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Cell Phone Repair – An Affordable Option

Thursday, March 29th, 2018


Cell phones have become a critical device for most consumers. They represent the ability to connect with family and friends, conduct business and navigate to just about any place that you need to go. But all of this convenience comes at a price. In 2017 the average cost of a smart phone in the United States was just under $600. And being forced to make that kind of investment unexpectedly can be difficult. So many consumers are turning to cell phone repair services as an affordable option to replacing a damaged phone.

The Number One Service

In the days of the old flip phones, the only issues most users ever faced was a battery that would no longer hold a charge. The fix was simple even though it might not be very affordable. A new battery was in the end, cheaper than a new phone. But the larger touch screen on most smart phones is more delicate than the micro sized screen of older models. And once cracked, a touch screen becomes almost impossible to use. Fortunately, most cell phone repair shops can replace the broken screen for just a fraction of the cost of a new phone. This is by far the most popular service needed for smart phones and one of the easiest for a technician to complete in a very timely manner.

Button Wear

With smart phones functioning much like a small computer, it is no surprise that the most commonly used buttons can wear out. But again, this is an issue that can be repaired much more affordably than the purchase of a new phone. And in a day you will have your repaired phone in hand and life will be back to normal.

Jacks are Critical

There are some phones which can be charged from a charging pad or charging station but most users still plug their smart phone into an old style corded charger. And after a few hundred times of plugging and unplugging, it makes sense to expect some wear and tear. So instead of rigging up a way to hold the plug in place or hope that the phone remains pulled in long enough to get a full charge, you can simply get the jack replaced. These are small unitized pieces that most stores can get replaced very quickly and for far less than the $600 price tag of a new phone.

In most cases any damage to the external portion of a smart phone can be repaired for far less than the cost of a new phone. Check out the iResQ site to learn more about your options.

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My Android Screen Is Broken. What Do I Do Now?

Thursday, March 15th, 2018

Many people buy Androids because they are a little more durable than iPhones when it comes to dropping them and smashing the glass. But it still happens whether you have an Android or an Apple phone, so if it’s happened to you, grab your device and head on over to us.

Fixing Your Screen Is a Snap

Rather than trying to get a new phone, let us fix your screen for you. If you haven’t had it long, it’s likely to be pretty expensive to get your phone swapped out for a new one, and if you try to go to another provider, they’re not going to take a phone with a smashed-up screen and give you a new one.

We’d be happy to fix your device, which we’ve done for so many phones in the past, we can’t even keep count! Keep this in mind as well before you think about trying to fix your device yourself, as this could lead to some serious issues such as frying the entire phone with one false move or cutting yourself on tiny shards of broken glass.

We’ll Give You a Free Diagnostic

When you bring your Android phone to us, we will look at it and determine what’s wrong (if anything) besides your broken screen. Then we will give you an estimate for how much the cost of your repairs will be—all for nothing! If you decide to have your device fixed with us, great. If not, no problem.

Service Within 24 Hours

Once you do decide to have your Android fixed here, we will make sure to get it back to you within 24 hours, and that’s a promise. We know how hard it is to go without your cell phone, and we don’t want our customers to deal with this for a moment longer than necessary. That’s why we’re happy to even visit you at work or at home if you can’t make it out to us! Just call to speak to a representative from our store and make an appointment today.

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Easy, Affordable Smartphone Repair

Thursday, October 26th, 2017

If you have a smartphone that needs to be repaired for any reason, there are options available. Many people can’t afford to replace a broken smartphone. Whether you have an Android device or any other kind of smartphone, regardless of the brand, and you can’t afford to replace it with a new one, repair is always available for your smartphone. Easy, affordable smartphone repair can save you money and hassle in the long run.

Reasons to Have Your Smartphone Repaired

There are many reasons you might need to have your smartphone repaired. This could be anything from a broken screen to internal problems. Maybe your phone shuts on and off or reboots for no obvious reason. Your smartphone may not even turn on at all. In cases like these, you can use a smartphone repair service that can find the issues with your smartphone and give you an estimate for the cost of repair. More often than not, repairing your smartphone is a much more affordable option than buying a new one, especially if you don’t have insurance to help you purchase a new smartphone. There is never a need to throw away an old smartphone and buy a new one. Smartphone repair is just a call away, ready to offer a quick, cost-effective way to get your smartphone back in action.

