Why You Should Never Do DIY iPhone Repair

March 7th, 2017

iphone repairYou most likely depend on your iPhone every day.  Especially if you use it for work.  If you have a problem with your phone you may be tempted to try to remedy it yourself.  There are several reasons why this would not be a good idea.

Warranty Stipulations

If your iPhone is still under warranty then read the fine print carefully.  Most times, it is stipulated that the owner cannot repair it.  You would most likely find it stated that this would void your warranty.  It is important to take this seriously or you will have to pay for the damage.  You also cannot assume that every issue will be covered by your warranty.  You have to read it in its entirety.

Safety Concerns

This is probably the most important reason.  Unless repairs are done correctly, many problems could potentially occur.  There are many parts inside of a cell phone and it is important that all connections are secure for it to work properly.  If a part is loose or the battery is damaged, your iPhone could overheat and cause a serious injury or fire.  If your screen gets cracked or shattered, it needs to be replaced.  You would not want to try to remedy the situation yourself in this case, as you could get cut or severely damage the phone.  You want to feel secure in knowing your phone will work when you need it to.  There should be a customer service number for you to call for the address of the local authorized repair location.

Re-Sale Value

Most of us upgrade our phones.  When that time comes you’ll probably want to sell your iPhone.  You may try eBay or Amazon for instance.  In order to get the best price you will need to be honest about its condition.  If you scratched or dented it trying to make repairs this has to be disclosed.  If a feature is not working because you failed to fix something correctly, this would need to be stated.  As you can imagine you would not get top dollar unless the iPhone is in like-new condition.  You’ll want to include several photos when you list it.  The pictures will make the difference if you want top-dollar.  If you have taken good care of your iPhone the potential buyer will be eager to pay you a good price for it.

Call us today for help with fixing your iPhone. We have experienced technicians who have been trained on all iPhone repairs. Do NOT risk repairing it yourself. It’s not worth the possible long term costs.


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Cellphone Repair Service Industry Growing But Beware of Low Quality

March 2nd, 2017

iphone repairCell phones have definitely become a staple in our lives. The statistics are astounding, there are more than six billion cell phone subscriptions on earth. That’s almost a cell phone for every human being in the world today. What’s even more amazing is that this growth took just a little over 20 years to happen. Because of this growth our dependence on cell phones have also increased. We hardly go anywhere without them. They have become as much a part of our lives as our clothes, cars, and other necessities in our lives. Since cell phones have become so important in our lives, we depend upon them a great deal. That means when they break, repairing them becomes as important as getting our cars fixed. This has resulted in a tremendous growth in the cellphone repair service industry. In fact, the need to repair cell phones has created this new service industry.

Many cell phone repair services are located in shopping centers or operated by small business owners working out of their homes. The service provided includes repairing most types of phones, including iPhones, Samsungs, and most other smartphones in less than an hour. The most common service provided is repairing a cracked screen, but other issues are also addressed. Since the cellphone repair service industry has grown so rapidly, there are some things we should consider when searching for the right repair service. One of the biggest problems or complaints people have when getting their cellphone repaired is the level of experience and skill of the technician.

Just like you wouldn’t take your vehicle to any car repair service without first making sure they are qualified or getting a recommendation from someone, the same needs to be applied when looking for a cellphone repair service. Make sure the technician is qualified and has taken courses, been trained and certified in repairing cellphones. Be sure they are using quality parts. Replacing phones with shoddy or defective parts will only frustrate you more when your phone breaks down in a couple of weeks again. Our cellphones have become a necessity in our lives, so make sure you trust the repair technician to do the job you’re paying him or her to do. The worse thing to happen is to end up paying more in the long run because someone was inexperienced or used the wrong parts or used defective parts when fixing your cellphone.

Our technicians have been trained and have experience working on mobile devices. You can trust iResQ to repair your phone, tablet or MacBook the right with high quality parts.

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iResQ Can Come to You in the Kansas City Area

November 15th, 2016

iresq_vanDon’t have enough time to head out to our shop to repair your device? No problem! We can come out to you.

We now have a mobile repair service!

We will send out a certified technician to your home or office who will work on your device while you continue to do what you need to do. How easy is that?

Most of the repairs we perform are completed within an hour.

This is perfect for those of you who don’t want to be without your phone for hours when you have to drop it off at a shop. It’s also great for those who just want your phone fixed without the hassle of going anywhere.

While not all repair services are offered with our mobile service, we can do quite a bit. The best way to know if we can help you with your device is to complete our mobile repair service request form. We will get in contact with you about it to schedule an appointment for us to come out to see you.

Since our technicians need to take time out of their day and we have to drive out to you, we do include a $30 travel fee. This fee much be paid for in advance.

Kansas City Mobile Repair Services for Businesses

We can come out to your business to repair iPhone, iPad, Macs, smartphones, and more. If you’re in a hurry to have devices repaired, this is your best option. We can diagnose most problems and repair them on the spot with parts in our van. Give us a call or complete our request form now.

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Samsung Announces Note 8 and Galaxy S8 with Special Upgrade Offer

November 10th, 2016

samsung noteWith the exploding Note 7, many people thought Samsung was on a slippery slope with its reputation. The next thing we know, they recall 2.8 million of their washing machines. That’s not good.

Samsung is not having a good 2016, but the question is, will they recover in 2017?

Samsung seems positive about it. They do not (as of this writing) have any plans on letting go of their Note series. They just announced they will have a Note 8 and Galaxy S8 in 2017. It’s likely because they have already started production on it, so why back track now?

What’s great about this – and makes those of us who are Samsung lovers – is they plan on offering special upgrades to the flagships.

The announcement was delivered in Korean, but from translation, it seems as though people who purchased the Note 7 will be able to get the Note 8 with payment installments and at a reduced cost.

Since Samsung Note 8 users had to turn in their devices, this possible upgrade special is only for those who to go with the Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge after returning their unit.

Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

The only snag in this is that this special may not be making it internationally. This was only revealed in South Korea. The expiration date is November 30, 2016. If the offer does go internationally, the United States will likely hear about it in December.

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Do Tempered Glass Screen Protectors Work Better than Plastic?

November 3rd, 2016

screen protectorIf you’re in the market for a screen protectors, it’s likely you’ve seen two types: tempered glass and plastic.

The tempered glass screen protectors is basically extra durable glass for your glass screen. The plastic screen protector is well, plastic.

As you’re deciding which one to drop your hard earned money on, consider the pros and cons of each.

  • Plastic screen protectors are cheaper than tempered glass ones.
  • Tempered glass screen protectors are thicker than plastic ones, which provide more protection.
  • Plastic ones scratch much easier.
  • Tempered glass feel most like the original screen, while fingers may not glide as smoothly over plastic protectors.
  • Plastic screen protectors are much less noticeable. Tempered glass ones are thicker, so they bulge out a little.
  • It can be harder to install a plastic protector without having bubbles in it.

Glass phone screens will become scratched if you’re not careful. Many people deal with the scratches, but when the screen cracks, they risk cutting themselves. Tempered glass screen protectors and the plastic ones can take on some of the impact when a phone is dropped, which can mean the difference between cracking or not cracking your phone.

When it comes down to it, the user’s preferences matters most. You won’t ever know what you will like best, unless you try it. Try the plastic one first, and if it doesn’t impress you, try the more expensive tempered glass. You’ll like know right away which one you will enjoy the most.

Do You Really Need One?

Some people wonder if they really need one. The answer is….it depends. If you don’t have a problem getting your phone screen repaired with services such as those offered by iResQ, you should probably get a screen protector. It may not guarantee your screen won’t get cracked, but at least, it will protect a little.


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