Common Problems with the iPhone 6

July 30th, 2015

problems with iphone 6The iPhone 6 is selling like crazy since it was released. Many people are enjoying their new cell phones because of the bigger touchscreens. You can’t go anywhere anymore without seeing someone on their phone, particularly the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. However, there have been many common problems with the iPhone 6 reported by users. If you have an iPhone 6 and have been having problems with it, here are a few common problems and what you can do to fix them.

Problems with iPhone 6

Red Screen

Some iPhone 6 users have been reporting an issue in which the screen either goes red for a while or flashes red and then the Apple logo comes on. Sometimes the issue will go away on its own while other times it may not go away for a while. However, there is a fix for this known issue. You can hold down the sleep/wake and home button for at least 10 seconds to restart it. After doing this, you should see the Apple logo you are supposed to see. However, it may come back later. If it does, it may be that the software is corrupted. If it is, you can always restore it back to factory settings to see if that works.

No Sound During Calls

Many people have reported that they can’t hear the person on the other phone during a call. They can make and receive calls but they can’t hear the other person talking even with the volume all the way up. You can fix this a few different ways. You can make sure when you are turning the volume up that the ringer volume button is on your screen and not the headphones button. You can also make sure nothing is covering the speaker grill. You might have gotten some dust in it or it could even be your case covering it or a screen protector. You should also make sure your Bluetooth is not turned on and set to a headset.

Won’t Charge

Some iPhone 6 users have reported that they plug their phone in to charge and nothing happens. If this happens, the first thing you need to do is make sure you are using the charger that came with your phone. If it isn’t Apple certified, it won’t work. You can also try using a different wall outlet, a different charger as long as it is an Apple one, or even a different cable altogether. You should also make sure your port for the charger isn’t full of dust. Another thing to try is resetting your phone while it is plugged in to see if that helps. Also, keep your charger cable out of hot and humid weather and make sure to keep it away from water.


If you can’t get it to work after trying these solutions, you may need a replacement lightening connector. Luckily, we provide that as one of our iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus repair services. We can also help you if you’re having software/hardware or speaker issues. Never hesitate to call us or contact by emails with questions! We are here to help you.

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Google Nexus 5 Camera Removal Service

July 23rd, 2015

google nexus 5 camera removal servicesThe Google Nexus 5 is a powerful smartphone. Many people want to use it for work, but they can’t because since it has camera it’s not allowed at their place of employment. If this sounds like your situation, there may be a solution – camera removal.

Google Nexus 5 Cameral Removal Service

As much as you love having a camera on your phone, you’ll have to decide how badly you want to use it at work versus using the camera outside of work. Many people will usually forfeit their camera because they believe it’s more important to have the functionality of their phone versus the functionality of the camera.

Sure, this may mean that they will have to purchase a camera if they want to take photos, but since many people already have an alternate one, it may not be a big deal. Leaving your phone in your pocket and just carrying a camera isn’t much different than carrying your phone around.

If you decide you want to use your phone at work and lose your Google Nexus 5 camera, consider iResQ’s camera removal service. Our certified technicians have a lot of experience working on the Google Nexus (old versions). They know how to remove the camera from the phone and put it back together in a way that doesn’t disrupt anything else on the phone.

What’s even better is that when you go back to work, you will be able to show the security person that the camera has been removed. If that is not sufficient, we can send you a statement indicating the camera has been removed.

The Google Nexus 4 camera removal service takes less than 24 hours to perform. We usually can do it in one day and send it back to you. The time it takes for you to get your phone back depends on the shipping you choose during check out.

To learn more about our Google Nexus 5 camera removal service, please see our Google Nexus repair page.


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A Broken Galaxy S3 Microphone

July 21st, 2015

broken galaxy s3 microphoneHave you ever been on the phone with someone and he/she says that you sound like you’re in a wind tunnel? If so, you were probably outside in the wind, or you had no idea what the person was talking about. Your phone was working perfectly fine and you can hear the person without a problem. While you may think that person is having a problem instead of you having it, when someone else has the same complaint, you may start to believe that it’s really you.

