What Are Your Options for iPhone Repair?

February 11th, 2016

When your iPhone falls or all of a sudden doesn’t work, you have several options. We would like to reveal these options, so you can make an informed decision.

Option #1:

You can trade in your iPhone for a new one. While this may excite you because you’ll end up with the latest model of iPhone, it’s probably not the most cost effective option. You will likely have to pay for the phone, or at least pay much more than you would repairing the damage on the iPhone you have that’s broken.

Option #2:

You can go to the Apple Store. You could have Apple fix it, but it’s likely it will cost you a lot more money than other options we are about to tell you about. Apple often charges more for fixing their iPhones because they know that people will usually pay more than they want to in exchange for having the brand fix their device. The only thing is that the people working on your device are just like the people who work for us. They went through training, supervision, and have repaired many iPhones, so they know what they are doing. You are paying more for the brand to fix it rather than the people.

Option #3:

You can fix it yourself, but you probably don’t want to do that. Repairing iPhones is not easy, no matter what the college kid down the street will tell you. Sure, he may be able to take the phone apart and put it back together, but what if one little thing goes wrong? That’s it for your phone. It will likely be unrepairable and then you will really have to hand over some cash to cover the cost for a replacement.

Option #4:

Trust in an iPhone repair shop that has been in business since 1994. We have certified technicians who have the knowledge, experience, and skill to repair your iPhone no matter what is wrong with it. Actually, they can fix any Apple product and Android device for a fraction of the cost of Apple and other repair places. We only use the highest quality parts too.

Give us a call or browse our site for more information on how we can save your device in less time, money, and headache then choosing these other options.



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How to Reset an iPhone or iPad to Factory Settings

February 4th, 2016

iphone repairSome of our customers are fearful of using our services because they don’t us to steal their personal information. While we can tell you we are trustworthy and would never take your personal information, we know that’s not going to matter much to you. Instead, you probably will want to remove all of the personal information from your phone before sending it in to us.

FIRST – Back Up the Device

The first thing to do is back up all of your information. You can do this with iTunes. Hook it up with the USB and have it do the backup. This way, when you get it back from us, you will be able to just hook up your phone again to get all of your data back on your phone.

Once you’ve backed up the iPhone or iPad, you can reset it.

Resetting the Device

Without your device connected to iTunes, tap the Settings icon. You should then see “General.” Tap on “General.”

Scroll all the way down and find “Reset.”

You will probably see “Erase All Content and Settings.” Tap on that.

You will need to put in your passcode, and then confirm you want to reset your device.

The device will begin erasing all of the data.

When the device starts up again, you will see that it starts just like a brand new one. You can then send it in to us worry free that there is any personal information on it.

Restore the Device

When you receive your device back, all you have to do is hook it back up to iTunes and do a restore from back up. It won’t take too long, and you’ll be happy that you’re device is working as good as new AND you didn’t compromise your privacy.

Now that you know how to do this, go ahead and order your iPhone or iPad repair. We’re ready to fix whatever it is wrong with quickly, easily, and for a low price.

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Do You Have Smartphone Pinky?

January 28th, 2016

smartphone pinkySmartphone Pinky – It’s a true distortion of the pinky caused by smartphones. Do you have it? Go ahead and look, we know you want to…

If your pinky bends a little even though you’re holding your hand straight, you have what is now known as “Smartphone Pinky.”

What is it caused by? Too much texting.

If you’re on your device for more than six hours a day, you probably have this condition. Don’t worry; you won’t die from it. And it’s highly unlikely it will stay that way. However, it does show that our bodies are being effected by our smartphone use.

How It Happens

The weight of your smartphone being held in your hand and with your fingers is what keeps them looking the same. The pinky is what is usually just hanging out in the back slightly bent. Your pinky naturally goes that way, so you’ve probably not noticed. The tissue inside of your pinky does notice and it starts getting used to that position, so it can stay there for a while.

Excessive use of your phone can cause some problems, but we don’t think that’s going to keep anyone off their phones. It’s just nice to know that we may all have some crooked pinkies.


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5 Reasons to Ditch Business iPad Insurance

January 12th, 2016

iPad repairAre you a business owner who provides iPads to your employees? Are you paying insurance for them?

Having insurance on a high dollar piece of equipment makes sense. You want to ensure you can have it fixed without paying top dollar, if something happens to it.

However, is it the best investment of your money?

We say NO.

It’s Time to Save Money

Have you ever thought about how much money you are sinking into insurance each year? Go ahead and figure it out…we will wait.

If you did it, you’ll see you’re spending THOUSANDS of dollars on the insurance.

How many of those iPads are actually needing service?

Unless your employees are highly irresponsible, it’s unlikely you’re spending a lot of money on repairs. You may only send out a few over the year, if that.

The ones you do send out to be repaired, you probably need to pay a deductible. Maybe a hundred….or two hundred dollars – right?

SO – not only are you paying thousands of dollars a year on insurance, but you’re still paying hundreds of dollars in deductibles.

That’s a lot of money you’re wasting.

Why? You could cut out the insurance, pay for the repairs outright through iResQ, and still end up spending WAY less money than you would with insurance.

Now…Make the Switch

iResQ has qualified technicians fixing iPad every single day. Most repairs only take 24 hours with our techs since they are so skilled and knowledgeable.

What’s even better is the cost of the repairs is affordable. For just a couple hundred dollars, you can have a screen replaced. Yes, for about the same amount of money you spent on the deductible, you can have the screen replaced and you don’t have to pay the insurance premiums you’re paying now.

See how you’re saving money?

Intrigued? Good, we hoped you would be – contact iResQ right now. We have a business representative waiting to speak with you about your iPads. We can give you all of the details needed to help you set up an account with us. It only takes a few minutes of your time, and since time is money, this call will be one that is well worth it.


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Reviewing Mobile Device Repair Expenses for 2016

December 31st, 2015

Mobile Device RepairEach year, it’s a good idea to review the expenses you have and what you can do to reduce them. As you are doing this, we would like to encourage you to take an in-depth look into your mobile device costs, as far as insurance goes.

Many schools and businesses pay for mobile device insurance. This insurance usually covers damages for iPhone, iPads, smartphones, tablets, and MacBooks. Premiums can be rather costly when you factor in all of the devices you have as part of your organizations.

The problem is that even though you pay for the insurance, you may never use it. When you do use it, you have a deductible. This deductible can be as much as the repair would cost without insurance.

Have you ever done the numbers to see how much a repair would cost without insurance? And then take the amount you’re paying for the premium and the deductible? It’s likely you will find the cost is much more than just paying for the repair outright when/if something happens.

How iResQ is Different

You have many options when it comes to mobile device repair. Not all of them are the, though. At iResQ, we have some differences that will make you want to choose us as your repair shop.

  • We ONLY use high quality parts for iPhones, iPads, tablets, smartphones, and MacBook.
  • Our technicians are certified. This means they have been through extensive training and have a lot of experience working on devices before they start working on our customers’.
  • We perform most repairs within 24 hours.
  • We have business representatives. If you’re a business or school, you can work with just one person with iResQ to handle all of your repairs. You can send them in as bulk or as the repairs are needed.

Our prices are low for the high quality parts and certified techs we utilize for our repairs. Feel free to research our business to see how many satisfied customers we’ve had over the years. We would love to serve your repairs for much less money than insurance will cost.


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