get a new phone rather than repair your old one.

The Operating System Can’t Update

When your phone is having trouble updating, it’s a good sign that the latest technology has passed you by. Most of the time, you can update your OS even on a phone that you’ve had for a couple of years, but once it starts telling you it can’t perform the update because your phone is not able, it’s probably time to get a newer model.

Your Apps Aren’t Working

When your OS won’t update, pretty soon your apps will follow. And in many cases, they will actually stop working on your phone if the model is too old. Especially when you’re trying to play games that require a large amount of memory and power to play, buying a new phone is a necessity every couple of years or so.

Your Processor Is Too Slow

It can be difficult to know how fast your processor should be if you don’t know much about phones. However, if everything seems to be running too slow, you may want to ask about your processor. We can tell you if it’s not up to its full speed and if getting a new phone might be the best choice.

Your Battery Won’t Hold a Charge

Now, in many cases, your battery can be replaced, and sometimes, this is a cheaper and easier option than getting an entirely new phone. But if yo29u can get a new device easily or your contract allows you to do so, it can sometimes be a better choice to just buy a new phone as opposed to having your battery replaced. This can depend, though, on the newness of your phone and whether or not you will be able to easily get another device.

Your Camera Isn’t Working

Most people need their phone cameras for everything: social media, texting, and just taking selfies. And although some issues with cameras can be resolved, an old or nonfunctioning camera can mean it’s time to buy a new phone.

Call Today to Find Out More

If you are still unsure if you should buy a new phone or get your old one repaired, call today for a free diagnostic.

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Sit Back and Let Us Come to You

June 27th, 2017

When your phone breaks, it sometimes feels like the whole world stops until you can get it fixed again. (It sounds like an exaggeration, but in many ways, it’s true.) Instead of searching for some place you can take your phone on your lunch break or before work, why don’t you let us come to you?

Convenience and Comfort

When you have a business that comes to you in order to repair your phone, you won’t have to inconvenience yourself and you’ll be in the comfort of your own home or office while it’s being fixed. How great is that? We will repair your phone right where you are so you won’t have to leave or go anywhere without it.

Fitting into Your Schedule

Needing to have your phone fixed can add a whole extra element of frustration to your day-to-day life, especially when it comes to finding a time when you can leave work or home to get it done. But you won’t have to worry about that with us: we will come to you either at your office, at home, or somewhere else so you won’t have to fit us in at a time that isn’t convenient for you.

Multiple Devices with Problems? That’s No Problem

Whether you’ve got multiple devices at your business or your kids’ phones are on the fritz just like yours, we can fix multiple phones at the same time when we come to you. This means you won’t have to find a time where everyone can come into our store; we’ll show up and you can show us the issue. Being able to travel to you even makes it easier to fix multiple devices with the same problem because we can see them all together at one time.

Don’t Get Behind

Whether your phone is a business or a personal device, we know not having it can leave you behind on your daily tasks. What’s more, coming into the store can put you even farther behind in your schedule. So instead, let us come to you, fix your phone, and give it back to you the same day so you won’t have to miss any more of your activities than you have to.

Need Your Phone Repaired?

Just call today and tell us the problem. Then we can set up a time and place where it would be most convenient for us to meet you and fix your device.

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Shattered iPad Pro Screen: How to Get It Fixed Within 24 Hours

June 15th, 2017

Are you stuck with a completely broken iPad Pro screen? We can fix that and get it back to you, all within 24 hours.

Our Professional Technicians Want to Help

We can ensure your iPad is in the best hands when it comes to fixing screens, replacing batteries, or anything else with which you may need help. We offer free diagnostic sessions, and if you decide to have your device fixed at our location, we will draw up a plan to ensure that you know how much your repairs will cost and when you can expect your device back. It is our guarantee that we will have an iPad with a smashed screen back to you, good as new, within 24 hours.

Is 24 Hours a Realistic Estimate?

Indeed it is. We know how important it is to have your device back as soon as possible, and we’ve all gone through the agony of not having our phones or iPads ready when we needed them. Therefore, we strive to make sure all clients receive their devices within a full day of their decision to have it repaired with us; that is our promise to you.

Why Can’t I Just Fix It Myself?

Though you may have the know-how—or at least a helpful video on YouTube—it isn’t likely your device is fixable within the allotted time frame if you try to do it yourself. First of all, buying the materials to fix a broken screen is usually a hassle, and you will likely have to wait a while for the new screen to be delivered to you anyway. Then, with the possibility that you could make a mistake and create a worse problem than the one you started with, fixing it yourself isn’t exactly the best or the easiest option.

It certainly won’t be the fastest, as we’ve got screens for all manner of devices (including iPads) in stock and professional technicians who have fixed more shattered screens than they can count. That adds up to a fast fix you can expect within 24 hours of bringing your device to us.

Call Now to Get Your Estimate

We are happy to do a free diagnostic and to take a look at your iPad screen. Afterwards, we can let you know how much the repairs will be and get your device back to you as quickly as possible.

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Problems with the iPhone Battery

June 13th, 2017

When you start having problems with your iPhone battery, it can be difficult to determine for certain if your phone just needs a cleaning of excess, battery-draining applications or if you require an actual battery replacement. Here are some tips.

Common iPhone Battery Problems

Plenty of things can go wrong with your battery during the time in which you’re using your iPhone. For example, there have currently been many iPhone customers experiencing sudden and mysterious shutdowns, a problem recently found to be connected with the battery of these devices. In addition, people constantly experience issues with a quickly draining battery, an inability for a battery to charge, and numerous other problems. But how can you know if your predicament means you need a new iPhone battery?

How Do I Know I Need a New Battery?

In some cases, a new battery isn’t necessary. You phone might not hold a charge because you keep too many apps open during the day or because your phone hasn’t been “cleaned” in a while. There are a number of articles that will tell you how to get rid of battery-draining and unnecessary information on your phone, as well as several apps that will clean your iPhone for you.

In addition, your phone may not be charging because your lightning connector needs to be replaced or because the charging port in your phone isn’t responding to the charger. However, there are ways to tell that your battery is actually the culprit when it comes to your phone issues.

  • Your phone will only hold a charge for a few minutes or hours before becoming completely drained.
  • Your phone consistently shuts down for seemingly no reason.
  • You have replaced the charger and/or the charging port on your phone, and neither action has made a difference in your battery problems.
  • You have downloaded an app that tells you the health of your battery and it is much lower than it was when you bought your device.

If this describes your situation, it is likely your phone’s battery is the real problem and that you may need to have it replaced so you can continue using your device.


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