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Is Repairing Your Old Phone Cheaper than Getting a New Phone?

Friday, February 9th, 2018

You probably hear it all the time; replacing your old phone is totally easy, unlike getting your broken one repaired. Many people even think this option is cheaper, which begs the question, “Why get your phone repaired when you can just as easily get a new phone?” The truth, however, is somewhat different, and in most instances, it is actually cheaper and easier to get your old phone repaired.

Providers, Contracts, and Fine Print

Most phone companies want you to think you’re going to get a brand-new phone for free whenever you want. This means you can just trade in your old model when a new one comes out, right? Not exactly. Most providers will let you upgrade your phone only after you have had it for a certain amount of time, and they will still expect you to pay the taxes (at least) on your new device.

What’s more, if you have a broken phone you were hoping to trade in for the newer model, you probably won’t be able to. Most providers won’t accept a phone with a cracked screen or one that doesn’t work properly. Instead, they’ll tell you to get your phone fixed and then turn it in.

Free Diagnostic and Easy, Cheap Repairs

If you decide to give our phone repair business a try, you can come in for a diagnostic that we will perform at no charge. We can tell you exactly what’s wrong with your phone and how we can fix it. Then, we will give you an outline of the price, all before charging you anything. If you don’t decide to fix your phone with us, that’s fine.

Those friends who have told you that getting your phone repaired is expensive probably have never chosen to do it. They may have even decided to repair their phones themselves, but getting the right tools for the job is usually way more costly than taking your phone to a professional.

Have Your Phone Repaired by a Professional

All in all, it’s the cheaper option to fix and keep your old phone than to go for a newer one. If you’re still not sure, you can stop by our shop to get your diagnostic test. Once you know how much it’ll cost to have your phone repaired, you can make the most informed decision possible.

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MacBook Pros: Did Update Fix All Models?

Friday, December 8th, 2017

During the newest launch of MacBook Pros, just a few weeks ago, it seems there were significant issues with the battery life. This varied from computer to computer and not everyone’s MacBook was riddled with the problem. The worst of the lot averaged just three hours of battery life, with others running for approximately 10 hours instead. Complaints rolled into the corporate offices at a staggering rate.

Fortunately, Apple hopped on the bandwagon rather quickly, however, and created a software update that increased the battery longevity. In fact, many MacBook Pro users then reported that their batteries lasted up to 19 hours on a single charge. That’s pretty impressive. Sadly, not all of the glitches for older MacBook Pro owners have been taken care of, however.

Case in point is the MacBook Pro with touch bar is still giving its owners a hard time. In fact, their owners have inundated Mac frequently in the past year, explaining that their batteries—which are supposed to last an average of 10 hours on one charge—are only lasting, in some cases, for less than three hours instead. This is especially bothersome in the cases of those who use their computers as work from home devices. Sure, they could plug in and operate on an outlet, but many “work-at-homers” operate while on the go. They count on that battery life to sneak in work hours on a train, a plane, in a coffee shop and at a plethora of additional places where plugging in is a major inconvenience—or downright impossible.

And what about those people, like freelance writers, who frequently purchase laptops for use when traveling, but rely on their desktops for working at home. Often times months or even a year might go by before the laptop is powered into action. How inconvenient this must be when learning after that initial year’s warranty has expired, that the battery won’t hold a lengthy charge.

While it’s extremely costly in most cases to go to authorized Mac dealers for MacBook repairs, rest assured there are qualified repair businesses that are skilled in the repair of Apple products, and will restore your MacBook to pristine working condition. We use only highly trained technicians who know these products inside and out. We use authentic Apple parts when replacements are deemed necessary.

So don’t deal with your MacBook’s shot lived battery life. Contact us today to schedule a repair with our reputable technicians today.

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Does your iPhone Keep Getting Stuck in Recovery Mode?

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

Has your iPhone seemed to take on a mind of its own? Do you come back to your iPhone to find it is in recovery mode for no reason at all? If so, you probably have already discovered some quick solutions to the issue but not a permanent fix, since it keeps happening every few days.

