Should You Buy Your Kid an iPad?

April 7th, 2015

www.iresq.comWhen it comes to technology and kids, there are positives and negatives. After many years and millions of dollars spent, it has been found that with the proper guidance, education, and rules, technology is absolutely a benefit for children. If you have been deciding if you should buy your kid an iPad or not, then read on to find out why the iPad is a great investment in the growth and development of your mini-me.

Benefits of iPads to Kids

Kids of this generation are already hooked on the television. Would you rather have your kid learning on an iPad or learning from a TV? By getting an iPad for your kids thus replacing their TV hours as a parent you can dramatically improve upon what they are learning and who they’re learning it from.

Inappropriate Channels/TV Shows

From the perspective of a parent, TV has many channels that are considered harmful, yet the iPad has fewer harmful apps and you can even set it most times to not have any ads. That’s right, the iPad can be set for your kids to run commercial free.

Interactive Screen Time

The television is a passive device, if you are looking for something more interactive for your kids, get them the iPad. Now, instead of your kids sitting motionless on the couch in front of the television all evening, your kids can be playing games, drawing, solving puzzles, typing, and watching educational videos. The Apple iTunes Store has a humongous selection of educational books, games, apps, and videos for your children. iPad content can be controlled by parents. As long as the password is controlled only by the parents and unknown to the kids, parents maintain complete control over the content reviewed and played on the iPad.

Easier Customization

When you purchase an iPad, you can customize it for the age of the child that is going to be using it. I mean, do you really know what kids are watching on the television in their bedrooms at night? It is all too common for kids and teenagers to be watching programming that is not age appropriate.


In addition,  the iPad has one very distinct feature the TV does not have: portability.  Your kids can go outside and sit under a tree. They can leave the house and read a book with a friend on their iPad. Speaking of, the downfall to this is if your kid’s iPad ends up with a cracked screen or broken screen.

Keeping It Functional for Longer

There is a proactive approach to this problem by ensuring you buy an iPad protector to keep it safe in the little one’s hands. If the screen is broken or cracked,  our iResQ certified technicians can have your screen replaced and back in your kid’s hands in no time at all.

Take control of your kid’s downtime by getting them an iPad. If anything ever happens to it, know they we are here to take care of any problems that may happen to it.

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Top 3 Repair Services for iPhones

March 31st, 2015

The iPhone is the most popular mobile device. The bulk of the orders we receive are for iPhone repairs. As we repair these iPhones within 24 hours, we often find ourselves performing the same types of repairs. We thought this information would be helpful to some of you who may experiencing the same problems with your iPhone.

iPhone Screen Replacement

This is the #1 requested iPhone repair service. This makes sense since people are often holding their phone while doing other things, and that makes them drop it.

Luckily, our team of professional iPhone repair technicians is able to easily take off the existing screen to install a brand new one. And as always, we only use high quality products.

iPhone Camera Replacement

In a world of selfie obsession, it’s no wonder that the front or rear camera is the second most popular repair. Usually, a broken camera is a result of someone either dropping the phone or having something drop on it. There’s also the slight chance that something internal may happen to the camera causing it to malfunction.

Our certified technicians remove the camera inside of the iPhone. They replace it with either a rear or front facing camera depending on the one they are fixing. After installing the new, high quality iPhone camera, they test it out before securely packaging it to return back to the customer.

iphone 6 speakerphone replacementiPhone Speaker Replacement

Many people find that when they try to turn on their speakerphone, it won’t turn on. There could be one of two issues occurring: the speaker may be blown or there is an internal problem with it. Our certified technicians know how to diagnose the problem to come to a solution. Once the problem is identified, they call the customer to let him know what the solution is and to confirm if he should proceed with the repair.

If you are experiencing any of these iPhone problems, contact us or order the repair service on our site. We will be more than happy to make your iPhone look and function as good as new.


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iPad Moves on Its Own: What It Means

March 24th, 2015

ipad moves on its ownMany customers turn to us because their iPad begins to operate strangely. Without them touching it, apps may open, close, and games will play on their own. It may seem like a ghost has taken over the mobile device. Unfortunately for all of you ghost believers, this is not the case.

iPad Ghost – Mr. Cracked Screen

You can call the ghost taking over your iPad – Mr. Cracked Screen. Almost every time we’ve had someone come to us with this issue, the iPad screen is cracked. Usually, it’s not cracked badly enough for them to get it replaced, which is why they are still using it. However, when the iPad starts operating on its own – they want it fixed. It can be quite frustrating when you’re trying to do something and apps open, close, and cause you to mess up what you’re doing.

Why does this happen?

