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Hello fellow web browsers long time no talk. I’ve been so busy repairing that I’ve forgotten to write a blog for quite some time. Well today I have a few things to talk about so I figured, I’d take a moment to fill you all in. Interesting fact, iResQ is now repairing 5th Generation iPod Nano’s!! That’s right, so go out with ease knowing that we can take care of you if something happens to happen while you are filming a short film (kind of a tongue twister huh? I like it.).  Oh, I have another fun fact for you we are also repairing 3rd Generation iPod Touches!! Yup, you heard it right we are ready to go on that playing field too. Hmm what else, oh yea did you all hear about the new MacBooks? Good news, we are now repairing those too!! Wow blogging is exhausting when you have so much to talk about. Well I only have one more thing and then I’m out. Please take a look at some of the things our past customers have said, and even post one of your own if you’d like. We love hearing from you folks.Go Huskers!!!

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