Some consumers assume smartphones are disposable and pretty much finished if they are damaged, but this isn’t the case. Smartphone repair services can fix most issues with a smartphone, or even with your tablet and other electronic devices. In fact, these days, getting your smartphone fixed regardless of what has happened to it is commonplace. There are very few issues your smartphone can have that a qualified smartphone repair service can’t handle.

Get Your Smartphone Repaired

If you can’t afford a new smartphone or don’t want the hassle of switching to a new smartphone because you’re comfortable with the one you have, look into getting your smartphone repaired. A good smartphone repair service can provide easy, affordable smartphone repair and keep your smartphone working as good as new. The life of smartphones these days really is better than ever. Don’t let a damaged smartphone get you down. Bring it to a qualified smartphone repair service and have your damaged smartphone brought back to life. It’s the best way to save money and keep using your smartphone without putting a dent in your wallet or costing you too much time away from staying connected.

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How Can I Know If My Case Will Protect My Phone?

Thursday, October 19th, 2017

Some cases are just not very protective. They might be pretty, but when it comes to actually performing a function, they fall a bit short. Here’s how you can determine if your phone case will actually do its job and protect your fragile phone.

Brand Name Protective Cases

Some cases are known for being extremely protective. Though they may not be the flashiest options out there, they are very helpful for keeping your phone out of danger. Otterboxes are some of the most popular phone cases when it comes to all-around protection. Getta Grip cases have a grip piece on the back so you will never just accidentally drop your phone. Lifeproof is another well-respected brand that is known to be waterproof and to also provide users with a scratch protector.

Think About Your Problem Areas

Are you around a lot of water or weather during your day-to-day activities? Are you prone to dropping your device often, even when you think you have a good grip? Are you even the kind of person who routinely drops, throws, or runs over your phone with your car?

If you are the last one, yikes! But don’t worry. It happens. Try thinking about the issues you often have with your phone and then buy a case accordingly: waterproof if you’re really afraid of it getting wet, silicone-based or hard-covered if you drop it a lot, or totally indestructible if you actually do think you might run over it.

Be Careful With Your Device

Remember, there’s only so much a case can do. If you decide to buy one of the best, strongest cases, you will be likely to have a phone that survives anything. But it is also important to be gentle with your device and to avoid getting into problems where it could become harmed. This will allow your case to do a better job of protecting your phone.

Did Your Case Not Live Up to Its Job?

And are you now stuck with a phone that needs repairs? No worries; we can help. Call today or stop by to speak with a professional cell phone repair technician and get a free diagnostic so you can know exactly how much the repairs for your device will cost. We can also recommend some of the best heavy-duty phone cases for all-around protection.

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What You Need to Know When Sending Your iPhone in for Repair

Thursday, October 5th, 2017

It’s a nightmare. Your iPhone is broken and you need to send it to a repair shop. In addition to living without it for days or weeks, you need—in many instances–to package it up and mail it in to a repair shop. The following steps will ensure your phone arrives at the repair shop safely and in a reasonable amount of time.


Good quality packaging is key when sending your iPhone in the mail or via another carrier like FedEx or UPS. If you have the original box the phone came in, that’s your best place to start. If not, find a small sturdy box close to the size of your phone. Make sure it leaves enough room to pad the phone with bubble wrap.

Wrap the entire iPhone in bubble wrap and secure the wrap with packaging tape. Seal the box with packaging tape on all ends.

Make certain the address label includes your return address and is written clearly. Securely tape the address label onto the package with packaging tape, making sure none of the label is left uncovered. This ensures that even if the package gets wet from rain or snow, that the writing on the label is protected.

How to Ship?

Priority shipping is worth the worry that will ensue as you wonder where you iPhone is, and when you’ll see it again. The USPS Priority Mail is affordable and reaches most destinations within the contiguous United States in 2-3 days. Other carriers offer their own types of priority shipping, too.

To Insure or Not Insure?

This is where so many people make big mistakes. It’s imperative you insure your package when sending in your iPhone for repairs. Yes, most packages make it to where they’re going, but face it—some don’t. You don’t want yours to be included in that latter group. You know how much your iPad is worth. If you don’t, do a quick online search and you’ll get a pretty good idea. Buy insurance on the value of your iPhone. It’s inexpensive and alleviates a lot of worry. If the worst-case scenario happens, you’ll get back enough money to buy a phone of equal value.

Company Response

A reputable iPhone repair business will notify you when they receive your package. They’ll let you know when the repair begins and if they have a delay in receiving the necessary parts to fix it. Most importantly, they’ll contact you to let your know your iPhone, in good working order, is on its way back to you.

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