Fixing Your Phone With Common Household Items

There are actually plenty of ways you can make a quick fix to your phone with simple household items. You’d be surprised how fast some of the common problems you may notice with your phone can be solved in a snap.

Earpiece Too Quiet?

If your phone’s earpiece seems too quiet and you aren’t able to hear your calls coming through, it could just be an issue of stray lint. By rubbing a pencil eraser gently over the speaker, you can often remove lint and other small items and go back to getting quality sound.

Worried About Your Phone Cord Fraying?

iPhone charger cords are notorious for fraying and exposing the wires within. A great way to prevent this issue from happening to yours is to take the spring out of a pen you’re no longer using and to wrap it carefully around the part of the cord that bends the most (usually the part nearest to the end).

Drop Your Phone in Water?

Many people will tell you to try the trick with a bag of rice, but what works even better is putting your phone in one of those bags of silica gel that often comes stuffed inside the pockets of a new coat or inside a box of shoes. The silica will dry up your phone much faster.

Need to Change Your SIM Card?

You can do it yourself without the aid of expensive tools sold online. All you need is a paperclip, and you can just slide the card in and out.

Got a Problem Household Items Can’t Solve?

Call us for a free diagnostic session and to find out if you may need more help getting your phone fixed. We are trained and professional and will get your phone back to you within 24 hours.

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