How to Fix the Microphone on the Galaxy S3

Before sending your Galaxy S3 for repair to us, we want to see if we can troubleshoot the issue. Follow these steps to see if it helps:

  1. Tap on Apps
  2. Choose Settings
  3. Locate the Accessibility option
  4. Ensure Turn Off All Sounds is unchecked
  5. Go back to Settings
  6. Choose Sound
  7. Make sure the volumes are correct

If that doesn’t work, try to fix it with the noise reduction option.

  1. Go to the Home screen
  2. Tap on Phone
  3. Press Menu
  4. Tap on Call Settings
  5. Tap on Additional Settings
  6. Make sure the Noise Reduction option is unchecked

If that doesn’t work, look into the hole where the microphone is and make sure there isn’t any debris in it. If there is, blow into it to see if you can dislodge it. If you can’t, try a small pin, but be careful.

Now, if you’ve done all of this and your microphone is still not working, we can help you. Our certified technicians are trained and have experience working with the Samsung Galaxy, so they can find out what’s wrong and fix it for you. For more information go to our Samsung Galaxy repair page or call us at 1-888-447-3728.



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Keep Your Phone Out of the Heat

July 9th, 2015

phone and heatIf you’ve had an iPhone or Android phone for a while, you’ve probably already experienced the extreme heat shut down. It’s when you leave your phone in the heat and then it turns off unexpectedly to prevent damage. Just because it turns off, it doesn’t mean that you haven’t damaged it, or that you should assume that the phone takes care of itself by turning off.

What Happens When an iPhone or Android Phone is in Extreme Heat

It melts. Just like anything else you would put in extremely hot temperatures, the mobile phone will melt (in a way). For instance, it’s not going to just melt into your dash in your car. Instead, it’s the inner mechanisms that can become damaged.

The battery is one of the most susceptible parts of the phone that could end up damaged. This could either damage it immediately, or it reduces the longevity of it. Many people think that it’s the iPhone that has a short battery life, but it’s really the temperatures the battery has had to deal with that has damaged it.

Memory loss is another consequence of extreme heat. You may not notice the loss at first, but you may wonder why some of your contacts or photos may be missing. The damage could be much more significant to the point of losing almost all of your data. This can be quite devastating.

And yes, these effects could still happen even if the phone turns off while in the heat. It is a protection feature of the phone, but it’s not perfect so keep it safe.

  • Keep your phone with you because if you’re in the heat, it’s probably okay for your phone.
  • Leave your phone at home if you know you’re going to be out in the sun.
  • If you have to leave your phone in the car, cover it with something, so it is shielded from the heat.

Take care of your phone because it takes care of you. You will thank yourself when you don’t have to deal with the heat damage.


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Apple iPhone 6: Less or More Vulnerable to Shattered Screens

June 26th, 2015

iphone 6 screen replacementWhen the iPhone 6 first came out, many experts said that it was one of the most durable phones that Apple has released. SquareTrade even made a video testing how unlikely it is for the screen to shatter. This was like a dream come true for many iPhone users, but that dream soon turned into a nightmare for some people.

iPhone repair shops such as iResQ have been noticing that there have been a lot of iPhone 6s coming in for screen repair. Customers often tell the tale of carrying something in one hand with the iPhone in the other and in all of the weight, the phone slips out of their hands.

Now, some people do report that it wasn’t the first time they have dropped their phone. Actually, they admit to have dropped it several times. The reason the screen didn’t shatter before is because it didn’t land on its face, but rather on the side. The nicks and scratches on the sides of the phone prove that to be true.

The problem is that when the iPhone 6 is dropped on its face, there’s a slim chance it will not end up with the spider web of horror. The iPhone 6’s screen is made of glass and glass breaks. It can be durable on the sides all it wants, but if it falls from high enough and on the right side, the face will shatter.

Luckily, it isn’t too difficult to get it back to looking new again. You can just send it into iResQ for an iPhone 6 screen replacement. Our certified technicians will remove the shattered screen on your phone, and then install a brand new one in its place. The brand new one will be at the same level of quality as the one that was initially installed in your phone. The result is an iPhone 6 that looks new again. Wouldn’t that be so nice?

Call us or use our easy online ordering system to get your shattered iPhone 6 repaired today.


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