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Battery Replacement at iResQ

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

battery replacementLooking for an outlet all of the time? Can’t stand having your phone quit on you when you need it the most? You probably need to turn to iResQ for a battery replacement.

Battery Replacements for iPhones, iPads, Smartphones, and Tablets

Batteries don’t last forever, and usually, they last much less time than you want them to. Charging your device over and over again causes the battery to hold less and less. It can get to the point where you aren’t able to use your device at all without having it plugged in – or at least close to it.

Since iPhones, iPads, smartphones, and tablets are meant to be MOBILE devices, you shouldn’t have to be a prisoner of the charging cord and outlet. It’s time to break free from it!

At iResQ, we specialize in battery replacements for mobile devices. We have high quality batteries for iPhones, iPads, smartphones and tablets. Simply choose the device you have and the battery replacement service for your device.

When we receive your device, we’ll take out the old battery, install the new one, and test it out for you. This is to ensure when you get your device back, you’ll be completely satisfied with the repair.

What to Expect from a New Battery

A new battery means you will be able to use your phone or tablet longer than an hour without charging it. Depending on how much you use your device throughout the day, you may be able to go a whole day or maybe even two days without charging it. You will be able to use it just as you did when you first bought it. Seems like a dream right now, right?

Order a battery replacement service for your MOBILE device now. You don’t need to buy a new phone or tablet because of the battery. You just need to buy a new battery from iResQ and have our certified technicians put it in for you. We believe in saving you money, and getting your phone or tablet to last longer in your hands versus buying a new one is one of the many ways we do that.

Contact us if you have any questions at all.

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Reviewing Mobile Device Repair Expenses for 2016

Thursday, December 31st, 2015

Mobile Device RepairEach year, it’s a good idea to review the expenses you have and what you can do to reduce them. As you are doing this, we would like to encourage you to take an in-depth look into your mobile device costs, as far as insurance goes.

Many schools and businesses pay for mobile device insurance. This insurance usually covers damages for iPhone, iPads, smartphones, tablets, and MacBooks. Premiums can be rather costly when you factor in all of the devices you have as part of your organizations.

The problem is that even though you pay for the insurance, you may never use it. When you do use it, you have a deductible. This deductible can be as much as the repair would cost without insurance.

Have you ever done the numbers to see how much a repair would cost without insurance? And then take the amount you’re paying for the premium and the deductible? It’s likely you will find the cost is much more than just paying for the repair outright when/if something happens.

How iResQ is Different

You have many options when it comes to mobile device repair. Not all of them are the, though. At iResQ, we have some differences that will make you want to choose us as your repair shop.

  • We ONLY use high quality parts for iPhones, iPads, tablets, smartphones, and MacBook.
  • Our technicians are certified. This means they have been through extensive training and have a lot of experience working on devices before they start working on our customers’.
  • We perform most repairs within 24 hours.
  • We have business representatives. If you’re a business or school, you can work with just one person with iResQ to handle all of your repairs. You can send them in as bulk or as the repairs are needed.

Our prices are low for the high quality parts and certified techs we utilize for our repairs. Feel free to research our business to see how many satisfied customers we’ve had over the years. We would love to serve your repairs for much less money than insurance will cost.

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Technology Use in Schools Increasing

Tuesday, December 8th, 2015

technology use for studentsOver the last couple of years, many schools have embraced the use of tablets in their classrooms. Teachers are finding they are a valuable teaching tool because of all the ways they can teach children about the concepts they are learning. Teachers aren’t the only ones who are excited about this new tool, children are too. This probably doesn’t surprise you much, but it is interesting to see that children really do want to use their tablets for more than just playing around.

Technology Use in Schools

Harris Interactive is an educational publisher for Pearson. They often survey students around the nation on different topics pertaining to teaching and learning. In one study, they polled 2,300 American students up to grade 12 about digital technology in school.

The study revealed only one percent of the participants did not use mobile devices in the classroom. Seventy one percent reported they used laptops, while 66 percent identified desktops as their classroom technology.

Mobile devices such as smartphone and tablets are behind the computers, but they are still used regularly. About half of those surveyed say they use their smart phones either in school or at home to learn. Twenty one percent reported using tablets (iPad or Google Nexus 10), 23 percent used small tablets, 16 percent used e-readers, and 10 percent used netbooks.

As you probably can guess, use depends on grade level.

  • Elementary students use desktops more than laptops.
  • Thirty two percent of elementary students reported using tablets, and 21 percent use larger tablets.
  • Thirty-five percent use smart phones.
  • Sixteen percent use e-book readers.
  • Five percent use netbooks.