What is iPhone recovery mode?

In order to understand what recovery mode means, you need to know what the boot loader is in the iPhone. A boot loader is required in every iPhone to load the device’s operating system. Apple calls the boot loader an ‘iBoot.’ This iBoot is always scanning the device for errors and checking to make sure there are not installation issues or other system failures. When iPhone’s iBoot find any error, it will kick the device into recovery mode to prevent further damage to the components.

What to do when the iPhone goes into Recovery mode:

There are three options the iPhone will give you when it goes into recovery mode.

  • Restore: When restoring your iPhone during recovery mode, it is critical to know that all apps, data, games, photos, documents, and videos will be permanently erased from your device. Typically, you can restore and recover the media and files later.
  • Update: If you are able to update your iPhone during the recovery mode, then doing so will update the device to the latest iOS software. After updating the software, your iPhone should stop going into recovery mode.
  • Nothing at all: This isn’t really a useful option, but here it is.

When it is stuck and unresponsive in recovery mode:

For some people, when the iPhone goes into recovery mode, it gets stuck there. Meaning it is completely unresponsive and incapable of letting you navigate away from the recovery screen. The device doesn’t recognize if you are connected to a computer either.

Try this to get out of the stuck screen of recovery mode:

Connect the iPhone via USB cable to your computer. Hold the sleep button and the home button down until the iPhone boots up to display the Apple logo on the classic white screen. After seeing the Apple logo, you know you have successfully gotten unstuck.

If your iPhone keeps getting stuck in recovery mode after following these instructions, then don’t risk any further damage to your device. Take your iPhone to the nearest local, trustworthy cell phone repair shop to have the experts get it back to normal working order.

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How to Prepare Mobile Devices Used in Healthcare Settings for Repairs

Wednesday, March 9th, 2016

healthcare mobile devicesHIPAA guidelines can be hard to follow when you need to send your mobile device away for repair. Healthcare facility security risks are great, and usually, it’s encouraged not to have anyone handle the mobile device other than the owner.

You need to have the phone or tablet repaired, though. It’s not as though you should just throw it away and get a new one if something happens. That’s why we wanted to help you by telling you what you should do with them.

Reset to Factory Settings after Backing Up

While healthcare mobile devices often do have protected apps, it’s still nerve-wrecking to send it away knowing that someone could hack into it. Instead of taking the risk, you can always back up your mobile device and then restore it to factory settings. This way, your mobile device will be free from anything that would violate HIPAA.

When you get your phone or tablet back repaired, you can simply plug it back into your computer to download all of the data that was on it before. You might need to make adjustments and enter in some passwords to get it back to functioning just as easily as it did before you sent it away, but at least you’ll have some peace of mind.

If you have any questions about this, or you’re interested in learning more about how we can help your healthcare facility with the mobile devices you need repaired, please contact us. We work with many organizations to help them keep their devices in great shape, so they can keep costs low and productivity high.

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Happy Thanksgiving from iResQ

Thursday, November 26th, 2015

happy thanksgivingWe just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you. Our team at iResQ works incredibly hard. They need to turn devices around quickly and they use their skills to do that easily. Still, they work hard, and we appreciate them. We know you appreciate that too. You want your device back as soon as possible, and our technicians make it possible.

Our technicians aren’t the only ones that deserve kudos. Our entire staff deserves it. Handling business accounts, customer calls, and all of the invoicing, payments and more that come through can be overwhelming. We appreciate everyone who has a hand in helping iResQ run and grow. Thank you so much for all that you do. You lend an important hand in helping thousands of people get their mobile devices fixed and back to functioning and looking new.

Customers – you are the reason we are here. We thank you so so so much. We work for you all of the time because we want you to be happy. If you have a business, we want to give you the best price possible. If you are just someone who wants to hold on to your device as long as possible, we understand it and will do whatever we can take to make that happen. We appreciate you and want you to know that – it’s why we hold our customer service as a number 1 priority.

To every single person out there that has had a hand in making iResQ what it is today – we thank you. We’ve been in business since 1994 and we’re going to keep going!


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