Happy Thanksgiving from iResQ

November 26th, 2015

happy thanksgivingWe just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you. Our team at iResQ works incredibly hard. They need to turn devices around quickly and they use their skills to do that easily. Still, they work hard, and we appreciate them. We know you appreciate that too. You want your device back as soon as possible, and our technicians make it possible.

Our technicians aren’t the only ones that deserve kudos. Our entire staff deserves it. Handling business accounts, customer calls, and all of the invoicing, payments and more that come through can be overwhelming. We appreciate everyone who has a hand in helping iResQ run and grow. Thank you so much for all that you do. You lend an important hand in helping thousands of people get their mobile devices fixed and back to functioning and looking new.

Customers – you are the reason we are here. We thank you so so so much. We work for you all of the time because we want you to be happy. If you have a business, we want to give you the best price possible. If you are just someone who wants to hold on to your device as long as possible, we understand it and will do whatever we can take to make that happen. We appreciate you and want you to know that – it’s why we hold our customer service as a number 1 priority.

To every single person out there that has had a hand in making iResQ what it is today – we thank you. We’ve been in business since 1994 and we’re going to keep going!



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Minimizing BYOD Security Issues for Your Business

November 24th, 2015

byod security issuesBusinesses are using BYOD more than ever. While we believe it’s best for businesses to offer devices to their employees to use to control security, that’s not always possible. Being able to minimize BYOD security issues is the next best step. Follow these steps to do that.

Tips for BYOD Security Issues

Secure Access

The biggest problem with BYOD is that anyone can pick it up and see what is on it. By securing data, that can’t happen. Usually, the best way to do that is to limit access on BYODs or have an authentication process. This would include having a username and password for all protected data.

Independence for Devices

Some businesses have been able to find a way for employees to provide their own devices, but only use those devices for work-related processes. They have provided a stipend for them or simply advised their employees to purchase one as part of their job. The independence can help with controlling the security on the devices.

Use Virtualization

With virtualization, no data is transferred to and from the device. All of the work is kept on the device and when the it is in range and the correct authentication is inputted, the information can be transferred from and to the database.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Instead of just using usernames and passwords to log into databases, geo-locations, and login behaviors can help to catch hackers. Users will have input their login information, but the other factors will run in the background. Those will determine whether people will be able to get into the system. If everything doesn’t match up, the user will be denied access.

Businesses can use BYOD or provide devices. In any case, consider iResQ whenever they are not working correctly. We have specials for businesses and there may be some ways we can help your employees even if there is a BYOD policy. Your employees will appreciate it.


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Why You Never Need to Get Rid of Your Old iPad

November 18th, 2015

Some of you out there have an older iPad. It’s the iPad that first came out, and while it still works okay, you are thinking of getting a new one – perhaps for Christmas.

We want to save you some money.

You do not have to buy a new iPad.

While the new iPad Air has a lot of the bells and whistles that you don’t have now, it’s likely you wouldn’t really notice much of a difference. Really, you can do just as much on your current iPad as you could do on a new one, unless you are finding you need more storage.

What does this mean?

You can keep your iPad and save your money to buy something you would appreciate more.

iPad Repair to Keep Your iPad

Even if you have something wrong with your iPad, we still recommend that you keep it. Let us know what is going on with it. With our free diagnostics service for iPads, we can help you greatly with keeping your iPad going for longer. Our certified techs can figure out what is wrong with it and then let you know how much it will be to fix. Yes, it can even be fixed if there is water damage.

If you know what’s wrong with your iPad, just send it into us. We’ll take care of it to make it function and look as good as new. Our certified techs know exactly what to do as soon as they receive your order. That’s why they can get it done within 24 hours.

So instead of wasting your money, just keep the iPad you already have by getting it repaired with iResQ. You’ll be so happy you did when you find something else that you really want.


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Bring Back the Love Affair with Your Phone

November 10th, 2015


iphone repairHow many people consider their phone an integral part of their daily lives now? Virtually everyone with a smartphone will admit they keep it with them almost constantly and rely on it for everything including taking family pictures, maintaining their work and social schedule, talking to friends across multiple platforms, budgeting, and entertainment. Considering the multitude of ways people are using their iPhone it makes sense that they would spend a large portion of their time looking at the crystal clear images on their tiny personal assistant. This is a calming and aesthetically pleasing activity for the most part until every glance is a reminder of an accident and trying to read email is more like trying to decode ancient hieroglyphics.

Don’t let one accident ruin the enjoyment of your phone for years to come. A cracked display rarely damages the way the phone operates, only how well you are able to see and interact with the device. You may think that if you can still get it to function then it isn’t worth the cost of a new iPhone to upgrade just so you can enjoy the image quality again. You would probably be right if that was your only option or if your enjoyment of something you use so often wasn’t part of the equation.

Consider how much happier you are when you are able to see what you’re doing without having to struggle. What amount of stress is added to your day each time you try to take a picture or send an email and are unable to do so without additional effort? How frustrated do you become when attempting to relax with a game or video on your commute only to find you are unable to do so? An item that is as heavily relied upon as an iPhone should bring you pleasure. If not pleasure at the very least it shouldn’t add stress to your day.

You may think you’re stuck with a damaged phone once the screen is a kaleidoscope of cracks from being dropped one too many times. After all, a new iPhone is prohibitively expensive and that must mean repair costs would be equally expensive, right? No! Fortunately, cracked screens are so common that many can be repaired in a short period for a fraction of the cost of buying a new phone. When the screen is beyond repair, a replacement screen can be installed at far below what a new phone would cost.

Don’t feel you are stuck with the stress of a damaged iPhone screen. Have it repaired and begin to enjoy your phone again.


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Reasons to Provide Mobile Devices to Employees

November 4th, 2015

mobile devicesBring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a popular business practice these days. Employees are bringing and using their smartphones, iPhones, tablets, and iPads at work every single day. It’s made their days easier and more productive. While this initially seems awesome, it’s not exactly all that it’s cracked up to be – there are security and privacy risks you need to know about.

#1: Better Security

When companies allow employees to BYOD, they are putting themselves at risk for breaching confidentiality. Employees are bringing their devices home and using them in public settings. There’s no protection from a stranger, family member or friend tapping in to uncover sensitive information. While employees can be held responsible for the breach, most of it lies on the company, especially when it comes to healthcare data.

When you provide mobile devices to employees, it will be possible to install security software that ensure programs are locked with a passcode. No one will be able to access the data unless they know the code to open the programs. While this can be done with BYOD, since it belongs to the owner, he or she can disagree with installing it.

#2: Limit Distractions

Device owners will have apps that they enjoy, which can distract them from what they should really be doing – working. They can access Facebook, Twitter, and all of the game apps. Minutes and then hours can go by that could have been better used to work to grow the company.

By providing mobile devices to employees, you can ensure that those apps are not part of them. This means that when they are using their device, they are working on it. This can increase productivity greatly.

#3: Easier Management of Devices

You don’t have any control over the devices that your employees buy on their own. If their devices break, they will be finding a repair shop to fix it. This again can result in security and privacy issues. Not only that, you end up with an employee who doesn’t have the tools to do his/her job.

When you govern the devices, you can use a company like iResQ to take care of broken ones. We repair devices within 24 hours and our service cannot be beat by local providers. We even have business accounts to help you save money and time. You will have a representative who will work with you directly. Our business clients love how streamlined our process is for their mobile devices.

Give us a call today to learn more about this service.


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