iTunes Revisited

I must confess myself disappointed. I know others aren’t into movie trivia as much as I am, but I thought a few would take me up on a Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon challenge. As it happens, I got only one email this week. Congratulations to Jim Kelly who not only connected Daniel Craig and Buster Keaton to Kevin Bacon in six degrees or less each, but also Daniel Craig to Buster Keaton. Well done sir; 30% off your next repair. And it’s good to see you’re back on top after losing four straight Superbowls in the 90s.

So the MacBook Air is shipping, and we should have a few on site very soon. I can’t wait to crack the first one open. I feel like a kid on Christmas, except that when I was actually a kid on Christmas, I never got the world’s thinnest portable computer and, even if I had, my parents never would have let me take a spudger and screwdriver to it. In addition to (and probably in preparation for) the MacBook Air, Apple is releasing quite a few software updates this week, so be sure to check your Updater. I’ve been going through Leopard updates on my Mac Mini and Tiger updates on my 12″ PowerBook all week, and it just feels good to be current. I also backed up my whole iTunes Library, and going through my music collection has compelled me once again to try to force my pop-culture preferences on the unsuspecting masses. Here’s my recommendations for the week:

Medusa, Annie Lennox. I’m not a Eurythmics fan by any stretch, and I’m not really into electronic music in general, but there’s something comforting about listening to an artist talk or sing about their influences. This album composed entirely of covers that Lennox has found influential over the years makes you feel like that weird, British, androgynous pop queen is just another girl you could talk to about music. Highlight: Neil Young’s Don’t Let It Bring You Down.

Grow Up or Sleep In, Ghosty. Ghosty blends pop-marketability, hip indie credibility, and a sheer aptitude for song writing and musicianship in such perfect balance that it blows my mind they aren’t a famous national act yet. Go to and buy this disc, and their new one Answers.

At Folsom Prison, Johnny Cash. What can be said that hasn’t been already? It’s a legendary and radical idea for a live record from the man who practically defined Rockstar. The original album was an edited version, but a more recent release knows it can’t censor the Man In Black.

That’s all for me this week. If you haven’t gone back through your iTunes in a few months, you should do it soon. If you’re anything like me, there’s a lot of good stuff in there you probably forgot about.

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