Technology use in schools for middle school students:

  • Seventy percent use laptops.
  • Sixty-six percent use desktops.
  • Forty-seven percent use smart phones.
  • Twenty-five percent use small tablets.
  • Twenty-three percent use larger tablets.
  • Seventeen percent use e-book readers.
  • Twelve percent use netbooks.

For high school students:

  • Seventy-five percent use laptops.
  • Sixty-five percent use desktops.
  • Sixty percent use smartphones.
  • Nineteen percent use tablets.
  • Seventeen percent use small tablets.
  • Sixteen percent use e-book readers.
  • Ten percent use netbooks.

With the increased use of digital devices in the classroom, damage is bound to happen. If you’re a school looking to add laptops and tablets as teaching tools, consider using iResQ’s iPad and MacBook repair services for schools. We have account managers who work directly with schools to help them repair their devices for much less than they can with insurance companies. We also repair tablets and smartphones.

Call us today to learn more about our school program for iPad, MacBook, tablet, and smartphone repair.

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Why You Should Give Yourself a Gift During Christmas

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015

mobile device repairChristmas is a time to give the ones you love gifts to show them how much you appreciate all they have done for you. It’s a time to be selfless.

Just because you should buy presents for other people, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy anything for yourself. You love yourself just as much as you love other people, right?

This Christmas season, make a point to be good to yourself.

Gift Yourself a Repair

Since many people tend to wait on getting repairs made to their mobile devices such as smartphone or tablet, the holiday season is the perfect time to move forward with it. You don’t want to go into the New Year with a shattered iPhone screen. That just sets a bad precedence for the New Year, which should be filled with hope.

In your budget, allocate some money towards getting your iPhone, iPad, smartphone or tablet repaired. It doesn’t cost as much as you think, and you’ll be thrilled to see that it’s finally fixed. It will feel as though you just bought yourself a new device without spending all of the money on a new one. Trust us – it will feel awesome.

Our suggestion is to repair your device before Christmas. You don’t want to be without your mobile device during the holidays. There’s nothing worse than not being able to browse your Facebook feed while the family carries on with their raving and ranting around you.

If you send us your device the week or two before Christmas, we will repair it within 24 hours of receiving it. Our techs are that good. This means, depending on the shipping you choose, you could have your device back in your hands in just a couple of days – way before you need it to distract yourself from your uncle’s incessant probes to start a massive feud.

So this weekend as you’re going in and out of stores trying to find the perfect gift, take some time away to order the repair service you need for your iPhone, iPad, smartphone or tablet. You will be so glad you did when you wake up Christmas morning.

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Car Trip Sanity with a Tablet

Thursday, October 29th, 2015

tablet How many parents have purchased tablets strictly to enjoy a peaceful commute? If this describes you, don’t feel guilty. It isn’t bad to value your sanity and tablets are actually great for children if used properly. One shouldn’t discount the value of having time to decompress before or after work. Quiet time during any type of commute can allow children to focus on something that is good for them for a finite period of time and allows the adults that are with them to take time for themselves so they can be more present and engaged once they reach their destination.

The best part is this ‘guilty pleasure’ is actually good for children. The ways a tablet can be used to entertain and educate children has grown exponentially with each passing year. As the utility of these devices expand so does their popularity amongst parents. While many resisted at first, thinking they were hardly more than an upgraded portable DVD player, they have begun to be seen as education resources. Educational videos, interactive books, and learning apps for all ages have made the wide variety of tablets available very popular with parents. This is true for Apple and Android devices and while the tablets may be expensive some of the best apps and videos are entirely free.

Unfortunately, the devices themselves still range from affordable to relatively expensive. Because of this when a child drops the tablet, which they invariably will, and the screen shatters it can seem preposterous to consider spending even more money on a new device that will likely be dropped again. While it is almost impossible to prevent children from having accidents, it’s relatively simple to repair the cracked screen of most tablets.

Not only is repairing a tablet typically easy it is also far more affordable than replacing the device entirely. Parents may think that if the tablet is functional and only the image is affected then it simply isn’t important. Until that first long commute when the children can’t see all of the video they are watching or they aren’t able to play one of their games because the part of the screen they need isn’t visible. Instead of children sitting quietly and learning there is suddenly constant complaints and an ever increasing level of noise, turning the commute into a stressful situation instead of the peaceful oasis it was before.

Peace and sanity are valuable and definitely worth the cost of a repaired tablet screen.

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