The touch sensitivity of your iPad is in the screen. When the screen cracks, there are two glass parts that may be affected – outer glass and digitizer. When they are both cracked, the touch sensitivity isn’t as reliable, and yes, sometimes it responds to no touch at all. It has to do with the signals that are sent internally making it believe that someone is really using the apps.

The only way to fix this problem is to get the screen replaced. Luckily, the iPad screen is easily repaired by our certified technicians within 24 hours. If you check around, you’ll find that we have the best prices AND only use quality parts. This matters because it gives you the durability you want when you’re replacing parts in your iPad.

Contact us today for more information on how we can fix your iPad screen – no matter what version you have right now. It’s the best way to make the most of your investment.

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Is your iOS Device Infected With Malware?

March 19th, 2015

malwareIt has been said that 2015 is expected to be the year iPhones and iPads become exposed to cybercriminals penetrating their systems via malware attacks. Mobile malware analysts give insight in regards to the malware containing Trojan horses, viruses, and worms. Different malware target different operations on iOS devices, but many gain access to your GPS records, processes, contacts, pictures, text messages, installed apps, Wi-Fi status, and can even start voice recording without your knowledge. By gaining access and control of your personal information, business information, and Wi-Fi, you lose peace of mind and possible financial loss as well.

Recent Problems with Malware

Just recently, hundreds of thousands of iPhone users fell victim to the iOS malware attack by Wirelurker. The hackers infected more than 450 iPhone apps during the Wirelurker hacking campaign. Initially, it affected phones that had already been “jailbreaked” but then transmitted and infected other iOS devices and Mac desktops via USB. Do you have a damaged device that fell victim to the Wirelurker hack attack? Consult an experienced iPhone and iPad mobile repair expert to get rid of it for good!

The X-Agent app was discovered to collect your private information by running in the background and under silent operation. Its programming sent text messages, while also receiving commands and altering your phone’s functions without your knowledge. On iOS 7 when the program was killed, it would immediately restart silently and the icon was hidden. However, on iOS 8, the icon is visible and the malware doesn’t reset automatically after being terminated. This has given the impression the hackers designed the malware prior to the release of iOS 8.

Another malicious malware named MadCap, an iOS game, attacked jailbroken devices and began recording audio. Obviously, this is no good since all your private discussions and such can be recorded and transmitted to criminals.

Malware is a pain to deal with, and can corrupt your phone and peace of mind. Sometimes, people turn to us thinking their mobile device is broken when it’s really a malware problem. Luckily, we can help you. With our free diagnostics, we can find out if your mobile device needs a repair or if you need to have the malware taken care of. Contact us today for more information.


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Top 2 Myths about iPhone, Samsung, and Cell Phone Repairs

March 17th, 2015

cell phone repairsThere’s nothing worse than dropping our beloved iPhone or Samsung into water or breaking the screen into a million pieces. The heart sinking feeling of lost contacts, pictures gone forever, apps no longer accessible, and data no longer retrievable is something we’ve all experienced. However, too many people believe the myths about cell phone repairs that end up costing them hundreds of extra dollars to replace their Samsung, iPhone, iPad, iPod, tablet, Android or other mobile device. The majority of cell phone repair shops abide by high industry standards.

As with any other business you are considering, check out online reviews and the Better Business Bureau for an accurate outlook of how the cellular repair store you are considering operates, treats their customers, and settles disagreements. If they provide poor quality service to their customers, you can be sure to find out on the Internet.

Myth #1 – Third party cell repair shops will void my warranty if they repair my phone or device.

This is an inaccurate statement. Samsung, Apple, and other major smartphones with broken screens, water damage, or other accidental brakes have already voided the limited warranty of 1 year. Getting your phone fixed at a third party retailer well not affect that any further. While service cell phone providers try to sway customers that have fallen victim to bad circumstances to purchase a new device, they can spend a fraction of the cost to get it repaired like new.

Myth #2 – Once a phone breaks, it will never be the same.

There are many people who believe if a screen is cracked or the volume keys stops working on their device, they will never get their phone back to 100% again. Professional cellular phone repairs will have your phone back to normal in no time at all and you never have to worry about losing your data, contacts, or apps. The cost to fix a broken screen can be hundreds less than the cost of a new iPhone, Samsung, or other device. Don’t fall for this myth designed to get you to spend money on a new phone and many times, another contract.

The cellular repair industry proves every day with high quality and reputable services that broken devices don’t belong tucked away in a drawer or thrown in the garbage. Let our expert mobile device repair technicians get your iPad, iPhone, Samsung, or other mobile device back in your hands with high-quality, professional repair services that are affordable!


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